10. chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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"Hakuei, you should believe me more. And now come, love, you seem tired." In reality, Sinbad started to sweat. A lot.
I really shouldn't have drunk that water… But why isn't she showing any effects from it?
"N-no, thank you. I rather sit down here for a while. My head is hurting a bit." She massaged her temples. "But you can go, I am near my chambers. Nobody is here, so they can't hurt me."
"What if you would have fainted? Nobody would be near you and you would be dead - No. I'm staying with you."
"I really appreciate your concern, my King, but I think it's the best. There will be gossips and -"
"There won't be any. I am the King here, and if I heard them digging dirt I would sent them away from kingdom."
"Because that would stop spreading rumours, right?" she looked at him sceptically. Something glinted in her eyes, but she (thought that she) hid it immediately.
"Yes, they would have to." He was fighting this strange overwhelming feeling in him, wanting to jump on her. He just took a sip, why is it so strong? He normally could control himself around her, but now it was nearly impossible.
On the other hand Hakuei was feeling hot and the flame only grew bigger when she looked at him. Sinbad, what did you do to me? She tried to get away from him, but he always found a reason to be near her. Even the excuse with a lover wouldn't help. He just couldn't let her be alone, where she would calm herself down and splash her warm face with cold water.
Sinbad finally saw the little change in her posture. She panted a bit, leaned against the back of the couch.
"I think I will get another glass of water; I'm actually pretty thirsty." She got up, hoping he wouldn't see her grind her tights, because unusual feeling started to spread through her. She walked along the hallway, as quick as she could with her condition.
"Hakuei, let me-"
"No!" she exclaimed a little louder than she meant. "I mean - You don't have to. I can manage by myself; I'm here for three months nearly. Finding a jar with water, or simply calling for the maid is easy. T-T-thank you for your help, Si- King Sinbad. G-good night." She ran away from him, red in cheeks and ashamed from stuttering.
Sinbad's eyes widened. So close! Only if he saw sooner the indications of the potion!
But now she had nowhere to go. The potion would keep her in his reach, or not?
He followed her trace.

Now there's no place for you to escape, now you are bound completely by the chains.
The more you fight the clock's ticking hand, the tighter the grip becomes.
Hakuei ran to her chamber. She didn't even know how she saw it in the dark, but it was her safe place - there might be a secret enter from Sinbad's or Ja'far's room but for now she was safe. As soon as she got into her room, she locked herself.
She panted, but not from the run. "What did you put into that water?! How come that had no effect on you?" she asked the empty chamber. "I hate you… I really do…" she panted, it was enormously hot here. And it was night, the colder breeze blew into her chamber. She closed the windows, it was no use and the insects would only bite her.
"Water?" she looked for it around her chamber. The jar on the table across her bed was empty. Nothing. "I need water…"
She ran to her bathroom, there has to be! On the sink was a jar with water, the half of it she poured on herself, the other half she brought to her room where was the empty jar and near it were glasses. She poured and drank it down whole.
The fire within her got only worse.
"No! NO!" she whispered angrily. What that lecherous thing did to her?! She knew of a little fire when she was near her older cousin or any other strong, attractive man whom she had known for a longer time. But it was Paimon's cause. Wait… Paimon?
"Paimon? Paimon!" she called for her, but there was no answer. "As I thought… Where are you? Where are you when I need you the most?" she dropped to the floor.
"Hakuei? Are you all right? You ran so suddenly." The voice behind the door seemed worried. You're good actor, Sinbad. Playing as nothing happened; that you did not put anything into my drink, well-played, well-played…
"Yes, I'm all right, King Sinbad. Thank you for your concern." She hoped he would just leave her. She didn't want to see him right-away.
He tried to open the door. Locked.
Her voice sounded strange.
Hakuei, please, open the door. I want to check on you, you were pale and I don't wish for you to catch some illness or faint and then-"
"Don't worry; I can take care of myself. Good night," she sounded so desperate for him to realize that she want to be alone. Just her, nobody else. But the King thought it was an invitation.
"I really don't like how you sound. Either you open the door or I'm breaking in." He was persistent. In his mind there was another situation. He wanted to, simply put, take her right there, right then. What experienced poor Hakuei? She drank the whole glass, and he put only …. Half of the potion? He wasn't sure anymore, but what was sure in that moment, was the fact she would be his. Other didn't matter.
"Don't you dare!" he heard her panting a little. No going back, Princess… "I'm tired, King Sinbad, I need -ah- to sleep. Good night-!" she said quickly, finding her voice to be an octave higher.
"What is happening there, Hakuei?" he asked with concern. He knew too well what's happening.
"Nothing!" she said too quickly.
"Then open the door."
"I won't. You're gonna do something to me!" she couldn't even move properly.
Sinbad's control was lingering. He finally decided he didn't have the time to wait for her to come open the door, because she obviously wouldn't. He stepped into his chamber that was next to her, walked further to his bed and on the right side of it were smaller door. He came to his night stand and pulled the key out of it. Then went back to the smaller door and opened them by unlocking the lock under the candle stand with a handle.
The sight of wet princess panting as he stepped into her room struck him. The drops of water dripped to the floor from her hair, the clothes clung to her body like a second skin and she was shivering. Not from cold, but from the potion he used on her. When he approached her, she wasn't visibly shaking anymore, but from her eyes he could see the lust running through her body.
"W-what are y-you doing here? I told you I-I'm fine," she whispered, although she wanted to shout at him.
He said nothing that moment, instead he lifted her in a bridal-style and through the same small door he carried her to his king-sized bed and put her on it. Then he took off his upper robe and jewellery; soon the rest would come off.
"King Sinbad-"
"NO, no shsh, I want to know, wh-what's happening? Why did you bring m-me here?"
"Answer is simple. I told you I want to marry you, right?"
"Yes, you did, but I r-refuse. I-I'm not good for it and you want only... the… ehm… uh- the heir from me." She was embarrassed.
The heir, huh? That too, but first of all, he needed her to accept one little fact. "I assure you that you're the best for me, Hakuei. And if anybody, such as your imaginary proposer, would think of taking you away from me, there will be bad consequences."
"You're not thinking rationally, S-Sinbad!" He smiled. "I t-think it is that water you gave me! We were both poisoned! This is not right!"
"Not right? And what is right?" He got closer to her on the bed on his hands and knees. So close that their faces were millimetres away.
"Your decisions with me are not right." She managed to say it without that strange stuttering, but it didn't ease her inner condition. She had to get away from here, or else, help her Solomon, it would be not him who would snap out of control, but her.
"I beg to differ," he purred as he was looking in her eyes that were clouded like his own. Neither of them was going away.
"Right n-now you're not in y-your m-mind; we both would do a m-mistake."
"But this wrong thing feels so right…" he arched to her, she nearly laid on the bed.
"No…I-it doesn't... hah… You're thinking not with your b-brain b-but with s-something e-else… "
"Maybe I am…" he nodded with half closed eyelids.
"And there's still the f-fact I have a s-suitor in Kou." Sinbad's eyes were within second raging. "Suitor, you say? And what if I do something to scare the suitor away? To make you stay here?"
"W-what? It sounds s-strange… L-like," she fanned herself with her hand as she turned her head from him. He was making her thinking unclear, making her want to surrender to him and let him do whatever he wanted to with her body. But in her mind she was with her last power standing against him, yelling he's just a player going after her body.
"I will do anything to make you stay with me." He growled, making her shiver as she accidently caught his shoulder and squeezed it as his breath warmed her neck. "And after you pulled this, haha~… Going to the party in these?" He clenched her top from behind and tore it, she gasped from the cold feeling hitting her naked back and front as she drew closer to him. "Were you teasing me, Hakuei?"
"H-huh? N-no?" shivering from cold, red from shame, she needed to get away!
"You're wet from water you probably poured on yourself in your room, god knows why, and all the evening showing so much skin; not only these dancer dress but right now whole your clothes cling to you as your second skin and you think I will let you go or leave you by yourself? No…" his hands were making their way to her rear and squeezed it, making her gasp. "I think you need to learn one thing. You're mine~." He finally took her mouth, not caring about anything else except the fact he wanted her. And when he something wants, he will get it. He put her down on his bed and his hands roamed around her body as he wanted to feel everything from her.
Hakuei was in heaven… Or hell, it didn't matter; as long as she was feeling this good, strange sensation within her. It was growing with every touch, every kiss. His mouth left hers as he made his way to her neck, kissing it and licking, bites showing the hickeys that indicated who she belongs to. Her quieter moans were fuelling his drive, making him to be rougher with her.
"S-sto-Ah!" she tried to stop him, her rational side of brain was still lowly conscious. "Sin-BAD! N-"
"Shhhh~" he smiled at her and continued to shower her with kisses.
"N-no! I…" she panted heavily. "Y-you don't -ha~- like me… A-And I'm not willing to be your-"
"My queen? Love, you already are," he sat her into his lap.
"S-Sinbad, just… stop with this nonsense. We both k-know you're pushing me until I s-surrender and you get what you want; t-then I'm going to be thrown l-like a rag doll." She managed to push him away from her, but soon enough he was on her again. Nothing stopped him right now.
"I may be a player, but I know when there is something deeper going on. And, dear, I've fallen for you," he put her hands together above her head; she was so vulnerable.
"Lies," she breathed out, the potion still flowing through her veins.
"If you think these are lies then I'm going to prove myself to you and ask you seriously. Will you marry me?" His eyes were just as he said - serious. No jokes or clever tricks.
"I… I can't." she breathed out and looked to the side.
"You can but you're grounded by the rules in your mind. Let's see what I can do about it," he grinned as he kissed her once again, forcing her to open her mouth. His mind was set on one thing. Make her surrender, make her understand, make her his.
The potion was taking the effect for a time now. Hakuei wasn't thinking clearly, she decided just to feel. Maybe it was bad decision, but she didn't care. This was too good to be spoiled.
The hands, the lips, the tongue… Sinbad was doing a great job to make her forget her restrains. He made his way to her breasts, to the hem of her skirt as he tore it, desperately to feel her.
As her mind went white, she copied his action; she sucked on his neck, making him growl in approval that sent the shiver into her spine. She let her hands roam on his well-build and tan body, from his shoulders to his packs, and tried to touch lower, but he caught her hands.
"Don't do it; I might hurt you," he said with a hoarse voice and brought her hands above her head as he laid her on the bed, the potion was like a strong alcohol - taking control of himself away, slowly slipping through his fingers as she touched him.
"B-But I-Ah!"
He discarded his clothes fast, just stayed in his boxers. That didn't stop Hakuei, though - Cantarella, Sitri's special drink, made her do thing she would be even as drunk ashamed to do. It completely fogged her mind and only thing she ever thought about was Sinbad. "But I want to touch you~" she said in seductive voice as her hands travelled down his body.
"Soon, love, soon," he promised as he paid attention to her breast. Her hands drove into his hair and pulled it, making him hiss and bit on her mound. He could even make her come with playing with her bosom, but he had other plans.
Her hands wandered across his back, feeling the hard muscles and faint scars, reminder from his past as a slave. The past he will not tell her about, for now. His tongue ran across her bare stomach to her most private and even sacred area - nobody was there, nobody will ever be and Sinbad would enjoy it. He would be the first and the last, as his possessive voice told him. He continued his way to his destination, but although Hakuei was very aroused, she couldn't help but close her tights, trapping his torso between them. He circled his arms around them and massaged them, so she would release her strong hold and relax. "Come on, sweetheart, let it go…" he said as he kissed her. She listened to him, but didn't let go of him and kissed back. He sat her on his lap and his hand traced her back to her rear. She circled her legs around his hips to keep herself steady and closer to him, his arousal under her hard like a stone. His other hand kept her against it, the other was already on her private spot and exploring her. She moaned into his mouth, he answered it with his own growl and pushed a finger inside her. She let go of his mouth and moaned aloud. Sinbad took the pride of it and started to push it in and out of her.
Then adding another finger. She arched to him and moved against his fingers, clenched his shoulders and mewed to him to move faster. He complied and added even third finger, growing harder as she buckled her hips to him. It wasn't too long before she clenched around his fingers and threw her head in a silent scream. Sinbad put her down on the bed and rested between her legs, positioning himself while her mind was blank because of an orgasm she experienced, and entered her fast, breaking her hymen. He pulled her into the kiss, silencing her scream.
Hakuei felt like she was torn apart. She wanted that to get out, crying, wiggling, only to cause herself bigger pain. Sinbad held her strong, whispering to her sweet nothings as he waited for her to calm down and relax, so he could move.
After a few minutes she stopped crying, so the King took it as an approval. He moved slowly, so she could adapt to him; only to grow bigger and thicker because of her tightness. He clenched his teeth, trying not to ram into her right then, but he had to take the look at her - she had been a virgin, of course it would be hurtful for her. Then the beautiful sounds to him escaped her mouth and he sped up, bringing the force with it. Her whispers turned into the louder moans, clawing his back and pleading to thrust harder, faster.
The King forgot about her being a fellow virgin and started to ram into her, with full his force and speed, leaving no place for words. Hakuei was in seventh heaven. Her vision was blurred, her mind was blank, but she felt amazing. This man made her feel amazing. She felt something built up in her loins, contracting, clenching around him. Sinbad gasped, then growled and slowed a bit, just to pound harder into her. Then, her conscious had slipped and fell into the darkness.
Sinbad on the other hand never felt this good. When he finished, he made sure she would get pregnant and stay there with him. Right now he didn't want any other man around her, they could snatch her away. And he wouldn't have it.
He felt really possessive right now. Nothing like that had ever happened to him, but he didn't care. She was his. That was all that mattered.
He rolled to the side and wrapped his arms around her, brought the sheet on them and falling asleep within seconds, tired like his queen.

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