8.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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Sinbad wanted to destroy everything around him, but it would only bring everybody here and he doesn't want it; he wanted to scream, rage, break, tear, kill and mostly - burn the rules… Just because of those he couldn't have the woman!
What, what, what~?
Shut the fuck up, David, I really don't have time for you!
Oh, so angry... The reason?
Shut it, David, not now!
Fine, fine… If it's the girl, get her pregnant and problem solved.
Shut the fuck- what?
Get her pregnant, then she would have to be with you.
And how do you think I can achieve that when she doesn't want to even come close to me now?
Hm… From what I've seen it will solve itself somehow. Just be patient.
Patient? She's going to leave in a week or so!
Believe me, you've seen the destiny, too.
Just the great achievements, nothing like her. Fuck!
Calm down, if you want to get laid, just bring a prostitute or so. Man, you're giving me a headache…
I regret asking you…
Sleep and relax. Morning is wiser dinner.
…Maybe you're right.

The next week was awkward between Sinbad and Hakuei - trying to avoid him from Hakuei's side and trying to find her from Sinbad's side. His generals were wondering how their relationship … No, right now they didn't even have a relationship, just "go meet him and run as fast as you can" and "where is she? I swear I saw her here, I need to talk to her".
"Hakuei, could you take these documents to Mr. Sahsalami? I finished his request, just for him to know the result," asked her Ja'far.
"Yes, of course, but I don't know where he lives," she got the documents.
"Hm… ask somebody, I need to take these to Sin," he understood their tension, so he wasn't pushing it. He knew better than that.
"Okay, maybe Masrur would know... Or Pisti, she knows people better and houses where they could live." She turned with the papers around and got out of the palace. Then, as on purpose, Sinbad crossed her way.
"Hakuei? What are you doing?"
"Taking the papers to a man called, eh… Sahsalami? I don't need help, I can manage!" she blurted before he could offer her help and sped up to the main gate, but he caught her.
"We have to talk."
"No, we don't. Unless my brother called you or it's a life decision."
"The second one."
"I doubt it. Now, if you excuse me-"
"I'm coming with you." He didn't give her enough time to refuse because he already dragged her through the gate. "I know everybody here," he reasoned.
"Sure you do," she mumbled, but let him.
Later, maybe an hour has passed, during their (awkward) talk he found the door and the man. When she approached him, he stayed away, after her pursuing she can do it alone.
"Hey, young man, is anything troubling you?" strange voice approached him. Behind the King was a man around his age, hidden behind robes and on his place were many little bottles full of.... better not to know.
"No, everything is fine, thank you."
"Then why are you looking at that young woman? Did she catch your heart?"
"I see. She's really pretty, let's see if I can ask her out-"
"Please, go ahead," said Sin in a voice telling otherwise - Try to even move from this place, I dare you.
"So she did catch your heart! Does she belong to anyone? I would be surprised if she wasn't," the stranger didn't know the term "privacy".
"No, she's not."
"Then what are you waiting for?"
"Nothing." His eyes were still glued on Hakuei as she talked to that man, what was his name? S-s-Salami? No, but something like that. He was young and tall, not to mention muscled, her type. Nice even. Funny…. Okay, now the fun ends! He growled.
"Look here, I've got something for you, speciality. It's a potion called Cantarella."
"Isn't it a poison?"
"No! I can make poisons, but only if the person pays me enough, I don't want to get jailed. This is a simple love potion."
"Love potions don't exist."
"I would say the same about magic and we know it's a lie."
"I don't want it, it's clearly a poison." The shopkeeper looked at him unbelievingly.
"It makes woman you like or love, love you back. What's poisoning about it?"
"I don't need it."
"Yeah, that's why that man is obviously flirting with her and you do nothing." Sinbad burned holes in his head. "But I have it. Use this potion and she'll belong to you."
"What it does?"
"Are you deaf? She'll love you back."
"No, what do you mean she'll belong to me?"
"What do you think it does?" he grinned.
"…"Sin looked uncertain at the man. He can't, can he?
"Yeah, she'll lust after you. You two will have… moments together and then when she finds out she bears your children, she has to wed you. After all, she's a princess, isn't she?"
"Who are you?"
"A shopkeeper, a magician. I help people achieve their dreams faster."
"What's the price?"
"Well, you being on the hook… I'd say… nothing."
"Where's the catch?"
"It's really nowhere; it only requires your love, only in physical form."
"How does it work?"
"You put few drops into her drink … or bath. It doesn't have any colour. I'm not sure about the second one, though."
"Hm," Sinbad ran it over his mind. Then he decided.
"I take it. But when there are some... unrequired effects, you'll pay for it."
"Thank you for your purchase, mister!" Sinbad took the small bottle and hid it beneath his clothes, and walked to Hakuei, who finished talking to that man, or better said, she silently called for help, because that man was walking catastrophe.
"The catch is, it only works when you love each other." Sitri said for himself under the robes. Paimon just stayed silent and Focalor behind him sighed. Their Kings wouldn't be happy if they knew.
Sitri chuckled. The fun begins… Now…
"Excuse me, Your Majesty, why do the monster appear so often? The last one was here three days ago, and before her there were at least four others. I don't know what to do with that much meat!" the palace cook exclaimed.
"Divide it between the people, then. Or we will make another Maharajan tonight," King replied.
"I… As you wish, your Majesty." He bowed and left the office.
Tonight… He grinned.
Somebody's too excited. What's the reason?
You know it, don't play innocent.
Oh, so you…
Yeah, me… He grinned even more. Hakuei was doing everything what she could to avoid him, but it was impossible, because at least once a day he visited Ja'far's office. Either documents signing or just drop-by. It was funny how she would blush whenever he entered the office, how she would hide her face or how she would flinch when he 'accidently' touched her. But then she would try to hide her sad face.
He clenched his fists.
After this night, you'll stay with me… He looked at the bottle. Hopefully, I won't need this. He hid the Cantarella into his pocket.
"No, Pisti, I won't be wearing this!" Hakuei nearly blacked out. In front of her Pisti held another dancer dress, now in purple colour.
"Pleeeeaaaase? Come on, nothing happened last time you had them," she laughed and Hakuei, being very good with hiding her face expressions, unless she's with Sinbad, smiled.
"Does being embarrassed all the time count?"
"No. It's party, not a funeral; of course you have to wear clothes you normally don't wear," Pisti rolled her eyes.
"Then why don't you pick Yamu's clothes?"
"Getting boiled alive is my most desired dream," she said with sarcasm. Hakuei laughed.
"If only I was a magician."
"So I won't be picking your clothes?" she was about to burst into a cry.
"No, I mean… You can do anything you want, because you have magic and you can freely use it - not limited amount like us."
"Yamu isn't a Magi, she has her limits."
"But she can conjure anything."
"Hey, we look for the dress, not-"
"Yamu!" Pisti called her bird and with Hakuei and dress under her arm they flew to the Black Libra Tower, where Yamuraiha lived.
"Yamu! Are you okay?"
"Y-Yeah! But I can't say the same about my experiment…" she sounded hurt.
"Yamu! What-?!" Sharrkan bursted through the half burned door and stopped dead. "Again?! And here I thought you would drop that! You're worse than a kid!"
"What do you mean, stupid swordsman?!"
"That I don't care if you get killed, ugly witch!" he turned around and brisk-walked away from here. Hakuei caught a glance of him clenching his fists and punching the wall - but she could only imagine it.
"What had just happened?" Pisti wondered.
"No idea. I've never seen him so angry about my experiments," Yamu looked surprised.
"But you have to be careful, you never know what can happen," Hakuei lectured her.
"I know, but I had been so close to invert a transformation circle to put together a thing that's broken beyond repair!" she exclaimed sadly.
"Well, you can try it later, but now... we have to clean this… mess…" Hakuei turned around and started to pick up the bigger things that fell down.
"Masrur! Fight me!" was heard from the outside. Sharrkan. But why did he sound so…
"I wonder what happened to him; other times he would just let it go."
"I wonder…"
"Now, leave this be! Maharajan is about to start and you still haven't chosen from these!" She threw the dresses to Hakuei.
"Pisti…" she howled.
"No! You will choose from these what kind of dress would you like and I, the great Pisti, will do everything in my power to make you look like a queen!" she stood, chest lifted and her small hand in front of it.
"I don't have a choice, do I?" She just smiled. Hakuei sighed.
"But then you have to choose for Yamu as well," she pushed the poor magician in front of the small blondie. Pisti looked at her with narrowed eyes, then lightened up and squealed. "Yay!"
"After this, I'm gonna kill you," whispered Yamu to Hakuei.
"Don't worry, I'm going through the same process, second time during my stay here."
"I've successfully avoided her tries to make me look like a queen, princess, mermaid, and I don't know what else. Until this time."
"I like you too," she smiled and ran after Pisti who was yelling at them. Solomon, have mercy with me…

"I really don't think it's a good idea," Hakuei tried to hide her revealed parts of her body.
"Don't be stupid, it's awesome!"
"Maybe for you…"
"I pretend I didn't hear it," said Pisti in a matter-of-fact tone.
Hakuei, who was dressed in dancer dress, again, didn't look twice as happy. Her dress consisted of one-strap top which covered her breast and skirt with low hips line falling to the ground. It had two deep slits in the front, in the middle of her tights, going to the belt on her hips line. They were white with purple and golden linings, golden necklace with light purple jewel, on her hands were golden bracelets and rings and on her ankles anklets. During her time here, in Sindria, she got weaker tan, so it was in smaller contrast with her dress, small golden diadem in her hair. She demanded at least a purple stole around her shoulders, still thinking she shows too much for see.
"I know in Sindria is hot, but it's evening, can't I change into something more warm?"
"It's a party; you'll dance, drink, then it would be too hot!" Pisti waved her hand. Hakuei shivered. This evening didn't have good vibe - something bad is going to happen. The worst thing is, Paimon wouldn't respond to her calls. During her time here, Paimon would show herself once per day, two days, three at max. It's been a week and when she talked to her last time, her djinn was in horrible state. That Arba was something really bad when even her djinn was tired from guarding her.
"I don't drink," Hakuei said in a matter of fact voice.
"One glass is a must."
"Yep, the same," said Yamu who was wearing something strange. It wasn't even a dress, just something to cover the torso from her breast to her mid-tights. "Pisti, I really think this is bad; I'm not going there like this! It barely covers anything!"
"You're always wearing those shells and you're ashamed of this?"
"Yes! I've got a robe over myself, not just a strange skirt around my body!"
"I've just said it! Come on, let me choose by myself," she begged.
"….Fine, but from these!"
"Gah!" She sighed.
Few hours later…
"Ehm… How long do I have to sit here? It's getting cold," asked Hakuei.
"Untiiil youuu haf *hic* da wine!" turned Pisti around.
"Yeah, *hic*, it's fun!" Yamu picked up her wineglass. The dress she had were giving her look like actual mermaid and not to mention Sharrkan was always near her and glaring at other men. This was something she called protective and jealous boyfriend. But he wasn't her boyfriend or husband or anything like that. As they liked to call it - rivals. They were "Rivals". Sure.
"If you say so…" So far, Hakuei would only refuse the offers of younger men who want just one think from her or two, she would refuse drink and even the meal was less appealing to her. Something isn't right.
Not to mention Sinbad was watching her. Always. She literally could feel the look he gave her. Of course, he's surrounded by his harem. The girls were laughing, squealing, yelling and drinking, not to mention they were annoying. Few times they would come here with spilling the drink on everything around them, hug Hakuei and yell something incomprehensible, and then pass out. She would call stronger man to pick the poor girl up and sent them to her room to put her down and let her sleep - Solomon knows what they really do.
It isn't like this Maharajan is boring or just a drink-party; she's not in the mood for it. Not only Sinbad but also other men were watching her and it was clearly disgusting. Pisti, as usual, was draped over over Spartos who obviously didn't mind or was so used to it; Yamu was arguing with Sharrkan about something, but strange thing was he wasn't drunk, just her; Drakon and Hinahoho were drinking stronger alcohol than wine; Ja'far was near the King, seemingly upset with the way King was behaving. The whole her stay was Sinbad weird, to be blunt. From what she'd heard, he was lazy drink-loving lady-killer who enjoyed parties, women and adventures. Now he was serious King, joker sometimes, but always with the papers, rolls and documents. Either he was showing himself off or finally Ja'far kicked some sense into him and made him responsible for the country he's leading. …It's the first one.
Suddenly somebody approached her.
"Enjoying yourself, Princess?" velvet voice rang near her ear. She slue rounded and almost slapped him if not Sinbad's reflexes.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to attack you." She stood and bowed. Talk about awkward things.
"I should be sorry; I didn't mean to startle you." He waved his hands in front of him as he laughed. Probably he did drink some ale or wine - she wasn't sure. Or it was his flirtatious nature.
"Yes, I do enjoy the party," she tried to smile to add the verity into her statement.
"You don't seem like you do, Princess," he stated.
"Maybe I'm just tired and it's crowded here," she wasn't going to get down.
"Maybe," he narrowed his eyes. "If you don't want to be here, you can go, I won't be offended."
"No, it's not like I don't want to be here, I'm just tired and it's hot. I think I'm just …going to take a walk… To get a breath of a fresh air," she turned around.
"Can I accompany you?"
Hakuei stopped. Could he?
"It's up to you, I don't mind," she finally said and walked away from the party, secretly hoping she would be quick enough for him to lose the trace and let her be.
Sinbad smiled and followed her.
Everything's going according to the plan.

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