2.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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They started walking around Sindria, guards taking her luggage (with a few clothes, she hoped she didn't have to stay here for longer time than two weeks). First to introduce was Ja'far, who was then taking Sinbad to his work (Maybe she just imagined it, but did the King sighed from relief?), next then Masrur, Sharrkan, Yamuraiha, Pisti, Hinahoho, Spartos and Drakon with his wife. She found herself with girls in cute café, men went back to palace.
"Princess Hakuei? Can I ask you question?" started Yamu.
"Sure, but without that princess, I'm far from that. You can call me Hakuei; I really don't mind the formality."
"Okay, how do you like Sindria?" she started innocently.
"It's a really beautiful country, although I'm here for 10 minutes. I can see why some people call it paradise," she smiled as she drank her drink. It was hot here, so non-alcoholic mojito wouldn't hurt. And her dress will have to stay in her closet, one layer is too much, not to mention she had more.
"Do you like King Sinbad?" asked Pisti.
"Hm… At first I didn't like him, because of what happened in Magnostadt after the battle with Medium, but now I'm thankful he helped my brother," she answered honestly. It's not like her to lie about something or somebody. She just hid the fact she still didn't like him, but they don't have to know about it.
"What do you think of him, as a man?" Pisti asked again, big hopeful smile resting on her face.
"Hm… He's handsome. But so are other men," definitely not the answer Pisti hoped for.
"Pisti, stop it. Don't you think it's impolite?" Yamu scolded Pisti.
"It's all right, I don't mind. It's not a secret, he is handsome." Hakuei smiled. Pisti threw at Yamu victory smile. "In Sindria it's so hot, do you mind helping me choosing some lighter dresses? I have few with me, but I think I would melt in them," she asked girls. Pisti squealed and Yamu just smiled.
"Follow me! I know the best shops in this town!" Pisti got up.
"I really think she's just 10 years old…" Yamu muttered. Hakuei laughed. "I hope she didn't scare you."
"Why? She's happy and I personally I think I need someone who is into fashion, like you two, because I'm rather poor excuse of princess. I don't like when people call me like that, I a-… I was a warrior, a general, in the first place, not a princess. And I'm not ashamed of it, or of my scars." Hakuei spoke as she walked with Yamu right behind Pisti.
"I don't agree with that excuse. When Aladdin told me about one pretty girl he met at his journey, he spoke of you as of somebody great. And it is Aladdin, he can't lie," Yamu smiled.
'Maybe this stay won't be so bad,' thought Hakuei.
"And you didn't fall for Sinbad's charm, that's something," she snickered.
Hakuei didn't want to tell her that there's something wrong with Sinbad. She didn't know what but the feeling she gets around him whenever she sees him. No, it's not love or crush, not anything romantic, it's more like…. He had his other, dark, persona that he didn't show anybody. Dark secrets surrounded him like clouds before the storm. Not a pleasant or safe feeling.
"Look, were here!" Pisti dragged her into smaller shop, which had really pretty dresses. Hakuei, or rather Pisti, had chosen three white with pink or purple flowers, the other one baby blue with white and dark blue pattern and the last one was, Hakuei didn't know about this dress, because Pisti bought it for here behind her back, white and lavender with golden patterns. Pisti knew that it wouldn't take long before her King will fall for the beauty here. Just to make her stay for as long as possible and maybe the little Sindrian princes will run around the palace within a year. She was sure. Her plan had never failed.
Okay, it had. Once.
Don't look like that!
Fine, it was many times, happy?! But now she is so sure it will work out, she's sure Yamu will help! …. Maybe.
*Sitri is also one of demons that might be used as djin in Magi(from Lesser Solomon's Key, there are all demons/djins), I think 12th Dungeon it is or would be in Magi; "It is said that he can make both men and women fall in love, but I believe it would be more accurate to say that he can make any man or woman lust after one another. One of his trademark powers is that he can influence people to bare themselves naked and uses this power primarily on women. He can also make people (again, usually women) bare their secrets."*
*Meanwhile in Sinbad's office*
"Tell me to never agree with doing work willingly with you. It's never ending story!" complained Sinbad. "How can you do it all the time?! It's beautiful-"
"Don't you DARE to start with beautiful sunny day, Sinbad. You asked for it. Didn't want to share time with Princess because of I-don't-know-what and rather take care of these papers and documents… I should be proud of you, but seeing you non-stop complaining and grumbling, I really want to do it all alone." Ja'far hissed.
"But! You saw her! She's-"
"Nice and polite, something you should work on."
"Ha-ha, funny, that's not something I meant. Rather-"
"Pretty AND with a great body?" added Sharrkan behind his back.
"When did you get in?! And no, she's not!" he exclaimed. Sharrkan laughed on the window when he saw Sinbad's reaction.
"You don't think she's pretty? You of all people? You, who said he likes every kind of women?"
"She may be pretty and everything but in Kou she was too proud-"
"Are you sure? Just because she didn't fall for you back then and knew who you really are?" Ja'far arched his eyebrow.
"What do you mean?" he narrowed his eyes.
"She saw right through you, you have to give it to her," said Ja'far. Sinbad didn't know what to say.
"Not only that, but she looks gorgeous," dreamed Sharrkan, just to make Sin angry. He LOVED to make fun of people. "Have you seen her body? It's great!"
"Well, she does look good, but what about it?" Sin seemed unaffected, but he will show his true colours. He just has to push the right buttons once or twice…
"I mean it, she's really cute. Right now she's with girls shopping or whatever they do when they're alone-"Sharrkan waved, but noticed Sin's face expression on 'whatever they do…'. Pervert. "And when they come back, most likely in few days they will have girl night, you know, pillow fights, sleeping next to each other… Then Maharajan, few men will notice her and try to seduce her - You should get laid soon or it won't end up well. AND since you obviously like the Princess-" He made a face, but his inner self chafed hands. Sinbad doesn't like this -unrealistic- idea, he got him! Hakuei was somebody his King would appreciate to have.
"What do you mean…?" Sins face darkened. "I do not like her, why are you still implying I do?"
"Well, she's beautiful, and the way you looked at her before, what else you would expect?" he recalled her arrival and when he was with him in Kou.
It was only Sinbad, Ja'far, Yamu and him, representing his country as well as Yamu. After one evening, their King would always look at Princess when she actually showed herself. Or when they saw her with her household, Koga clan; women, kids, men, no difference; she would laugh with them, play with kids. His face would soften, as Yamu had said when they hadn't fought each other because they were tired of the fellow fight. 'Like she was his wife, with their children,' she said. 'My father looked at me like that; I can see lovers and families look at each other like this. The King may not be aware of it, but she charmed him, not the other way around.'
"Every man would think of her in that way if he saw her, like would she look like in bed? Hm…" he said with creepy face, trying to act as he really imagined it. "You see, I, or any other man here, still have at least minimal chance with her, you… lost your chance to be even friends with her. I can be her boyfriend or even a lover-" Sin prepared his Metal Vessel, angry more at him, furious even. Ja'far was hiding his laugh behind the documents. He never thought Sin would react to Sharrkan's teasing so badly, as if he was jealous.
"Shut up, Sharrkan… I warn you…" The purple-haired man hadn't caught the teasing, but the serious thing. As Sharrkan would really snatch the Princess away. Not that he was jealous or anything - she was a princess, being lover meant to be in marriage with her and Sharrkan is just like him - a playboy. He would get her drunk and use her - no, he won't have it…
"Oh, jealous? Why? I thought you said you don't like her. That just means I can have her-" Sharrkan started with false hope in his eyes, but Sinbad stood from his chair.
"What, what, what? Don't like the idea? You have to care for her deeply then, you would let me otherwise." He provoked. Maybe not the best idea.
"Run, you shit," growled Sin.
"Everybody fights when they want to hide the truth-" stated Sharrkan with his shit-eating grin and ran away through the window, not daring to face Sinbad's wrath.
"Sharrkan?" heard Yamu. Then she saw lightning bolts around palace.
"What, dreaming about him?" Pisti grinned evilly.
"No, I just heard Sinbad yelling it," stated Yamu.
"Sure, sure~," waved Pisti.
"Really!" she puffed her cheeks.
"But I heard it too," saved her Hakuei. "What did he do?"
"Probably messed with Sinbad and he got mad," said Yamu.
They walked through the main gate and saw the said man running through the garden and past them. Following him was Sinbad with furious face and behind him pissed-off Ja'far trying to prevent the catastrophe and Masrur, secretly hoping they won't destroy anything and he won't have to save people from falling buildings. They ran past them, not even registering them.
"I heard right, Sin is angry at him. Let's find out how it ends!" Yamu took Hakuei's and Pisti's hand and followed them on her staff. Pisti called her pet to carry her and Hakuei, since the staff wasn't that big. They flew after them, Sin throwing lightenings after Sharrkan who barely dodged, Ja'far was preparing for tying the head of Sindria down with his red strings just to save citizens. Masrur made sure nobody was hurt.
"What's going on down there? Is Sinbad really trying to kill him?" asked Yamu.
"Is this really Sinbad?" asked Hakuei.
"No, no, of course not, just… that idiot down there likes to anger people and this time, since I wasn't around, he just had to make Sinbad angry." She pointed out on Sharrkan.
"Oh, hey, Metal Vessels are forbidden, right? Why Sinbad has it?" Hakuei was suspicious. King isn't following his own rules…
"Huh? Ah, well, I don't know, all are locked up, as what I know of," said Yamu puzzled. Another lightening cut the island. Next thing they knew was Sinbad in ropes, the same fate went for Sharrkan, Ja'far was really angry as he dragged them and Masrur was behind them, unaffected by that.
Yamu got off the staff. "What happened?"
"Sin overreacted," said Sharrkan.
"Says you," growled Sin. "And let me out of these things, Ja'far!"
"No way in hell, you're going to kill him and for nothing," said fellow assassin.
"I'm not and let me out! I order you, as a King!"
Ja'far looked at him with his dangerous eyes. "If you haven't noticed, you would nearly destroy your own country for Sharrkan's teasing."
"I… Ehm… It wasn't teasing, from what I saw."
Sharrkan let out quiet but devious laugh. He got him where he wanted. Sinbad couldn't forget about her. And he made him always jealous about her when she talked to Kouga boy. From that little incident in Kou when they were there because of Hakuryuu, Sin always wanted to talk to Hakuei, something about the deal with Emperor, and once he had luck, but ended up worse than bad. He was actually pretty surprised that Hakuei didn't kick him out of Kou after that or tell Hakuryuu. And even agreed to come here?
"You're just easy to break, Sin," said Sharrkan. Sin shot him with deadly look.
"You and I are going to have a talk."
"Yes, mother," teased him Shar. Yamu hit him with her staff.
"Idiot swordsman, what did you do this time?!"
"Shut up, stupid magician, why are you even here?"
"We saw lightening and King chasing after you, though, finally somebody understood what kind of idiot-"
"Yamuraiha, Sharrkan, shut it. Let's go to palace, this time without those special effects," Ja'far shot Sin with dark look.
Hakuei just stared at this comedy. She has to survive here another month -or so-, will she be able to do it? Or maybe call brother to get her out of here?
"Miss Hakuei? What is going on?" asked Masrur. The only one who was able to notice sudden change of behaviour in her through her mask of smiling girl.
"Oh, nothing. It's just… quite lively here." She answered, hoping it was enough for him to let it go.
"Hm…" He wasn't persuaded with it but asked nothing after.
"But Ja'far, it's embarrassing, what would girls think of me?" started Sharrkan.
"You had to think of it sooner before you pissed Sin off," came out reply.
"Come on, Ja'far… I will not make any inappropriate thing."
"Uhm, sure," He unaffected continued to walk through the gate.
"Shut it, baldy, you asked for it. Shame I don't have anything to make a picture you in ropes," Yamu came to him flying on her staff.
"Shut up, bitch," he growled.
"It's a witch, old man, or better, a magician," she corrected him.
"Don't you have anything better to do?!"
"Well, maybe, but it would be such a waste to not be able to see you helpless," she teased. Oh, how she loved it right now!
"Listen up-"
"No, you listen up, if you don't cut it out right now, I swear, I will make your life a living hell," stopped them Ja'far.
"Does it happen often?" Hakuei asked Pisti, as they were walking behind them.
"Well, what exactly?" Oh, so there were more situations like this? "Sin ditching his work or being chased by Ja'far or common teasing of Sharrkan?"
"Ehm... All of it?"
"Yes, nearly always but only inside of palace ground… Okay, once in a time it is outside of palace, but only because of Maharajan." Sure they were talkative about their king.
"What is that Maharajan?"
"It's a festival; when Sindria is being attacked by a sea monster, few of us, generals, go kill it. It's a lot of meat, so we make a big party and invite whole island!" she laughed. "Do you have in Kou festivals?"
"Yes, of course, just the traditional ones, such as New Year, weddings or birth of new Emperor's heir."
"Not much… Here is more fun. Would you like to live here?"
"I don't know, I'm here for one day, few hours to be precise. And I like Kou, more parties I have with Kouga clan."
"The ones Aladdin told us about? Wait, those are the ones who came with you here?"
"Ah, yes. Every one of them is my- or were my Household Vessels. They are good people." She sighed.
They stayed quiet for few seconds. Then Pisti asked. "Hey, Kou is quite traditional country, right?"
"Yes, why?"
"I don't want to dig in it but… Were you engaged with somebody? As the first princess, I mean… Don't mind it."
"Oh, no, I wasn't. It was because I was at first General, then Princess, our country had other Princesses to be wed for alliance. I wasn't interested in that. Never have been, not even now I am."
"I'm sure you had a lot of suitors, you're really pretty," genuine as Pisti was, were her remarks.
"Hm… Not really. Maybe one or two, but I refused them," she thought about what kind of game was Pisti playing at her. Her innocent questions weren't as innocent as she maybe thought. It wasn't bothering her, no, not that; though, it was a little bit rude.
Pisti looked like she was thinking about something. "Would you refuse them even now?" she asked.
"What do you mean by that?" Hakuei was not offended, just wanted to know.
"The suitors. Would you refuse them if they asked again? Doesn't have to be the one from your past, but if somebody showed up?"
Ei thought about it before answering. She hadn't even thought about marring somebody because of her status as General of Kou, not to mention her scars that wouldn't be the best view for her husband. "I don't know. I really don't know. I mean, I'm a warrior, not a princess," They went to garden, just the two of them. "And men want women just to be at home and do the things they supposed to do, nothing else. No learning new things, not fighting, not… swimming or whatever else. Just cleaning, cooking, sewing, bearing children and other things. I don't think I would be a good wife." Hakuei sat down.
"Why do you think men want just these kinds of women? No, as what I know of, not every."
"Those I would have to marry were like this, maybe that's why I rather let my cousins marry them. Being a doll isn't for me." Pisti wanted to change the topic, seeing how personal the questions were, but Yamuraiha stepped in.
"Hey, I thought I won't find you… Pisti, you should see it NOW!" Yamu looked excited.
"Huh?" Pisti didn't get it. Yamu just grinned, evilly. Oh-oh. Pisti shot off to see it herself.
"What is going on?"
"Nothing, just Ja'far is scolding both idiots and now Sinbad's shouting at baldy swordsman. They kicked me out, let's see what they do about Pisti," Yamu said in matter of nothing, but smiling. Pisti will surely tell her. "Don't worry, nothing will happen, as always, they will feel guilty for few hours and then they forget it. And now… Do you want to see my new magic tools?"
"Sure, why-" she didn't get to end her answer because Yamu was already dragging her through garden to her tower full of potions, gems and books. "-not?"


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