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"NO! For the last time - NO!" exclaimed Hakuei. There's no way in hell she'll do it.
"Come on, I know you want to~!"
"No! Get away from me! Back! Back off!" she ran.
"Hakuei-chaaaan~! Come heeereee~! I've got something for you~!"
"Kshhh! Kshh!" she tried with no use.
"It's perfect! Those dresses are perfect! And if you don't want to choose, I will for you!" exclaimed Pisti behind her with a heap of clothes in her hands as she was trying to catch up with princess who ran around the whole floor clothed in one of those clothes. Pisti wanted for her to wear more... revealing ones.
"NO, Pisti! I want to choose by myself the dress! These aren't even dress - they're undergarments!"
"For you maybe, but here's hot, so we have to dress lightly." Hakuei turned to the next door just to lock herself. She didn't know it was library where actually Sinbad was. He was actually starting to be more of a King than a drunkard.
And of course, you can't lock a room without a key, so here her plan failed.
"Pisti, stop it…! I really don't want any of these…" she said exhausted and pointed on her dress and the pile Pisti had.
"Fine, but then I have more!" she smiled and Hakuei sweat-dropped and slided down on a door frame. "Come with me!!" She dragged her to her room. Sinbad gave a sigh of relief. Good she didn't see him. Those dress actually suited her, if to ask his opinion.
See? Told you. She is perfect for you.
Shut it, David. I'm not going to get married or have an illegitimate child.
Hey, I have never said anything about illegitimate child. But I have to admit it, it's a good idea.
No. I will not try anything on her.
Wow, what a modesty. A few weeks ago you would pounce on her right away.
What are you trying to achieve?
A heir? 'Somebody to control.'
I'm still young, that's the first one; second, I would have to wed the woman and as I said, I'm not going to marry. I have a country to take care of.
I have obligations to the first one. And women… Let's see how long you will resist.
Are you threatening me, David?
No. I just know you.
No, you don't. If you had known me, you would have stopped by now with your tries to make me surrender.
Well, if you think… He silenced.
Sinbad started to read the book again. But his mind was elsewhere - with the dark-haired beauty.
"Pisti, I really don't think this is the best choice. It's too much revealing." She snaked her hands around herself. Hakuei didn't feel comfortable. The dress she wore revealed so much skin, skin she wanted to hide. Not just the scars, they were not the problem; the problem was, she was embarrassed.
The dress were typical oriental dancer style, the colour was fading - from the royal blue on the bottom of the skirt to white on the top. The upper part had the silver ornaments that were under her breast, lining them and continued to the neck, where the ornaments met behind it. White-silver ornaments were on the bottom of the skirt and on her waist.
"Don't worry, you will be dancing, you'll be warm." Pisti chuckled.
"But until then I will be… eating or simply sitting, I will be cold."
"Drink, it helps."
"I can't."
"Says who?"
"Says Kou."
"Nobody's here, so what's the matter? You've been working with us for… long time in my opinion, you already belong here, so you have to relax in our way. It's Maharajan!"
"I'm still taking something on me." Hakuei wouldn't step down.
Pisti sighed. "Fine, here's… a stole!" she showed her a piece of light blue veiling that she threw around her shoulders. "Can be?"
"Yes, right now it's … acceptable." She crunched the fabric more to her.
"Aaaand, this is the last one," she gave her necklace with the same ornaments as her dress. "Look at you, what a beauty… I wish to be like you, beautiful and strong… and tall and busty." Her outspoken nature would show itself anytime.
"Actually, I envy you - it's really heavy and my back hurts then. You can move freely, run as you like. Sleep on the stomach. And me?" She laughed. Pisti was feeling little bit better in presence of her new friend. Yamu, on the other hand, was preparing some… medicine? Something to avoid a hangover in the morning.
"Well, we have to go, Maharajan is about to start."
Few hours later the fiesta was showing its true colours. Everyone was drunk. Everyone. Even Hakuei had to take a few glasses because Pisti was on the verge of crying and she wasn't going to take care of her. And a few girls from King's harem were there trying to befriend her by drinking. No success. Sinbad was nowhere to be seen the whole party. It was unusual, even Ja'far showed himself and took at least on glass of wine. Of course with the words that his King was giving him a headache and he is only a human.
"Okay, I think I've had enough, thank you for the nice time I had with you," she tried to pronounce it slowly and without lisping.
"Buuuut, Haku….EI! *hic* It's not…ovvaa! *hic* You… you haf to… drink.. at leasssst one more!" said finally Pisti who was absolutely plastered and draping all over Spartos who actually had a patience of God.
"No, I'm really tired and drunk."
"You're… not. You're not talkin' funny."
"You ain't either. Pisti… I'm so tired… I have to sleep."
"Then sleep *hic*. Or betta, I'm callin' *hic* Sinbad! Or Ja'far… Yeah… Sin will be.. pissed off~ Hahaha ~!" Hakuei arched an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"
"Noooothinnnn'. Hahahaha~!" Then a drunk dancer came to them.
"Heey~ there, alreaaady goin'?"
"Yes, I am." She tried to sound professional even though her tongue thought other.
"Whyyy??? It's earlyyy…" She gave her another drink, but Hakuei put it on the table.
"Thank you for your generosity, but I really need to go,"
"Where? The boys are here... And drinks too." Dancer smiled in the suave way that Hakuei wanted to throw up.
"Not interested, sorry," she waved her hands.
"Are you probably-"
"No! I just don't want to party, I'm tired," she tried to get away.
"… If you say so…. But at least take a boy with you - you're young and nobody's watching over you, you can relax a little bit." She took the hand of the stand-by boy and threw him into Hakuei who caught him and apologised.
"I really need to go, please, enjoy yourselves," said and left as quick as possible. She turned to the door that leaded to her chamber next to Sinbad's, but first…
"Now, obstacle run begins… Great."
Quietly stepping in the hallway she tried not to wake up the guard and not to disturb few… couples enjoying the night. It's really hard to run little bit drunk, so she was hoping she's walking quietly. She was about a halfway to her room when a man called after her.
"Stop, intruder!" She turned and saw a guard, fat as a pig, going to her.
"I have a room here,"
"That people say everytime *hic*," hiccupped the man. A big problem was roaring upon her. Either she would be put into a prison for intruding the palace, although she stayed here for about two weeks, or she would be kicked out of here.
"I really am staying here. I'm General Hakuei Ren from Kou." She straightened her back.
"Yeah, and I'm King Sinbad… Nobody believes you, sweetheart." He took a glance at her. "But you want to go there, right? Something for something. You want to go to the palace. I can let it go, if you-"
"Hell no, you pig!" she couldn't help herself when she said it. Maybe it was that tiny amount of alcohol burning through her system giving her the courage to speak up to a tall and well-fed soldier, but she was no … entertainment.
"What have you said, you whore?!" he fumed. "Guard! Intruder!" he called after the other who were drinking and sleeping. Groggily they came up to him and sheathed their swords clumsily. Hakuei was cornered.
"Now, girly, do what we want you to and you can go," the fat bastard licked his lips. Hakuei shivered.
"NO way in hell," she growled and looked for the escape. Unfortunately for her, the doors were too close to the guards and the closest one was locked.
"Feisty… Let's see if she-"
"General Hakuei!" called somebody after her. First she thought it was Ja'far, he was guarding her from most of the things, but she saw Sinbad. Very angry Sinbad. He came to them and alcohol-boosted guard called after him.
"Go find another whore, boy, this one here is ours."
Sinbad narrowed his eyes. "Do you know who are you speaking to?"
"To a one boy who got lost here, so now back off," Fat man emphased the words.
Sinbad smiled. "You are fired."
"Says who?"
"Says me, the King of Sindria," the guard were about to burst from laughter, but Sin simply buzzed the man with his lightening. Then came to Hakuei and took her hand. She accepted it and let herself be dragged away from here. She was still shivering from those men, tightening her hold on the stole.
When they were near their chambers, he spoke up. "What were you doing there alone?"
"I was just trying to get here; I didn't know the guard didn't recognize me."
"What were you doing here alone?" he emphased the word alone.
"Others were having a great time; it was only me who was tired so I went by myself."
"And if I hadn't gotten there in time?"
"I…. I guess I would try to run or lock myself in the room or…"
"Or simply be raped by a bunch of drunkards!" he yelled at her and she flinched. When he saw the fear, he calmed down. "Sorry, I just… Never go alone when it's Maharajan or any party here. Drunk people tend to do things… bad ones."
"Your own experience?" she couldn't help but to tease. Blame it on the said alcohol. "But as I said, I hoped for the quick pass-by here and go to my chamber." Still shaken from the men and even from the King himself she tried to open the door to her room and be alone as soon as possible. She needed to be really alone, not with anybody, especially with a man.
"I understand. But next time, just… don't do it; call for somebody to escort you, even me, but never go alone." He sounded hurt. As he was the one she hurt.
"I'll do. Now, if you excuse me," she tried for the x-time to get to her room. It was nearly annoying when everybody stopped her.
"Hey, there you are, you bitch! Goin' with a stranger, yes, goin' with me, nooo!" She shivered. How come they are here?! Sinbad felt her worries, her fear, and his anger quickly came back.
"I think I told you you're fired, so I expect you to leave the palace and never see you again," said The King in a warning-tone. The guard didn't get it and yelled more.
"You?! Who are you, peasant! Me, the great General A'Khanisa, will punish you for entering the chambers of His Majesty! And the girl will get the same, just with a lesson before!"
"Well then, I don't know any General A'Khanisa, there are just 8 Generals and then there are army soldiers, captains and many other, no A'Khanisa was ever heard in the higher ranks. I'm giving you five seconds before I will get angry and then you'll see the punishment." Sinbad stepped in front of Hakuei and walked to the "general".
"Ha! A peasant like you?! You'll be thrown into the prison and then you'll lick my shoes clean! Every day, you'll be whipped, screaming! And I'll be promoted for catching such a liar and a whore!" fat man laughed. Sinbad was so close to not kill him right in front of Hakuei's eyes, but scaring her more would only throw him in the bad light.
"Time's up," he said and attacked his soldier who barely could dodge it. He fell to the ground.
"Did… did you kill him?" she asked.
"No, but he was so close to be," he called the real guard to take this thing into the prison.
Hakuei was about to enter her chamber when he approached her from behind. As scared as she was, she grabbed the first thing on the table she got her hands on and swished it at the King. He stepped back and saw the vulnerable girl, not the warrior she always claims him to be.
"I'm staying with you," he said as a matter of fact after few seconds of silence.
"No, you're not. Don't you think I need time alone? Just me, no man, no woman, I need to be alone!" her voice escalated to a scream, but not too much loud, she was still aiming the thing, again it was a vase, at him.
"You've been attacked, humiliated and now you're scared, staying alone would be the last thing you need." He entered her (his) chamber and took the vase off from her hands.
"But it is what I really need, let me be alone!"
"You're shaking from fear!"
"I'm afraid of you!" she screamed to his face and yanked her hands. She was about to cry, but told herself it will only bring more troubles.
"Of me?" he asked surprised and let his hands fall to his sides.
"Hi~, Princess~!" she heard in her mind.
"I…I …" she hyperventilated, too much happening tonight got her. Backing away from him and the door, her hand on her lifting chest.
"Hakuei! What is going on?!" he caught her and looked worriedly at her. Her chest was lifting too quickly and soon she would black out from excess amount of oxygen in her body. He scooped her into his arms and put her on the bed, sitting beside her and stroking her back. After few minutes she was slowly calming down, her breath normalizing, with a small sobs coming from her closed, hidden behind her hands, eyes.
Now she didn't care about her make up or her dress; it was too much for her. It all started during Kou war, when Paimon sensed something evil. After few days she found out what it was - her djinn told her she's doing everything she can to stop a woman called Arba to take over her body; that woman, Arba, would always talk to her and taint her to get the worst out of her when Paimon relaxed after the fight. Her sanity was slowly slipping and she didn't know what to do. Then, after the war when she betrayed her cousins, the attacks began and now the lecherous men were always around her. Arba didn't stop bugging her, but she didn't know how the magician still didn't overpower her. She could. Why was she waiting?
Sinbad got out of the outer robes and jewels. Then sat on the bed and rubbed her back, she couldn't look back at him. It was humiliating and now, when she told him she's afraid of him, she expected him to leave her alone, like she wanted. Instead, he's sitting on her bed.
"Why are you still here?" she sniffed. He remained quiet and continued to rub her back. "If you haven't noticed, I want to be alone," she urged. He even laid down on his back. "It's inappropriate for a King to approach unwed Princess like this." She continued.
"Now you're princess?" she asked with a smile on his lips. That angered her.
"Shut it," she mumbled to her pillow.
"Why are you afraid of me?"
"It's a stupid question."
"Why?" he was persistent. Unless she told him, he would be here with her. Even a whole night…
"You're a King, of course you have-"
"Respect, yes, but fear? Did I do anything to you that gave you the reason to be afraid?"
She looked at him with narrowed eyes, little bit red from the cry. "You want me to tell you? Every time we are alone, you molest me. You're older than me, and it's not appropriate. "
"And I assume you don't like it," he grinned.
"Yeah, I don't…. And stop it!" red-faced, she smacked his hands from her back, because they were distracting her from thinking straight. Alcohol was nearly burned off from her system, so she knew what is going on. And she liked it, but admitting it? NO, he would only jump at her like a jaguar.
"Oh, really? You're cute when you're blushing," he didn't give up. "And when you blush, it means you like it." Now two hands were roaming on her back.
"No, I don't and stop it- Oh!" He lifted her and put her on his torso hugging her.
"Are you afraid of me?"
She stayed quiet for a while. "I'm afraid of what you think; of what's inside of you."
That surprised him. "Inside of me?"
"Yes… You have that… dangerous aura around you. Like m-" she stopped short.
"Like what?"
"Whenever you say nothing, it is something, so spill it."
"No, it's nothing."
"I will...what did you call it? ... Molest you until you'll tell me."
"I won't tell you!"
Sinbad just grinned. "Fun night begins for me~," he traced his hands on her back and she tried to take them off, slide off of him, but him being way stronger - let's say they played cat and mouse. Then she started to catch his hands with her, so he won't be touching her. She sat on him, his torso between her hands and in a fever of "game" she didn't notice their position; she was still trying to win in wrestling.
"Will you tell me now?"
"Tell... what?" she was slowly sweating while he was just lying on the bed.
"You told me I have a dangerous aura, like something. I want to know like what. And why do you think I'm dangerous," he pushed her up and bent the his knees, so she leaned on them, and he narrowed to her position, backed little bit and leaned on the bed backrest. Now she saw in what compromising position they are and blushed heavily.
"K-King Sinbad, I think it's enough, stop it."
"No. And stop with honorifics."
"You're too close-"
He had her trapped and himself between her tights. If she moved, he would be in a big trouble - but for purple-haired man it was impossible to resist. "I know. If you want me to free you, you have to answer," he smiled, the light of the moon shining on part of his face; the other looked like a lion looking at a prey.
"I…I… It's just a feeling, n-not anything reasonable."
"If it isn't reasonable, why do you believe it?"
"I... I don't know!" she started to wave her hand in order to cool herself down. It was suddenly too hot here. "Release me!"
"No." he got even closer. She sheepishly looked at him, but as soon as she did, she turned away from him; their noses were nearly touching. "Either you'll tell me or we can continue-"
"Continue how?" she interrupted him. He smiled deviously and she shivered - the good shiver.
"It's up to you - if you tell me, I'll release you. Now you're making this harder for yourself."
What was her tactic once? Run away? No. Get him angry? Better not. P… Prepare a food? No, it would kill him and it's night. P.. Something with the P…Paimon said… Eh… P… Play the player!
"Isn't it harder for you? I mean, you're a man… and I'm a woman, it does nothing to me, but to you… Oh-" she tried to make an excuse for him to feel embarrassed, but ended up embarrassed herself and Sinbad caged her to the bed with hands above her head.
"Do not try my patience," he said with velvet voice to her ear. "Maybe because I'm a man, you can end up really, really…. Really badly." He traced a finger across her jaw and neck to stop before her cleavage. Her eyes went wide. Then he had the courage to kiss her French kiss. First few seconds she was unmoving then she kissed him back. Blame it on the alcohol; non-existent, but blame it on it. He released her hands for her to circle it around his neck and bring him closer. His hands travelled down her figure and stopped at her hips. She let his hair down and brushed her fingers through the locks; he deepened the kiss and tightened his hold on her hips. After few minutes they broke, string of saliva still connecting them.
"If you don't stop, this might get serious," he said with a husky voice making her shiver. "And believe me, I don't want to stop."
"Of course you don't want to - you got here a willing woman-"
"Willing woman?" he arched an eyebrow. "Is that so?" he grinned like wolf.
"It was the alcohol speaking, it's hot here, I didn't say anything like this," she waved her hand trying to haze the talk.
"Is that so? I doubt it," she felt his hot breath on her neck and something wet going to her jaw. It felt good… She moaned and Sinbad nearly snapped. Instead he sucked on juncture between her shoulder and neck, biting it little to make a bruise. Then another one and another one, slowly making his way to her breast.
"S-Sin, we... have to... stop!" she shrieked out.
"Now I don't want to… And you neither," he licked his way back to her ear and she moaned again.
"I-I want t-to…" His hands rested on her bare stomach and she sucked breath.
"Are you sure?" He moved them across her stomach and made her clench his shoulders, nails digging to the hard muscles.
"Y-Yeah, or else… You would h-have to t-take me-" Another bruise on her shoulder appeared.
"Take you?" He said in hopeful voice.
"A-as a wife, and clearly you don't want to get married, so we have to stop," she pushed him off of her and sat.
Is this a problem? To sleep with me you would have to get married, even though you're clearly staying here as long as possible? Your brother didn't call so far, I don't expect him to interest himself about you. You can live freely, without those annoying rules you have! He wanted to tell her. But choose against it.
"And I'm tired, it's been a long day a-and I need to sleep," she got up and went to her bathroom. Sinbad just sat on the bed. What just happened? In a minute they were having a great time, enjoying the while and then because of one rule she… ran away? He got up and traced after her, only to find out that she locked the door.
She will come back, she has to. Only to pretend I left the room… He walked to the door, opened them and closed, but didn't move from the spot in front of the door. He hid behind the closet and waited for her. First minutes she was doing something in the bathroom, then she opened the door and looked around the room. When she got sure he's not there, she closed the bathroom door and came to the bed; he stepped from his hideout and hugged her from behind. She squealed and turned.
"Why must you hurt me?" she asked in a teary voice.
"I didn't mean to hurt you… I just - " he took a deep breath of her hair.
"My brother won't approve of it," she told him.
"How can you say?" he turned her to face him.
"So you're willing to get married?" she asked him in a doubtful voice. He stayed quiet. "As I thought. Please, leave, Sinbad. I… I need to sleep, my head hurts." She turned her face away from him, broken.
He was about to say something, but she cut him, "Leave, please, King Sinbad."
King Sinbad.
Not just Sinbad or Sin.
King Sinbad.
"A-As you wish… Good night. If anything, I'm right next you," he said with strange voice and left her chamber.
After a minute she broke down and crying fell asleep in a dreamless sleep.
His clothes laid forgotten on the night table.

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