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"Sin, you're a devious man… Why don't you leave the Princess alone?" asked him Ja'far once.
"I can't. She knows too much."
"That's not it; otherwise you would forbid her to work here. WHAT is the real reason?"
"Reason for what?" he played stupid.
"Reason for you to act like you want to … do something really bad to her," Ja'far glared at him.
"Do something bad? What bad?"
"Don't you dare to play stupid, Sin! Kougyoku was only a teenage girl, oblivious to the outside world, deeply fallen in love with you, but this is a woman who isn't going to be fooled easily! You will only make her hate us! Don't forget about her brother!"
"Oh, her brother…" He hadn't thought about him, absolutely forgetting him in the process of seducing Hakuei. In fact, she's adult woman, she can decide for herself with whom she want to be. Or will be.
"Why are you so quiet?" suspected him Ja'far.
"I was just thinking how long it's been since he sent a letter at least, hahaha!"
"What's so funny?" he narrowed his eyes. "Sin, what are you doing?"
"What do you mean?" he was smiling forced smile.
"What. Are. You. Doing?"
"What. Do. You. Mean?"
"You're plotting something that includes Miss Hakuei."
"Plotting? Is taking care of country plotting?"
"No, it isn't country what's on your mind lately. I've seen you looking at her all the time she's near."
"She's beautiful lady, of course I'd look at her, don't you know me?"
"That's the thing - I know you. You will get whatever you want at whatever price. And this time it's Princess. What are you doing, Sinbad?"
"I don't want her," he turned his gaze at the documents on his desk.
"Sure you don't. That's why you kissed her."
"What? I didn't-"
"Really? I know about Maharajan. I know. Leave her alone, it will be better for both of us - I won't be having troubles with Kou Empire again and you won't have another accusation from their side."
"Ja'far… Why are you like that?"
"She wasn't the one who told me about Maharajan. I heard about it from Pisti who saw you two. And even back then in Kou, Sin, stop! You're … I don't know… Crazy? Mad? You've never done something so irresponsible when it came to other countries!"
Sin was calm, outside, but inside…
"And now you're quiet. Great. Sinbad, stop it, for the sake of Sindria-"
"Have you forgotten Kou is my vassal?"
"Hakuryuu is right under my watch. I don't have to be afraid of him; he has to be afraid of me if he had even thought about betraying me."
"And what role has Hakuei in it?"
"No role."
"Then stop playing with her. She has enough of her own-" he cut it.
Sinbad narrowed his eyes. "You know something I don't." he stated, his eyes were finally showing his anger. "Tell me."
Ja'far stayed quiet for the first few seconds. Then he said in calm voice, "Hakuei is just sad her brother hadn't called."
"Bullshit. You know something I don't about her… I order you as a King to tell me," he leaned on his chair.
"I reject."
"You heard me. I reject. If she told me something about her, it will be untold until she tells me to or she tells it by herself."
"What? You defy me?" he shot up from his chair.
"I don't know who are you, but you're not Sinbad. You're… weird. And for the last time, leave her alone. She doesn't deserve your playing around. If you do it once again, I will keep her out of your reach. Now if you excuse me," he told him and left his office.
Sinbad stood there dumbfounded.
What… What did he just do?
Did he… just threaten me? He put his hands on desk. He threatened me…?!
His anger started to swallow him up.
David in the background grinned. Not too long before his black rukh start to overwhelm him completely… I need Arba to take me to the Sacred Palace; he has to break that girl soon!
"Rah!" he slammed his fists on his desk.
"No way in hell… "
See? I told you he would try to take her.
Not now, David. I've got something more important to do than chatting with you.
I'm stating the truth. The sooner you get her, the better.
… Yeah.
Like a puppet…

Just watch, Ja'far, nothing gets in my way. And if I want Hakuei, then I will have her…!

Just as Hakuei left the party, Sinbad was in her trace. She tried to walk quickly, hoping to get lost so he would have to go back, but he knew it here the best. She should have asked Masrur for the hideouts in the garden.
"Hakuei, where are you running?" he asked her nearly 20 metres apart from her.
Now, the excuse! "Oh, I thought somebody else was following me," she smiled nervously. Sinbad had seen it.
"Are you still afraid of me?"
"I… I'm not," she went against what her brain had been telling her. She was dreading him.
"Great!" he approached her. "I know the most beautiful places for the walk in the night, want to see?"
She didn't know why, but even now she told the opposite of what she thought. "Yes," she smiled. He took her hand under his and led her through the garden and out to the woods. As they walked, neither had spoken. She didn't know what to say and he thought about his next step. The woods ended with a cliff and he sat down, taking her into his lap he hugged her.
"K-King Sinbad, what are you doing?"
"Just Sinbad. And hugging you."
"May I know why?"
"Because I feel like."
"And what if I feel like not?"
"I thought you're cold." He gave her puppy look and she felt like it was her who was the bad one, not him. He knew well what effect he had on women, but this particular was giving him the biggest challenge.
He hated it.
He loved it.
He wanted to make her surrender to him as no other. He could just order her to do whatever he wanted but the effect would be her hating him and his country. Then it wouldn't matter he was above her brother; he overstepped the boundaries. The second thing he hated was the way men were always around her, mainly Ja'far. He couldn't stand the proximity with other men and now his assistant was plotting something against him.
Like hell he would.
"It's not about cold, it's about the closeness." She tried to get up, but he thought otherwise.
"You're shivering." He said with husky voice, making her shiver. In his mind wolfish grin appeared. "See? I can't leave you like that."
"Oh, so now you're a gentleman?"
"I'm always."
"I so doubt it."
"When I wasn't?"
"Whenever you're with me?"
"How so?"
"You molest me."
"Are you trying to remind me of one special night?"
"…No. And don't say it as something happened!" she huffed.
He narrowed his eyes. "Something did happen."
"Yeah, you were just playing with me," she growled and pushed him away from her. OH, how she hated it! She was behaving foolishly back then and now he's using it against her - touching and kissing her whenever he wants to!
"Playing? You think I'm playing with you?!"
"Are you not? You did the same with my cousin, besotted her head and then spied on us through her - she didn't even know it! Do you know how she feels?" she hissed through her teeth, her eyes blazing with fire of anger. "And now tell me, have you planted your djinn on me, too?"
"No. I haven't and I won't. The situation has changed and you're not her."
"Of course I'm not her; I'm not so naïve to fall in love with you when the only thing you're going to do is to use me." She, with silent and nearly hear less voice, turned around and left him behind.
Sinbad stared at her back. "If I were using you, don't you think I could make you listen to me? Even now? What do you think I would gain if I were using you?"
"Then let's find out - I think it would be Kou-"
"Kou is now under me; Hakuryuu swore the oath to me. Then what other would I gain? Tell me, I'm curious. What other than military force and of course the whole country can Kou offer to me right now?"
She thought about it. He was right, Kou was known for the best strategists and military campaigns.
"…So why do I have to be even here when you have everything under your hand, those guys who went after my neck are long gone or otherwise they would come again." She said. "I think I will pack my things and tomorrow leave. I hope I wasn't a burden to you, King Sinbad. Now, if you excuse me," she turned around and walked fast to the palace. Sinbad stood astonished. This was not the way how their conversation should have gone. She should be in his hands, in the private chambers.
And yet…
"… Zepar…" he whispered.
"You wish, my King?" the said djinn showed himself.
"Hijack her mind…"
"That is not going to work. Paimon has strong protection of her."
"She is protected from mind controlling?"
"From everything. I can do nothing, especially now."
"You're master of dominating the mind and yet you can't?" he finally looked at him.
"Even djinns have their limits. And this is also against moral codes - I can read your mind. I know what you wanted to do with her. Do not expect my help in this."
"Now djinns turned their backs on me, great," he mumbled.
Zepar just shrugged and disappeared.
Sinbad thought what to do now. Hakuei will leave. Ja'far will win. Ja'far…? No…NO… NO! He ran after her, just as she was leaving the woods.
I will use every dirty method to get what I want…
"Hakuei!" he reached her. "I don't want you to leave, so why-"
"You told me really clearly what you wanted. You have it. Now I'm not needed here."
"Why do you think that?"
"Because it's truth? I was sent here because group of people were after me, chasing me, and now it's over. My brother asked you for the protection, that's all. The longer I will be here, the bigger burden I become," her stare hardened.
"You're no burden and you'll never be. I think that was clear," he caught her hand and turned her around.
"The only thing that's clear here is, it's me going home, to Kou. Full stop," she crossed her hands.
"I don't think so."
"Oh, and how will you stop me? I'm curious, really I am," she faked the interest.
"Easily." He grinned.
"If you touch me in an inappropriate way, there will be consequences." She warned him.
"I'm willing to take them."
"…Are we talking about the same thing?"
"Yes, we are," he scooped her in his arms, but she withdrew her dagger and put it right under his chin.
"Don't you ever think about it," she said with deadly tone. He was still smiling.
"I'm glad my beautiful queen is so brave, but now, hide that knife," he purred making her cheeks pink. She hoped he didn't see it.
"Your? And what? I think I heard something close to nonsense from your side. And put me down."
"Yes, mine, yes, queen and hey! Why nonsense?"
"You said you're not going to marry. Ever." She arched her eyebrow and struggled from his hold on her.
"I didn't say ever, I said not yet. That's not ever."
"And why do you want to even get married?"
"Because I found you… interesting."
"I object."
"I'm engaged to somebody." Sinbad's eyes nearly popped out. Say what?!
"You heard me. I've got somebody I like. And I accepted his proposal." He put her down, but caged her to the wall.
"And now, stop with that lies, Hakuei. You're single, from what I heard of. No engagements, no weddings nor arranged relationships."
"And I'm telling you I have somebody I like. And he has proposed to me. He hasn't heard my answer because I had to leave-"
"You're lying! Lies! Why are you lying, Hakuei?"
"I'm not."
"Just a week ago you were willing to-"
"Do not remind me of that mistake."
"Yes, mistake. It was foolish of me and I'd been a little bit drunk." She reasoned. Better to be single than with a man who… Who may like her, but now sees her as a fuck-object, to be blunt. And the only way to achieve that is through the wedding, and then when he gets tired of her, he'll divorce her. Simple.
And she's not willing to have her heart broken.
She may like him, but it would be better for both of them. He would make a stupid mistake, she would get her hopes high up, so she has to lie. Although she taught people around her not to, such a hypocrite, but situation calls for it.
"… You were not drunk. Fuzzed yes, but not drunk."
"How do you even know? You were not with me, you don't know how much did I drink." She challenged him.
"I know about alcohol a lot more than you think. And you were clearly thinking with your own brain. Alcohol had oozed away."
She sighed. "Just… let it go. I'm not accepting your proposal, if that's what you want." She tried to escape his hold on her, and run away, but he thought otherwise.
"I'm not taking no as an answer."
"Then deal with it. You got it."
"Stop behaving like a kid!"
"Then… tell me who that man is."
"Jealous?" she teased him playfully.
He narrowed his eyes. "Just tell me."
"You would have to find out by yourself; I'm not endangering him because of your tantrums."
"I will use Zepar on you."
"Go ahead. But you're not getting it out of me willingly."
Sinbad's wrath was slowly slipping on the surface. He was patient with her.
"Why don't you want to be my queen?"
"Because, firstly, I'm monogamous; I don't care about other rulers and their wives, I will not withstand the shame of being cheated on. And with you, it's impossible - you're a lady-killer. Secondly, as I said, I've got somebody on my mind. And third, I'm not going to be used as a toy."
"Because with him you think you're not a toy to him?"
"Yes. I met him and he seemed to be a good man."
Sinbad grinded his teeth. "A good man? Who is a good man to you? What's his name, ha?"
"I'm not telling you. And good man is a man who respects his wife as an equal and treats her like that."
"And am I not?"
"You're not treating people equally. You're above them."
"As a ruler, yes. But I have built this country with my generals, were equals. And…" he stepped closer to her, her dagger long forgotten laid on the ground. "And I could make you my queen. The world is nearly united, we could rule it!"
"I..I … What? I'm not a ruler, I'm a general! I can't be a queen! I'm not representable!"
"For me, you are. I don't care about what other think."
"Maybe that's the problem. You don't care what other think. You don't care what I think."
"I do."
"No, you don't. I said I'm not marring you. That's final."
"But… you can see it with your own eyes - we are the best for each other!"
"No, we're absolutely opposite."
"Opposites attract each other."
"Not in this case."
"I'm going to prove you wrong."
"And how so?" she crossed her hands.
"Watch me," he closed the distance between them with a kiss. Hakuei was surprised - how come this man always surprises her?! - but after a while she unintentionally surrendered to him. Key word - unintentionally. She knew she should break away from the kiss and at least slap him hard; maybe it would bring some sense into him.
Sinbad on the other hand was celebrating his victory in his head. Now he doesn't have to use the potion! She was kissing him back with so much fervour as he did. Just stay like this and this night can continue somewhere more private…
Where she would belong to me and only me…
What he didn't know was right above them flew djinns and one cloaked man who was chanting the formulas. After two or three minutes he stopped. "You don't have to worry, Paimon. Now, she would be protected from the witch with him and when she conceives the child, it automatically protects its mother. You'll be less exhausted."
"Thank you. I… I will repay it to you."
"This is for free. I hate that woman and if your Queen is her only connection to this world, I'm not willing to let the witch win. Once she did - it was a disaster."
They broke away because of the lack of breath. She was so under his spell that her legs couldn't carry her.
"Why… Why must you do this to me? When I think I can finally be free, you would always chain me to you…" She slided on the ground and turned away from him, ashamed she let herself to be kissed again. But now she won't make such a mistake!
Sinbad said nothing, instead he finally understood - she would not willingly come to him.
"I'm getting you water - you look pale. Stay here, love," he said before he ran to the nearby tower - his Purple Leo Tower, on purpose close to the garden he took her to - and snatched a glass, filled it with water and put a potion in it. The water at the beginning was dark red, and then it faded until nothing was visible from potion in the water.
Sorry, Hakuei. I'm too selfish… You're staying here with me, whether you like it or not.
Then he ran into the garden where his dark-haired beauty awaited him.
"Get up, body!" she tried to bring herself to get up before the King would come back. She had a bad feeling of it, like he tries something to make her say the truth. Of course, there was nobody she was interested in, but as a life buoy it should be enough. "Why am I so weak?" she asked herself.
It had to be something in the food or something he gave her… Or his djinn! Maybe it finally took its action, but after nearly 7 months? Hard to believe. With so much time here and he still hadn't made her do something against her will…. Only when she didn't count those horribly -pleasurable- moments.
No, they weren't pleasurable! She didn't enjoy it!
With a new-found power she forced her body to get up, with great help of the wall behind her. "So, Sinbad is in that palace," she muttered and faced the other way - the forest. "I need to hide, that man is… dark."
She was about to take a step when Sinbad approached her. It took her by the surprise and she pressed to the wall in the case she would fall down.
"Hakuei? Where are you going? I told you to wait for me," he turned her to him. "Here, drink, it will help you. Just water, I promise." He circled an arm around her shoulders and walked her to his palace. He sat her on a couch in the hallway and gave her the glass with clear liquid.
She wanted to run.
She wanted to stay.
"But I'm not thirsty, King Sinbad," she tried one more time.
"I didn't see you drinking even water the whole evening, and now you nearly blacked out. You have to, otherwise you would be dehydrated." He sat down next to her.
"I really appreciate it, but I have to refuse-"
"Hakuei, don't make me order you to drink a simple glass of water." He was getting impatient.
"You put something into it." She was being either paranoid or stupid, but she couldn't help herself.
"Hakuei… Please, just do it. Or do you want me to take a sip to make you believe I did not put anything into it?"
"Yes. I don't believe you."
"That hurt." He acted as she really did hurt him. In his mind he doubted himself - what if it affected him too much? Or what if it doesn't have any effect at all?
He took the glass from her hand and took a sip of it, smaller, but acted as he drank a bigger gulp. "Now… See? Nothing. I don't want to poison you or something like that." She narrowed her eyes and took the potion from his hands and drank it slowly, in case he played something at her.

Thinking they were pure, you've fallen for my words and your guard was finally let down.
Though the poison was thick, you still couldn't see it and so you drank every single drop.


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