5.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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'That stupid assassin! What did he think? Would she let the opportunity slip? No!' he nearly run into his office and broke the first thing he laid his hand on. It was a vase from somewhere he was, he doesn't even remember.
You stupid thing, yesterday you were saying something else.
That was yesterday, today is today.
Hm… And I thought you-
Don't you dare to say "like her"!
-worried about her. At least.
Right now she's save. But she's been here for one day and she wants to work? For another country? It's just… suspicious.
Somebody has to work when the other are being lazy.
You're not talking about me, are you?
I didn't name anybody. You said it. And look! That gardener knows how to sway her-
Sinbad choked on his saliva and looked down in the garden where Hakuei was cutting the withered parts of roses and lilies. His gardener was talking to her in a way he didn't with her, because she wouldn't let him. He was a King and she's a Princess-General, so she has to be polite and on top of it, she didn't trust him. It pissed him off really bad.
'Well, I, or any other man here, would have at least a minimal chance with her. You, on the other hand, not.' He remembered Sharrkan's words and shook his head aggressively. It's impossible, why the hell is he so angry around her?!
Right now the gardener kissed her hand and she giggled. Sinbad gripped the window frame, frustrated. Why did she let him?! And why not him, the King? Does she hate him that much?
The gardener said to her few words that stopped her giggle and Sin narrowed his eyes to see her facial expressions better. She wasn't laughing anymore, but smiling. Not the genuine one, but somehow forced. He furrowed his eyebrows. Sinbad didn't know what to do and he didn't want her to know he watched her. And he's no stalker!
Hakuei was slowly stepping back away from the man, camouflaging it as cutting the roses. The man followed her and caught her hand, the scissors fell. That startled her, and Sinbad didn't like it. Hakuei tried to say something, prying that hand from her, but it seemed to tighten harder. Then her eyes narrowed as she felt the pain from her hand, but hid it behind her mask of polite Princess.
"…please…l… go," he heard. He was, at least, two windows above her, but more than ready to jump between them. Suddenly Hakuei drew a dagger she braced herself with when he approached her back then and pointed the blade at his chin with straight face. The gardener grinned and said something to her, that obviously insecured her.
"Sin- wha-?!" Ja'far stepped into the room only to be hushed. Sin was looking at Princess of Kou and the strange gardener.
"Do we employ this man?" Sin asked Ja'far when he came to him.
"No, you should know everybody in the palace." He answered.
"Then how come he is here?" he asked with calm voice.
"I'm going for Drakon and his military for-"
"No, she must not know we saw this. As she said, she's capable of saving herself. This would only mean we're always stalking her." Sinbad was still controlling the situation down there. Ja'far wasn't sure what to think about his King. Right now he looks like he was about to jump down between them but at the same time wants to keep watching. He sighed.
"If she mustn't know about it, then come here and sign these papers, it will be quick." He dropped around two hundred papers and documents on his desk. Sinbad sweat dropped.
"… And when do you want to have them back?" he asked carefully.
"In hm… how much would it take me? Around half of hour, but it's you, so double or triple the time - I want them in an hour!" first he murmured and then he shouted the final time. Sin nearly dropped on his knees. In an hour this?! It's beautiful sunny d-
"Don't you dare to think it's beautiful sunny day, my King, you asked for it. You don't want to spend time with Princess, who by the way is really nice company, and you rather work, well, I should be happy," he said before he closed the door of his office.
"… Does he like her?" he scratched his head and turned back to the garden where Hakuei was walking away from the garden and that man who vanished suddenly in the air. He frowned. She immediately looked around her and he hid under his window. When he was sure she may have walked away, he stood up and looked through the window, but saw nobody. He breathed out the sigh of relief. She can't know about him!
As the night approached, he was still in his office. Sinbad finally signed the last paper of his work that Ja'far constantly brought him. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door.
"Come in!"
A person stepped in. Hakuei.
"What do I give the pleasure for you to visit me, General Hakuei?"
"… I was just thinking if you haven't gotten any message from my brother," she asked with typical Kou bow.
"No, I'm afraid I haven't. What's the matter?" He stood up and walked over her.
"… Nothing, I was just curious. Good night." She was about to leave the office, but Sinbad caught her hand.
"I mean it, General. What is the matter?" She looked anywhere but I his eyes.
"As I said, nothing. Please, release me." He didn't do it, instead, he tightened his hold and pushed her to him, but she didn't fall into him. Unfortunately.
"What are you doing, Sinbad?" she narrowed her eyes in warning. He returned her glare.
"I'm expecting the sincere answer from the sincere woman. What is going on?"
"As I said, nothing."
"It has nothing to do with it. Tell me."
"It's nothing."
"Every time I hear it, it is Something."
"Well, you heard it anyway." She turned her head sideways.
"What?" he raised one eyebrow.
"You heard it. You think I didn't see you in the window in the afternoon?" He slightly blushed but reclaimed his composure. There goes his secret-watching over her.
"I don't know what you mean, Hakuei."
"General Hakuei."
"General Hakuei. But you called me by my name, without any honorifics." He cracked a smile.
"It slipped. I beg of your pardon, King Sinbad," she bowed even with her hand in his grasp and minimal distance. Of course, she didn't touch him.
"No need, it happens. But back to the topic. Were you expecting a letter or a call?"
"I'm not sure- I mean - it's nothing." He smiled.
"You can tell me, General. I swear I won't tell anybody."
"You already know about it, so why do you keep acting as you don't?"
"Because I don't know, that's why."
Hakuei sighed. He was going to keep pushing until she answers, right?
"My brother should have called or written a letter, and me too. Since I heard few gossips around, I thought you know something."
"What kind of gossips?" he furrowed his eyebrows.
"That he abdicated."
"… As what of I know, he hasn't."
"I see. Thank you for your time, King Sinbad." She turned again to leave but he didn't want to let her go. As some kind of force was keeping him there.
"Please, release me."
"And what if I don't want to?" he asked with sincerity. It stopped her, but then she threw her wrist. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't enough to free her hand.
"You're not telling me something, Hakuei," he held her hand more tightly.
"It's not your problem, Sinbad," she countered him.
"It is, since you're here, in my kingdom," he pushed her.
"As I said, it is not you problem, only mine."
"As I would believe it."
"You have to."
"You're not saying something."
"Stop it."
"I won't until you answer me properly."
"Stop being a child and let me go."
"No," he made a step towards her and she stepped backwards. "What is it?"
"It's really nothing, I was just curious about well-being of my brother." She closed her eyes, defeated. He was too much for her. She has to have a talk with Paimon about him. "And why do you have a Metal Vessel if it's forbidden?" she pointed at his sword.
"Sea monsters."
"We could also say "giant birds" or "flying monkeys" and keep our Metal Vessels." She stabbed her finger of the other, free, hand into his chest. She felt her cheeks blushing, but she was hoping he didn't see it. If he did, she would be a bait number one in his Adventures of Lady-killer.
"You could. But it's my father's sword. That is the main reason I will not give it to anybody."
"Still, you're cheating," she pushed him away from her with that free hand. "And your Seven Seas Alliance should know about it. Or at least my brother."
"You won't tell anybody."
"Isn't it the same thing you said to me back then?"
"Yes, it is. Should we continue like before?"
"As if, you lecher!" she forgot her manners as a princess and threw first thing she grabbed. Unfortunately, it was a vase from Artemira. He let her hand flee and so-so caught it, but she was already leaving. And no way in hell she will tell anybody about his sword and djinn, so he followed her. Too bad for her, he knew every corn and every pit of his palace.
And even if he knew, she somehow has vanished!
Oh, come on, she left a second ago! Really, you can't see her? David's voice was mocking him.
Stop it! I'm trying to find her! He scanned through the hall.
Then he saw her, right behind the wall. She turned there, but did she know it only leads to his chambers and his General's? He ran after her. After all, dead end was waiting for her… Right…
"My, my, what a language for a lady…" he teased her with a smirk on his face as he cornered her is a hallway.
"I'm a general, King Sinbad. The General of Kou Empire, please, don't forget it next time." She tried to keep herself together. Thinking about her next step and how to escape the player-King she turned herself to him completely.
"Hopefully, I won't, but it's really hard to not forget it in present of such a pretty lady." She decided to play along. How do they say it? Play the player? She may try it.
"Still a womanizer, as I can see. Too bad, I might have got interested in you, but with that reputation of yours…" she said with sad-drama-queen voice. That startled him. He saw a chance. And his inner self took control of this situation.
Hakuei saw it and tried to escape the hallway. Key word - tried.
He caught her with such easiness that she couldn't predict the next his action - a kiss. Simple kiss that escalated into fiery deep one. She couldn't shove him away and he was making her mind go white. Slowly, they separated themselves because of lack of breath.
After half a minute he broke the silence.
"You lecher…!"
"You're staying with me."
"What? No! I-"
"I wasn't asking. You are, whether you like it or not. In my chambers."
"I'm not one of your girls for entertainment, Sinbad," she hissed through her teeth. How stupid of her - she let herself fall for it! Of course he would think of her as a girl who will sleep with him for his post as a King of Sindria or High King of the Seven Seas. And she has to gather her last will of nobility and leave as soon as possible. She may be a princess, but still, she's a woman in the first place, healthy woman, and yes, a virgin. It doesn't mean anything in her place - she had Paimon, Djinn of maniacal love and chaos. There goes her innocence.
"I never said anything about entertainment, Hakuei," he purred. He purred as a cat, just with bass. She shivered.
She has to leave.
"You only think you didn't. Your actions spoke for themselves."
"Yours as well," he laughed a little.
"I don't think so. It could be your favourite djinn, Zepar," she brought the memory back.
He laughed again, this time let his head fall at her shoulder and he embraced her. "If you had Zepar planted into you, you would listen to every thing I would have said. Don't you think this was your free will?"
"My free will?" she snickered. "You forced yourself at me." She didn't mean to say it this hard, but she had to. Even though she liked it, - no way in hell she would admit it - she is a Prin- General.
He hardened his stare. "That's what you think?"
"…Yes, it is." She straightened up and tried to sound like it was really embarrassing.
"… Liar. And really bad one." He grinned. She puffed in anger and struggled against him, but it was no use. She may be a General but what can she do to 7-Dungeon Conqueror? It's like a kitten was fighting an adult lion. Stupid and ridiculous. "But so cute one." He straightened himself, but still held her.
"I'm not cute, I'm the General. I can't be cute. I'm a warrior." She said with challenging look.
"Oh, is that so? Then would you mind if I test it? You can choose between magic fight and normal."
She felt the chance to have Paimon back. Maybe if she somehow managed to leave Sindria earlier and secretly, she could have her Metal Vessel back.
"No, I wouldn't mind. I choose the magic one. With my Metal Vessel and Paimon. But I want a fair fight - I have only one Djinn, that's why I would be glad if you used just one as well."
"Very well, then… When and where?"
"You're pretty confident. How about tomo- no, better not, I promised Ja'far to help him and then I want to spend some time with my tribe. Hm… How about on Sunday? And somewhere, where are not people, I don't want to hurt anyone." Either she didn't notice his hand on her back or simply didn't mind. He hoped for the second option.
"Fine by me. I will choose the same as you - a wind djinn of mine, Focalor. A place? Your cousin Kougyoku fought me even here, in the palace."
"But here are many people. I think a little bit further from Sindria, on the wide sea. There is nobody to be hurt."
"Agreed then."
"Now, if you excuse me-" she tried, again, for the xyz-time to run away from him, but he was thinking otherwise.
"Didn't I say that you're staying here?" he arched one eyebrow.
"I remember I said yes, you are."
"Why so? Yesterday I managed to save myself easily," she countered.
"And today? I said 'Once again somebody tries to hurt you, you're going to my private quarters,', didn't I?" he circled his arms around her waist more tightly than before.
"I'm sorry, but I have to go-"
"Maids!" he called after them and they showed up within 10 seconds. "Gather all the things of General Ren Hakuei next to my chamber."
Her eyes were twice of their size. "No, just no! Stop it! Bring me my things back!" The maids looked torn. She turned to Sinbad. "Why? Do you think you can do whatever you want to do with me?!" she shoved him away from her.
"Yes, I do. And don't make me repeat myself."
"For you information, nobody tried to do anything to me, Sinbad, only if we're counting you as one of attackers."
"Oh, really? Am I? Very well, then prove it." He challenged her.
Hakuei glanced at the maids. They looked awkwardly anywhere but them. She turned back to Sinbad. And that douchebag was grinning. He got her pretty good.
Then she thought about it. He is known to be a player, so this should be good for her. "You kissed me against my will. Isn't it forcing yourself on me?"
"As a General, you should have defended yourself. With that, it only deepens my decision to keep you closer to me."
Say what? "I can defend myself just fine. Like this afternoon-"
"So somebody did attack you." He didn't ask, just stated. Right then she knew she'd be moving to him.
"No, they didn't. The gardener didn't see my scissors and accidentally brushed it over my hands. Nothing else."
"And now let's be serious. Maids, bring her here clothes, no objection."
"But I'm not wed to you, it's disgraceful to be so close-"
"Only if we slept in the same room and same bed. You're sleeping next to my room and Ja'far's, just in case somebody dared to come even here. You were on the other side of palace."
"It sounds like I'm the bad one - a thief or something."
"I'm sorry it sounds like it. It's for the safety."
"Well, I'm lucky to have Ja'far near me. Otherwise I would be not afraid of a burglar or killer, but you."
"You still don't believe me…"
"Old habits die hard."
"How come Ja'far is better than me?"
"I can feel the jealousy. But to answer your question - he's not a Lady-killer of the Seven Seas, for example." That struck him. She really didn't know about Ja'far's history, hopefully she wouldn't know, and she believed him more than him?
"I'm not jealous and I'm not a Lady-kil- I may be a little bit flirtatious towards the girls and women, but Lady-killer?"
She eyed him suspiciously. "If you haven't noticed, you tried to kiss me twice."
"The second time you were not protesting." He grinned. She caught a vase near her. "Not again!" he scowled. Another vase? Why? He knew the sharps bring luck, but so many times it's not a luck but catastrophe!
"Try to say it once again and I swear, Kougyoku would not be the only one to be the Kou Princess who was harassed by you." She said in silent but dangerous tone. He gulped.
"It's really late, shall we go to sleep? I'm so tired…" He stepped back from her. It was embarrassing when the young red-haired Princess and her … what was he? … The one with that strange name, he can't remember… when they pulled that thing. Fortunately, it was a lie. "And it was a lie, General Hakuei. I didn't do anything to her."
"Says you. I heard otherwise."
"Right now, please follow me."
"I'm going back to-"
"To your new chamber, I know." He caught her hand and dragged her with him.
"You just don't learn from your mistakes, right?"
"Why is it so?"
"You're brave when you think Hakuryuu won't be hearing this. It's my duty to serve Emperor and tell him everything what happened." She didn't pull off her hand, though.
"He won't. I might imprison you for spying on me."
"I hardly see you."
"You work with Ja'far. You have an access to important documents of my country. You should not do it or be anywhere near them."
"And here I thought it's just me not believing you. It goes for the both sides, I see."
"It's not like I don't believe you, Hakuei. But working on this high status might bring the bad things and rumours." He stopped in front of his chamber but didn't let go of her hand. Opening the door, she tried to slip away, but he was strong.
"King Sinbad, I'm feeling rather tired. Now, if you EXCUSE me, I'll be going to MY chamber." She tried to pry him off in a polite way. In her point of view, he was a little bit forceful. She still didn't trust him enough.
"King Sinbad! What are you doing?" Ja'far's voice was echoing through the hallway. Both Princess and King turned to face him, unheard irritated sigh fell out of King. Hakuei looked on the other hand relieved, because she might finally free herself from the High King and get time for herself.
"Ja'far, what is going on?" Sinbad tried to seem surprised, but fellow assassin didn't follow.
"Right now you will let Miss Hakuei go and let her get some sleep. " Then he turned to Hakuei. "My deepest apologise for this shameful King. Hopefully, this won't happen again." He bowed. The General looked surprised, but then felt little bit ashamed.
"General Ja'far, please, rise up. It's really nothing, I assure you." She walked to him, much to unseen Sinbad's displeasure.
"Miss Hakuei, I heard you're moving here."
"Ah, yes. King Sinbad thought my chambers were not so safe for me, that's why he moved me. I don't think it was necessary, though. I don't know where exactly, but-"
"Here." He showed her the door right next to him and opposite of Ja'far's. Assassin sent irritated look to King. He can't just let it go, right?
"There? I… Ehm.. Thank you, but isn't somebody living there already? I mean, other Generals or…"
"No, it's a guest room."
What a big lie. It was another his chamber he had just for himself, the one he was leading her to, was the one he was sharing with his dancers or concubines. He either wanted to visit her at night or… He didn't want to think about it. It's really late.
Hakuei didn't have a chance. "Very well, then. Good night," she wished them and closed the door behind her. Ja'far was already beaten from the work his King was abandoning and telling him their little incident would only worsen it. She decided to let it go, forget about it and maybe survive the whole time on this island. Near the perverted King. And stay innocent. Yes, she will.
Few seconds later the maids brought her clothes, both Sindrian and Kou. Both King and his General weren't there.

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