11.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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The morning fell on Sindria and sunrays made their way into the King's chamber.
"Sinbad, wake up, your work is waiting for you!" he heard Ja'far's voice behind the door. Sinbad whimpered.
No way in hell he would wake up. He had a beautiful dream, in his mind it felt like a reality and he even felt the warm body of a woman beside him.
His eyes shot up and looked around him. That warm feeling he felt was really a body, which belonged to Hakuei, her head on his chest, her arms on his torso, her leg on his hip. No wonder his friend already stood greeting her.
His mind slowly started to work and remembered the events from yesterday. The Maharajan, the Cantarella, the water, the escape, the bed, the-.
He felt her stir. Not good.
How could he let his control slip?! What was he, 17-year old horny teenager?! Even though it was partially potion's fault.
No, he can't blame the potion; it was him in the first place that wanted to do it. Fuck, it felt good, although he might be in a big, no gigantic problem, but worth it. She would have to marry him.
His eyes darkened at the thought of yesterday.
Oh, God, it felt great. His muscles hurt a bit. What could she feel? Her body would hurt a lot, from what he actually remembered.
Hakuei slowly opened her eyes. She heard something close to a call, but she wasn't sure. She felt warm body underneath her.
Her eyes shot up and she pushed herself up, only to moan in pain in her nether regions.
"Carefully, love, you might hurt yourself." Came up a concerned voice. She looked at the face. "Good morning, love. How do you feel?" he smiled at her. She had to admit, he was handsome. Like a god. She blushed. They were nude and god knows what they had done. She couldn't remember exactly what happened, through her mind were darting just a cut flashbacks of previous night. "I-… What exactly happened?"
"Don't you remember?" he asked, surprised.
"I do, but only a few… parts."
"Well, my queen, yesterday you said yes to me and we made love, so I can marry you." Huh?
Her eyes grew wide. She did remember only something after the water he gave her and then t started to work and... Scratch that - now she remembered all of it. Every. Single. Thing. Of. What. They. Had. Done.
She sat abruptly, wincing in pain in her lower belly, but ignoring it as she decided to run.
He couldn't-!
"Woah! Calm down, Hakuei!" He embraced her and put her on the bed. "Calm down, love. You'll hurt yourself."
"Get away from me, you selfish b-!"
"Maybe I am selfish bastard, but I fell in love you and I wouldn't have another man to steal you." He lowered his voice into a bass, causing her to shiver. It was definitely aftereffects of that liquid he gave her! Still, in her mind she knew - it was herself, not anything else. "Hakuei… Please?"
She finally looked up, into his eyes. Maybe… He had a chance. She looked to the side, biting her lip, thinking about her decision. He still had his arms around her, so she slowly surrendered to him and hugged him back, not saying anything. Sinbad didn't have to hear her words, he knew she agreed.
"Now, rest, love. I'll come back right away." He kissed her mouth quickly, covered her with sheets and put on a wrapper. The Princess just sat there, wondering what happened.
Is it possible he could be in love with her?
The most of a day flew quickly. Sinbad would look at her every hour or so, with Ja'far in his heels about continuing the work. She felt bad for not helping them, but they calmed her, that they can manage themselves. She would sleep through the day or walking around a bit. Her lower body hurt still, but she had to overcome the pain. Then, it would slowly fade away and she finally dressed herself to visit of her future-husband, in a proper clothes, not in a wrapper. Now he had to marry her, or else he would be accused of using her body when she wasn't in her right mind, then she would leave and even if he had a child with her, he would never see them because she wouldn't believe him enough to not to steal her child away from her. He was a King; after all, they would be his heirs. In thoughts she walked around the palace. When she found his office, he would be trapped in his work, obviously bored to death.
"Hakuei, I told you to stay."
"I'm not a dog, my King." She returned to him and his lips turned into a smile.
"So what can I do for you, my Queen?" he hugged her.
"Let me help you. You're crowded in those," she pointed at the sheets of papers on his desk.
"I have a better idea - we'll go in the garden and-"
"Ja'far won't be sleeping until two in the morning. Come on, let me help," she pleaded.
"But it's beautiful sunny day-"
"Don't you dare to start with a 'Beautiful sunny day' excuse, Sinbad." Voice called from the door. Ja'far. "Good afternoon, Miss Hakuei." They turned into his direction.
"Good afternoon, Ja'far." She felt King's hands tighten around her. Oh, come on.
"Sin, you're useless." He stated with sigh as he saw the blocks of papers.
"I'm not," he pouted. Right now he was cute.
"Then how come there are still so many papers here?"
"Because people come here and put it down on the desk? I'm not that much into work with papers, most of them are repeating over and over again." He grumbled into Hakuei's neck.
"Then come, let me help you."
"No, you'll rest-"
"I'll help out." She narrowed her eyes in a smile that said 'Don't you dare to say otherwise; I'll will do by myself.' Sinbad sighed and let her stay, only in his office.
The night came and they made love again and again… It was repeating for three months. In that time Hakuei found out about a baby she conceived the night she drank the potion. Her and his djinns were guarding her, but they weren't strong enough to protect her - Arba was stronger than before. She hijacked her mind, slowly feeding the Princess with false ideas and lies, but still couldn't enter her body because of the child under her heart; until she once materialized herself and pushed her down the stairs, where Hakuei lost her baby.
It was a blow in the stomach. She lost him, or her. She wasn't strong enough to protect it. Sinbad would be disappointed in her, her brother would be ashamed of her.
That's right, everybody would think of you as a weakling and whore. She heard a voice, but it was already late.
The Witch had won.
When Sinbad found out about this from his djinns, he was furious. He had done everything in his power to protect her and he failed.
Now it's no other way to save her. You have to live with it.
There must be a possibility!
None. There isn't. Until her death her body would be used as Arba tells.
Take it from the better side - the world is still waiting to be united. And family would only slow you down.
Weren't you the one who suggested the idea- Oh, so it was you… You had it planned, hadn't you?!
Arba can be useful. She can open the Sacred palace, where you could be a god! Rule the world, rewrite Solomon's prophecies. She can help us.
So that's why you wanted to make me marry her, right? So she could be possessed?! Are you mad, David?!
Maybe. But that's your real purpose here. To rule the world, to be the King, not only of Sindria but of the whole world.
You're going to pay for it, David…!
David stayed silent. Maybe it wasn't that good idea to bring them together… But it went his way, so he could care less about his feelings or that girl's wellbeing - Arba can take care of her body by herself.
Sinbad was broken. That shouldn't end up like that. His Queen had been broken down and he had to live with it. But eventually, he would find a way to bring her back, even if it would have to kill him in process…
...The end...

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