6.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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"Sinbad, she's been here for two days! You… Better go to a brothel and get laid, but keep your hands of her! Or any body-part of yours!" Ja'far wanted to kick him in the ass. He didn't ask him about what really happened, he just knew it.
"What? I did nothing wrong!"
Ja'far shot him a really pissed-off look. "Yeah, that's why those maids were so embarrassed when I asked them about the ruckus here and that's why Hakuei-dono was so red around you and angry! Yeah, nothing happened." He said with great irony dripping from his voice.
"Ja'far, don't take it so seriously-"
"Don't take it seriously?! Do you hear yourself speaking, Sinbad?! She's a princess, not a whore!"
Sinbad rolled his eyes. He wasn't going to let Ja'far know he somehow felt something to Hakuei. It would be his grave, he would have to …. Get married! Good bye, parties… Good bye, girls… Good bye, bachelor days…
"Sinbad, stop it. Kougyoku was as a problem enough, don't start with her cousin. At least, she's the friendliest one of Kou - if we don't count Hakuryuu."
"As I said, don't worry. I know what I'm doing."
"I highly disagree."
"It sounds like you like her," he grinned.
"Maybe I do like her," he teased him. Sinbad's eyes grew.
Ja'far sighed. "Got you. And now, really, stop it. You won't do any good. Good night, I'm tired." And he left. Sinbad got dressed and laid into his bed. It's not like he enjoys it, but he has to protect his country, right?
Next days, or maybe week or two, were in the same routine - for Hakuei it was work and free time she liked to spend with either her Kouga clan or the Generals; for Sinbad and Ja'far it was work and more work. Ja'far nearly praised Hakuei into the heaven, because Sinbad was finally behaving like a true King and not like a teenager who liked to … visit everything but his workplace.
It was longer time since Hakuei and Sinbad agreed on fight with their djinn equips, but they had to drop it, because once Mira Artemina was about to visit them and from that time it was never enough time for fight, even though they wanted. Sinbad nearly felt like he was the one who was stalked, not the Princess. All the visitors and meetings, he felt like his free time flew away.
Hakuei sometimes went on meetings with him and Ja'far, as their current General from Kou. The royal and high-society men from other countries highly disapproved her; no way there will be a woman in political meeting, unless she's the head of a country. Sinbad was about to defend her, but she managed to do so every time just fine. Few times she even defended him when the others drove him into the corner and he was about to use his word as a High King.
She became his… left hand. Ja'far was the right one, still. She always calmed down the feverish conversations between them or stood for anything that was not in order, either for Sindria or just spoke her mind on the discussed topic.
They didn't even know and whole two months have passed. Sindrian King was always requesting her presence, although it was just her opinion on few things, trying to spent so much time with her as possible.
He liked her.
As a friend.
The voice in his head thought otherwise. 'Yeah, keep thinking. But slowly, it won't matter anymore. Arba is breaking through her mind, I can help with the body - the sooner he ensures her she's safe, the witch would come. Now, Sinbad, taunt her…' David had seen the future. He knew what and how to bring Arba to that woman's body; however, sneaking past her djinns is nearly impossible - as the witch had seen. Yes, she could just force her and possess her body, but what fun would it be without a torture? She would play with her mind until the poor princess gives in and crumbles like a house of cards - then the Torran magi would have full control of her body and Hakuei wouldn't even try to break free.
The incidents from that time never happened - or rather… never have been noticed by Princess or King, thanks to Ja'far and Masrur who guarded their chambers. Lately, they found the base of the group chasing after Hakuei - Sinbad made sure they weren't after her. Few of them actually survived, as it was reported, and were sent to the jail. She still stayed in Sindria, because of Sinbad's words that her brother said she was used already there and it was perfect for the treaty.
Definitely as a friend.
One afternoon, when Hakuei didn't have any work and she simply took a walk around the city and in the forest, the bell rang. There weren't too much people around her, so whoever she was about to ask what is going on, nobody listened to her. So she followed the crowd.
"I hope this time it will be the King who will kill that monster!"
"No, General Sharrkan!"
"General Masrur will it be, that's for sure!" People were betting who would …kill what monster?
The said thing showed itself across the sea surface. But what she saw was a little young boy on a reef who didn't have time to hide himself. Hakuei made her way out of the crowd to the reef and started to climb it down. When she was in halfway to the boy, one of the said Generals had to come - people were screaming at him, but she could care less. That boy was her priority.
"Come up here, climb up a little bit!" she called after him, but he was so scared to even listen to her, so he didn't even move. She herself had a hard time to climb it down to him, but she had to. She wasn't there for her little brother when he got hurt in that fire, now she had to save this little one. She slowly stepped down on rocks, patiently choosing the ones that are the most carry able.
"Come up, boy. Don't worry, I will save you… Come here." She tried to talk to him and make him listen. Unseen to her, the boy was standing on the rocks that were just about to fall. When she came down to him, she scoped him into her arms right when the rocks fell. "Now hold tightly, I'm coming up there. Don't worry, now you're safe." She talked to him to calm him down. The boy held her like a little monkey while she was climbing up the reef. Suddenly the ground beneath her shook and she quickly grab the next stone above her. She looked at the falling earth and then saw the reason of the fall - the sea monster with its tail tore the lower part of the reef.
Hakuei looked closely for a place where they would safely climb up the reef, but nowhere was the surface good enough to even try to. Then she saw a flat ground just two meters above her. Not the top of the reef, but good enough to hide and relax a bit. She got there in a less than half a minute.
"Come here, in this crack we can hide until they get rid of the beast," she pushed him into small gap that surrounded her from the sides good enough to not to be seen. Then she put the boy into her lap and started to sing a quiet lullaby to ease the fear.
All of sudden the lightening cut the sky. "Hakuei! Where are you!" she heard. Sinbad, in Baal's Equip.
"Down here!" She tried to call after him, but he looked lost. The monster was cut down either by Sinbad or Sharrkan, who was landing on the ground and sheathing his sword. She got off the crack and waved to him. Then he saw her with that boy in her arms and flew to them.
"What happened? Why are you here?" She put the boy into his arms.
"Go take him to his mother or father or friends, just away from here."
"Hey, b-but what about you?"
She arched her eyebrow. "What about me? I'll climb it up."
Now it was him who arched eyebrow. "Sure, on this." He pointed his finger at steep slope grinning. She looked around where she actually could go, but as Sinbad showed her, she would only fall. How come she climbed it down? She sighed.
Then she turned around. She hated when he was right. "Just … go."
"Stay right here, I'm coming in a second." Hakuei wanted to roll her eyes. She's not five, she can easily save herself. Sinbad in a while flew with the boy and landed, where his mother was pushing her way through the crowd.
"Thank you, King Sinbad!" she cried as she squeezed her son. Sinbad just smiled.
"No problem, it's my pleasure to serve my country." He said as he rushed to Hakuei only to see Jafar was with Pisti and they were helping her. Something bubbled within him.
He didn't like that close distance between them.
Shut up, David!
He's gonna take the princess away from you if you won't act soon. He was laughing.
Sinbad stayed quiet, but decided to invade the privacy of those two. He didn't believe David - he wanted to taunt him into his ways, to overpower him. He flew to them and landed on the giant bird of Pisti right between them, Ja'far nearly fell off of the bird, but Sinbad caught him in a right moment.
"Sorry, I kinda slipped." He scratched the back of his head. Hakuei arched her eyebrow, but choose not to comment it; Jafar on the other hand scolded him for being a show-off. Nearly nobody saw the moment when he moved his hand behind Hakuei, so close that if she leaned few centimetres, she could lay on him. Ja'far saw it and saw also the look his King gave him.
Do not try to do it again…

"Who was she?" asked one woman in the bar, lately.
"I don't know… Maybe King's concubine?" guessed the woman whose boy was on the reef.
"Concubine? She looked to me more … like a warrior of other country than a concubine."
"You think? Well… My boy said she had little scars, so she can't be a princess - those are flawless and can't fight. And have you seen the King?" she laughed. "When General Ja'far was on that bird with her and how he landed between them and he nearly fell?" she laughed more.
"Who knows, maybe he's jealous!" other woman bursted into laugh too.
Unknown to them, a certain cloaked man in the shadows was listening to them. People were ignoring him, because they couldn't see him unless he wanted them to. And angering Ugo about his walks outside the dungeon was the last thing he wanted.
"Jealous, huh…?" he laughed weakly. "How about helping them now, Paimon?"
"Don't you dare, Sitri! I won't betray my Queen!" the said djinn exploded.
"How betray?"
"With helping you put those two together."
"You're djinn of chaos and love, yet you're afraid of those two?"
"She's my Queen; I'm not doing anything dirty against her." She crossed her hands in front of her breast.
"Helping her in that way will only protect her, don't you think?"
"No, I don't. You know I do everything in my powers to stop that witch, but still… Even you and his djinns help me from time to time, and you can see. It's still not enough to at least weaken her." He indicated to Sinbad's djinns.
"She's a magi, of course we can't kill her or overpower her - only few persons can. But I got something for you - from what I read-"
"It's something including sex as "ritual" and that's what I fear. She won't like it and hurting her more isn't going to help her."
"Come on, sweetheart, I'm djinn of sex, I enjoy just these kinds of things," he laughed.
"And I thought Focalor was a lady-man."
"It can prevent Arba from gaining control of her body. You don't have so much time to think about other options," Sitri reminded her.
"And… All I have to do is to make her fertile during the… that."
"Yes; I will take care of the other things."
"She won't fall for him easily."
"You asked me for a help - I'm helping you. Does it really bother you that she would have to sleep with him like that?" he asked, not believing her.
"It feels like I'm betraying her; doing something behind her back. She's my Queen, pure Queen, I can't-"
"Desperate situation calls for desperate solution. Take it or leave it."
Paimon thought about it - either her queen would be possessed by witch who would make her life living hell or there's a chance of protecting her through the child.
"And it has to be with him, not anybody else." She mumbled for herself.
"I don't care who it is, I can arrange the act."
Her Queen would hate her after this… She can't find out. And Sinbad is the best choice - Arba seemed afraid of him when she mentioned him. "Well then, but there has to be love or else I'm not doing it."
"Fine by me. Does it help when I say sex is also love in other form-"
"Fine, I'll stop with jokes! Now, I can enchant them, together with you-"
"Something not so obvious. His djinns are guarding him."
"I can make a potion that can make them love each other with your help, and then you will- ah, he has to do it."
"Do what?" Paimon arched her brow, as asking why not her, she's invisible and it would be quicker.
"Sinbad has to be the one to pour the potion into her drink. Or else she will fall in love with another person and you obviously don't want that. That potion will enchant him first, then her through the drink. It's a simple recipe and magic formula, you'll do what I tell you to do. Then I will give it to him, either through his djinns, Focalor is surely convincing, or … somehow. Await me in few days."
He turned around, his cloak hiding his Rukh. Paimon returned to her metal vessel where she could rest for a while.


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