3.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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Unknown to her, Sinbad was listening to the previous conversation. Now he was really ashamed of himself. How could he be so naïve and fall for Sharrkan's teasing? How old is he, 10?
But what really got him was the last thing she said. 'I'm a warrior, not a princess.' What did she mean by that? It's obvious she's princess before warrior. Her manners are lady-like; she's kind and caring, strong willed, pretty and… someone like Serendine. Before she died-
He didn't want to think about it. It brought the pain of his past back now, when everything was going on the right path. There will be united world, again, peaceful, without wars and battles, cries and mourning, without evil, without Al-Thamen. Right now is not the time to think about anything else than this, not about woman who could be-
Stop it, brain! Think about work!
What is it, Sinbad?The voice in his head asked. David.
I'm sure it's something, he said in calm tone. Sin could feel him smiling.
It's nothing and stop reading my mind!
It's not my fault. I can't help it, he laughed. But let me get this straight - if you let me, you would get the world unification AND a wife. A pretty wife. David saw the chance. If only Sin would ccoperate.
Stop it, David, I like to be myself. And I don't want any wife. I'm good.
You only think it. But I can see the way you secretly look at women and children. I. Can. See. It. He was taunting him, to let him fully possess his body to achieve his dream. But he will not.
Says you. I only care about world without war.
Hahahaha~, you're funny. Really funny. But what about the future? WHO will lead Sindria once you're dead?
My generals.
Are you sure? Because I don't think so. But if you only care about work and Al Thamen, let me tell you one thing. You thought you all had killed 'The Witch'? Do you think she can be killed that easily? Arba was Gyokuen, but she can easily possess anybody from her bloodline. Her first and second sons were 'accidentally' killed in fire because they were born when she didn't possess body of fellow Empress. Hakuryuu is already off of it because of Kouen's limbs, mixed Magoi is flowing through his body, but what about-
You can't think-! NO, it cannot be! Sinbad screamed in his mind.
Yes, it is. Hakuei is on the bat. She's looking for her-
Sinbad threw everything off of his table with one hand. It wasn't possible, Hakuryuu killed her with Judal! David wasn't answering anymore, so he didn't know about a secret smile on his face. Sin looked in the garden under his window.
"Sinbad, what has happened?!" Ja'far threw through the door.
"Nothing," calmed down Sin.
"Sure, nothing, that's why the work flew off of the table," he said in I-believe-you tone.
"I just got angry because of so much work."
"Bullshit." Ja'far wasn't buying it. It was written all over his face and it has to be something important, otherwise these documents wouldn't be flying all over the office.
"It's not."
"Tell me."
"Stop being a kid, Sin. Something's eating you inside."
"It's nothing. Get back to work," he said still with his back to him. Ja'far still didn't believe him, but choose not to dwell in it.
"As you wish, my king," he excused himself and left. After few seconds Sinbad called out his djinns.
"Look after the Princess, the Witch may take over her."
After the dinner Hakuei was walking to the room they prepared for her. Replaying her crazy day in the liveliest country, she didn't notice Sinbad behind her. He was walking like a cat, quietly and elegantly. She was about to open the door when he asked her, his voice too close to her ear: "Do you have time, General Hakuei?"
"Ah!" she shrieked and turned around with smaller dagger in her hands. Sinbad was way too close to her. "Don't scare me like that again! I could've hurt you!" she was breathing deeply at first, but calmed down quickly and hid her dagger under her belt. Sin followed the trail of it. "Yes, I have. Is something wrong?"
"No, I just wanted to know … few things." He said as he gave her the letter he'd received from Kou. She read it quickly.
"Sorry for my impoliteness, King Sinbad. I would like to tell you about it in more… private place."
"Yes, of course," he opened the door of her room and let her step first, closing the door behind him. She stood in front of the bed with white and lavender sheets. "Please, start."
"When I was at Rakushou, some of Kouen's followers were really startled with my betrayal to help my brother and at first they sent me some letters, few smaller threats, but three and half months ago it rose into assassinations and attempts to kill me. Not once or twice, many times. My brother was afraid of my security in the Capitol. I thought I would be sent back to Tenzan plateau, my men would surely protect me, but brother wasn't so convinced and asked for your help."
Sinbad was listening closely. His first thought was she's going here because of a treaty between Kou and Sindria or something alike, political things in general. Not that she would be attacked. In the Capital. In her room. This situation wasn't something to be taken lightly. Hakuryuu surely believed him for entrusting his sister. "Is there anything else? I have a feeling there is."
"Just a petty thing. It's just my problem."
"You could say that these assassinations were your problem as well." He stated and she was about to glare at him, but hid her emotions. "Your brother is worried about you and if it's something dangerous like this, I will gladly help."
Hakuei thought about if she will tell him, but decided against it. "Nothing else. Do you have some questions?" she asked with smile.
"Yes. How many attempts were there?"
"To be precise, ten of what I know." It surprised him she is still calm after those incidents.
"Did something happen on the way here?"
"Not anything I and my men couldn't handle." Hakuei was not some kind of weepy little princess who has to be babysat.
"Do you have the slightest idea who can be the attacker?"
"No. Many liked Kouen's idea of world. And please, do not accuse any of my cousins, they wouldn't do it."
"Hm… Thank you. I can see the situation is serious." He stepped closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "I can assure you here, in Sindria, you're safe. If anybody dares to lay a hand on you or your men, I will immediately take care of them." He smiled with his lady-killer smile, but his eyes were serious ones. He really meant it. The ocean blue bore into pure golden eyes. For few seconds there was a silence. Then Hakuei decided to break it because she was losing herself.
"Thank you, King Sinbad, I really appreciate it," she bowed lightly in Kou style. The King may have changed from their little meeting in Kou to better. Unknown to her, the said King thought the same.
"You're welcome. And now, rest, I'm sure you had had a long journey to make." He turned around and left the room.
As he walked through the open hallway, David spoke. Hm… Somebody is after the princess? Tell me something I didn't know! He laughed. Every royalty has adversaries who want them dead.
It is something bad if Hakuryuu sent her here. He's the Emperor; he could've taken care of it.
You're starting to defend him. Not few hours ago you were nearly ready to explode.
I wasn't just expecting it that soon.
As Ja'far says, do your work.
Shut up, will you?
I will if you let me-
Gah… Hard to crack.
Still thinking about overpowering me?
Won't work.
I know. But to let you know, I noticed strange shadow; southwest, around 30 meters.
Sinbad slowly looked there. The strange shadow was definitely a human, maybe a man, in black clothes, looking over the window of Hakuei's room. That sent Sinbad on alert.
Slowly, he stepped off of the hallway behind the bush and sneaked behind the said man. The stranger was walking carefully in the shadows of trees, right underneath the Hakuei's chamber. Then he threw a rope with a hook at the end of it. The black-clothed man started to climb to the window. Sinbad was sure she wasn't asleep because he left her not 5 minutes ago.
Who could it be? He was sure the prin- ehm, General could handle it herself, but he couldn't shake off the feeling to protect her. The stranger finally climbed up to window and looked into the room and then around himself and at the garden beneath him. Sin hid himself good enough to see the man but not be seen by him. The man stepped into the room. Sinbad acted immediately, climbed up the rope and jumped into the room. Hakuei was probably in the bathroom because the man was right behind the door of it.
"Well, well, what do we have here?" asked Sinbad with a little laugh. "An attacker? A thief? A secret lover?" Black-clothed man prepared his weapon - black dagger with golden ornaments, something was leaking from the blade. Probably poison. "Definitely not the lover." Sin hummed.
Man rushed to the King, hoping to give him surprise attack, but it didn't work. Sin noticed it could be a beginner, the way he was trying to stab him was desperate, not precise like professionals.
"I never thought somebody would dare to even think about something like that - stepping into my country, my palace, to hurt somebody close to me. Now tell me, stranger," Sin walked closer to him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Stranger was either stupid or too courageous to attack him again. The King swerved the dagger easily. Just then Hakuei entered the room in white thin strap nightgown.
"What is going on?" she asked, closing the bathroom door. Stranger noticed her and threw her way smaller knife that Hakuei barely dodged. It incensed Sinbad.
"Enough!" said Sinbad calmly and quietly, but dangerously. Black-clothed man looked back at him and threw the poisoned knifes, main dagger still in his hands. One smaller knife cut the cheek of the King, he barely noticed it. The stranger visibly smiled through the black scarf that hid his face from neck to middle of nose and continued throwing knifes his way, forgetting dark-haired woman.
Meanwhile Hakuei crumpled to her night table. She drew a bag with her belongings and got one little bag. She lit one kerosene lamp and stepped to Sinbad with something in her other hand. She whispered to him, "Hold your breath," and when the stranger ran to them, she threw the grass she had in her hand into the fire and smashed the lamp right in front of attacker. The smoke of the grass quickly rose to stranger's nose and suddenly his legs abandoned him and he fell to the ground. Hakuei moved to the door to hallway and called the guard that was already alarmed by the noise coming from her room. The guards secured the limp man.
"I told you I will personally take care of them," said Sinbad wiping the blood from his cheek. Hakuei said nothing; instead she gave him a handkerchief. "What was that grass you threw in that lamp?"
"Paralysing plants, the Kouga girls taught me few non-sword-fighting tricks." She smiled.
"Still, he could have hurt you." He glared at the door. "General Hakuei, from now on, you will be put into my personal quarters seeing the fact that those … followers have the courage to attack you in my country. I want to keep an eye on you during your stay here." Hakuei wanted to protest, but Sinbad cut her off, "Your brother would do the same, and as I want to keep good bonds with Kou Empire, I do not wish for you to get hurt in my country."
"Thank you, but as you saw, I can defend myself just fine. If anything, I can call for my men to help me. Moving me to your quarters would cause more trouble." Hakuei tried to persuade him, not wanting to be near him. Not that she hated him or anything, he… scared her, to be truthful. Something about him scares her and she doesn't know why.
Sinbad looked at her with folded arms at his chest. "I know you can. I'm not underestimating you; they are just precautions to prevent any more situations like this."
"What if there will be more serious situations in your quarters?"
That woman just can't agree! "I don't think they will be, you can be sure. Masrur will hear if somebody dared to sneak into the chambers."
"My men will too." Through forced smile she hoped she doesn't have to go there. He could "visit" her anytime he wanted if he was so close - on accident or not.
He turned his body fully to her, hovering over her. "As you wish, General." He backed down in that, whether he liked it or not. She was a proud royal woman of another country and forcing her into this would only throw bad light upon him. "But one more time they try to do something like this, and be sure you're moving in." He said before he turned away from her and left.


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