4.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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The door closed.
Hakuei sat at the bed with a loud "thud" after their little encounter. She was angry.
"How dare he-!" she fumed. How dare he come here?! How dare he try to force her into living near him?! No way in HELL she's going to share her privacy with that… that womanizer! How come he knew about that attacker before her? Does he spy on her or what?
Suddenly, her djinn, Paimon, showed herself fully, not with that smoke under her waist.
My queen, what is going on?
Hakuei was shocked. "Paimon? What is it? How come you're here? Every Metal Vessel is locked up who knows where."
You're restless. It's only natural for me to care about my queen. After all, I love you~! Paimon was about to hug her but Hakuei stopped her.
"Paimon, it's not a time for your jokes. How did you do it, that you're here?"
It's a little trick. Tell me, what's going on? The djinn sat in front of her.
"That King is going on." She hung her head.
Hah?! Does he want to steal you away from me?! No way! That put her right on her feet.
"Calm down, Paimon. He doesn't and he won't. It's just… He's so... impudent! He dares to come here in the night!"
He what?! The djinn was infuriated. I'm gonna tell him piece of my mind! She turned to the door to really tell the King a piece of her mind, but Hakuei stopped her.
"Paimon, listen. Just listen. He actually saved me, but it's still… Gah!" she ruffled her hair. "I can save myself! I don't need a babysitter behind my back to watch over me! And how he could know about that man?!"
There was another one?! Are you cheating on me?! Paimon was shocked. What happened!
"What? NO, I'm not cheating on anybody! Argh! Just listen, without interrupting me. I was in the bathroom to change my clothes and to wash myself. I heard few voices so I stepped into the room. There was Sinbad and that… attacker or whoever he was. The man started throwing knifes in my direction and Sinbad defended me. In that time I found those plants from Tenzan Plateau, the paralyzing ones, and lit the lantern, threw the plants into the fire and smashed the lantern. But I could do it alone!"
Paimon was quiet for a moment. …You know, my queen, hearing that, you couldn't do it alone; you wouldn't have had enough time. This time I have to take Sinbad's side. You could've been hurt. What if the King wasn't here in time? That man would hide here and you could've been killed!
Hakuei grunted, defeated. Her own djinn is favouring Sinbad over her. That much to her jealousy. "On which side are you?"
Yours. But I'm really worried about your security. I couldn't do anything in your home country, because you were too far away and now I've got few minutes left. I've… watched him while you weren't here, to see what kind of human is he. I… trust him, little bit I'm worried about what's going on in his head and the way he treats women, but until now he hasn't done here anything bad.
"I don't trust him. I'm scared of him." She confessed quietly. "It's something… wrong with him, something dark. That scares me." Her djinn hugged her.
If you're going to stay here, then I will visit you as often as possible. I have one minute left; this is maximum of time I can be here now. I believe him with you and that is not something you hear from me often. Your men help you, too, but please, if possible, stay close to him. Those attackers are afraid of him, this one was just stupid. Please, he will protect you when I'm not around. Goodbye for now, my Queen~, She disappeared. Hakuei sighed. 'If you believe him… I'll try.' She thought for herself.
"Ja'far! Where is guard keeping the intruder?!" called Sinbad after fellow assassin. He just left Hakuei's chamber in a… let's say it is annoyance. She may be Princess-General of Kou, but here is his territory, his country and his palace. He commands here. She's just a guest.
"In prison, where else, my king?" said Ja'far in ironic voice. Sin shot him with dark glare.
"Guards will tell you, I'm not watching over them. I look after YOUR work."
Sinbad growled. "Fine, let it go. Come with me."
"You're not going to … ask him few bad questions, right?"
"What bad questions?" He was lost.
"You don't intend to torture him, do you?" He put it straight.
"No, we've never done it before, why now? And if he's not going to spill it, then you're here." Ja'far looked at him with disgusted face.
"I'm not torturing him."
"Who said you will? Just give him your scary face and he'll say everything."
"Really? I don't think so, because it's not working on you. Otherwise you'd be in your office and signing last paper."
They stepped into a prison which wasn't even used. Everybody knew the rules, instead of throwing them into some cold cage they threw them out of the country.
"Where is that man?"
"What man, Your Majesty?"
"We have only one man here right now, don't we? Tell me where is he." He was more than annoyed.
"At the end of the prison, Sir." He saluted.
"Thanks." The King mumbled and walked into the darker corridors. The light wasn't needed her while nobody except one man from guard sometimes was here, so nothing was nearly seen.
With Ja'far, who somehow got the torch with fire, they turned right and saw the end of the prison. They walked up to a cell and ordered the guard to let him in.
The man didn't move. He was wearing the same, except the mask on his face, or scarf. Sinbad stepped closer to the intruder and kneeled down.
"We met few minutes before and I believe I didn't hear the answer, so I ask again - who are you?" He asked with serious voice as his eyes bored into the attacker's. The prisoner remained quiet.
"Look, I don't want to kill you or hurt you badly, but if you're not going to cooperate, you'll regret not telling me."
Prisoner wasn't even showing the interest of telling anything. Sin waited, scanning the intruder, then he lost his patience. He shoved his sword into his side, and that woke the prisoner enough to make a sound.
"And here I thought you're mute. Now, feel like talking?" he smiled. He felt his dark side move in him, calling to him to torture the man more roughly.
The prisoner stayed quiet, so Sinbad answered the call of his depravity and dig his sword into man's stomach.
"And now?" Stubborn attacker glared at him. Right now he knew this won't do anything. "My patience is big, but right now is as thin as string. This is the last warning; say something and I won't kill you or torture you more, till your death." The King said with a sword under man's chin. He looked at Sin with disgust, but finally answered.
"She betrayed us and betrayers will be eliminated! Emperor Kouen will come-"
"I don't want to burst your bubble but Kouen is dead." He revealed the information to him. "Emperor Hakuryuu sentenced him to death, and I saw it with my own eyes." He wasn't lying, Kouen was dead in papers, just not in person; he lived on an island that belonged to Kou.
Attacker looked broken. "Y-you're lying!"
"If I was lying, he would contact you, or not?"
"N-No! You filthy liar! He lives, everybody says he lives!"
"Yeah, maybe two months ago he lived, but now... hardly. And tell me, why do you want to kill Princess Hakuei? She did nothing wrong, just protected her brother."
"She betrayed the King and helped the other one, doesn't matter, who it was. She swore loyalty to this one. And she betrayed us. She must be killed, eliminated…And I… I will kill her!" he hissed through clenched teeth.
"Wow, what a bloodlust. But unfortunately, you won't kill her, nor your followers. She is protected by me and my country and anybody who tries to do something bad to her, will be - your favourite word - ELIMINATED by me, personally. For now I let you rest, you will have to apologise to her tomorrow." He winked.
Prisoner growled. "I rather die than to apologise to that bitch! For me, she's just like her whore mother - when she saw King Kouen's interest in my sister, she turned her back to him and flew to you. No brother, she saw she has no chance with him! Just like a bitch she came here, she disgusts me. And we'll do anything to make her pay for it!"
"Yes, we. Did you think it's just me who hated her? No, at least half of the nation. And we despise this fake treatment, Seven Seas Alliance. She will be dead, even if she's under your care. We have the best assassins and they won't stop until they do what they're paid for - Hakuei's head on silver plate." He laughed madly. Sin remained calm, but his smile fell into serious face somewhere in the middle of this conversation. These people were naïve and mad. To think this man would kill her for such a petty reason was laughable. Other his followers would only think of her betrayal as well, just without this theatre of slave in forbidden love with a king.
"Hm… Interesting idea. But can I ask you one question? What would you do, if a man, you are friend with, starts hurting your sister with his troupe?"
"Call my friends and kick his ass," he answered as 5-year old child would.
"She did the same. Her brother versus her cousin, of course she would help her brother who was at blink of his powers! She needed his allies to come kick Kouen's ass, and me as one of his allies and leader of them, she came to me. Obviously, you don't understand, nor your group of followers of dead prince." He was about to leave the cell but turned around to tell him something.
"And one thing - stop chasing after Hakuei or I will hunt you down. Every one of you, personally see you off to the other side. I'm sure your partners heard this whole conversation through that magic item under your clothes." Sin ended and left the prison. This man won't survive through the night; either injury or coldness would do it. And sure as hell he won't help him - attempt to assassination was good reason for it.
"Sinbad, are you okay?" asked worried Ja'far.
"Yes, why?"
"You were scaring me with your practices."
"You were the same."
"I was an assassin, you are a king. Half-fallen king, to be added, do you want to fall completely?!"
"Don't worry; I know what I'm doing. No need to babysit me."
"I'm sorry, my king."
It was unusual for Ja'far to listen to him without making some remarks, but he let it go. After all, today was a busy day, for everybody.
The next day, out of boredom, Hakuei asked Ja'far to help him with his work. At first, he was against it, she is a princess, she shouldn't be doing it, but after half an hour of persuading him he let her. And he did the right thing - his work disappeared quickly and around noon he had most of it done, so he had time to have lunch with everybody in the dining room. The Generals and the King were surprised with him and Hakuei, but didn't comment it. After the lunch Ja'far stopped Hakuei.
"Hakuei-dono, you don't have to come with me, you already helped me enough."
"Don't worry, I really don't mind. I don't have anything to do and I'll be only a burden. So-"
Ja'far smiled genuinely, "I mean it. Go rest, I'll have it done within three hours max."
Hakuei thought for a little while. "No, I'm not tired. And I want to work or else I would go crazy here."
"Fine, but let's make a deal. You'll help me with work till noon and then you go rest. You may visit another general or go for a walk. You're a guest here, this is something I shouldn't be-"
"I'm okay with it and thank you." She smiled at him. Ja'far excused himself to go to his office, but Hakuei stopped him.
"May I at least today go to the gardens and help the gardener? I love gardening, along with sewing."
Ja'far choked on his saliva. "Ha? Oh, yes, you can, but don't overwork yourself; this should be your holiday."
"Thank you, General Ja'far! I appreciate it."
"You're welcome," he waved and went to his office where his King awaited him.
"Were you talking to Miss Hakuei?"
"Yes, Sin, why?"
"I'm just curious. What did you talk about, if it isn't secret?"
Ja'far sighed. Purple-haired man simply didn't know he's somehow jealous over her. "Really Sin? You're acting like her-" He shut it when King gave him dark look. "I mean, she was asking me if she could work here with me. I agreed, because she would be convincing me whole afternoon. Now we just agreed on working till noon, and now I think she's in the garden. I hope she really didn't mean that about working with gardener…" he sighed again. Sin's jaw was on the ground, if not underneath it.
"She what? You WHAT?!" Sin screamed. "Are you fucking kidding' me, Ja'far? You let her WORK?!" he growled. "She saw important Sindrian documents and you've done nothing against it? What?!"
He couldn't believe it. The person he thought is the most reliable about information, duty or simple things like cleaning, gave into a woman from enemy country and let her work with him?!
"What? You're overreacting, Sinbad. She is really polite and hardworking woman, reliable and I was watching over her in case she would do something over the line. You think I'm stupid or what?"
"No, not stupid, but this is just definitely the dumbest thing you ever have done! You know what the consequences are?"
"For now there are no consequences because I know what I'm doing. And she's really helping me, unlike you and your ditching! From what I've seen, she doesn't look like backstabbing person and I know what I'm talking about, my King," he hissed the last words and sat behind his table with the paperwork. He's glad he hadn't shown Hakuei other three stack of paper under his table, because she would immediately come here and do them with him. He's already feeling bad because of the working under him and now when Sinbad had scolded him like a 5-year old child, he's feeling worse. He didn't pay attention to her because he had to fill in the documents and papers, which had his full attention but he didn't have that kind vibe of her.
The door to his office closed and that meant Sinbad war pretty angry over him.

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