1.chapter [cantarella -sinei]

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…It seemed so easy…
…He was with so many women, such experiences… She should fall for him easily…
…But yet….

…a few months ago in Kou…
"What are you doing?" asked Hakuei when Sinbad tried Zepar on her one evening through seducing.
The King visited Kou for execution of Kouen and Hakuryuu's coronation and he had to take his djinn out of Kougyoku, who was in awful condition. She had been being used against her own country, her brothers and cousins and she hadn't even had the slightest clue it was her very first crush. She hated him with every fibre within her body. Hakuei sympathized with her, but she had to do what she did in order to protect her brother. Blood before half-blood. She hated herself for that.
And that's where the witch stroke first time.
"Do you think I will fall for this stupid trick like my poor cousin Kougyoku?" she pierced him with her glare.
He didn't like it. His plan failed… But why?
"You know, now I'm not sure if I believe you with my brother - after all, you're just using people for your own selfish things. And you already have your enemies here, in Kou, out of your way."
"Do you think that little of me, Princess?" he asked, hurt.
"It's General, and I think even lower of you, King Sinbad. As a human, you're low," she said it with so much hate in her voice that she could spat it in his face. Not a bad idea, actually…
"And why so?"
"Because you will do anything or sacrifice anybody in order to get what you want. I hope my brother, the Emperor, will finally open his eyes and see what kind of man are you, not to mention the scandals that are flying around here about you. You should be ashamed to have such a reputation."
"What reputation?"
"Forgive me for being blunt, but you are a lady-killer and you're using this "charm" on ladies from royal circles to know what's plotting. But I'll make sure the Emperor knows about your ways of spying on him. Paimon is quite jealous and when you pulled Zepar? Oh, what a step aside…" she smiled wickedly behind her fan. It was so unlike her, but she was going to enjoy it, the revenge on her family was so sweet.
"No, you're not," he smiled at her and slowly caged her in the hallway they were in. "You know I'm going to do anything to protect my country and since Kou isn't a threat anymore, I have no use on spying here."
"Then why did you even thought about planting Zepar in me, King Sinbad?" she was frowning.
"Hakuryuu is a clever boy; I'm sure he would like Kou to be independent. But now he's in SSA, I have to know if he's not betraying me. And about Zepar… you're not telling anybody." He smiled, although his inner self was walking in circles like a tiger in cage.
"Says who?"
"Says me, Princess. And if I hear about it, you will have to deal with the consequences."
"I'm not afraid of you; if that will open my Brother's eyes, I'm willing to take the risk and be even killed. But he WILL hear about it." She turned in his arms, trying to break free, but he was obviously against the idea. He pushed her with his body against the wall and now she couldn't even move properly.
"King Sinbad, this is really inappropriate, so please, let me go," she tried to push him away, her hands boring into his well-built chest.
"Only if you promise me that you will not tell anybody about Zepar, ever."
"I will tell and let me go!" she was close to panic, she had never been with man so close and now she's with somebody who she doesn't like. It was unpleasant situation for her.
"Now, Princess, you're not in position to defy my orders. Remember, I'm above your brother," he pointed out the fact.
"Still, my brother rules here, this country may be in Seven Seas Alliance, but we can easily step out of it," she patiently kept on breaking her way out of his hold.
"You know that there will be huge fines?"
"I don't care," she blurted.
"Good thing your brother rules this country; this way even if you told him about Zepar, he wouldn't do a thing." He said, hoping he fooled her.
"Then why are you so much on the edge?" She got him good. Or so she thought to herself.
"Me? On the edge?" Lazily the purple-haired man circled his arms around her, trapping her. She struggled against his hold, visibly panicking. Maybe he could scare her with one little trick. "You're really funny, Princess. Tell me," he got even closer if that was possible and in his mind he ordered Zepar to make her fall in love with him, however, Zepar had no power over her and by a chance if he had, it would work in the beginning, "do you still think you can win over me?" Then he kissed her, thinking it would help his djinn to break through her mind-protector.
For few seconds Hakuei forgot herself and kissed him back, but then collected herself and pushed him away with a slap.
"You man-whore! Don't you have shame?!" she spat the words and walked away with rage, wanting to hurt that poor excuse of a king, but reminding herself it would cause more problems to Kou and she doesn't want it.
Sinbad on the other side thought something else.
At first, he was celebrating in his mind, thinking Zepar had finally broken the barrier, but then reality came down on him and he was pushed away. This little episode had been replaying in his brain for a while later, bringing him back memories of her - the smell, the taste, the touch, simply everything… He was trying to forget it, however, his brain and maybe other part of his body thought otherwise.
At the day of his departure Hakuei didn't come. He felt somehow sad, but let it go. She had learnt her lesson; maybe she hated him, but wouldn't come against him. Secretly, he felt disappointed he didn't have the effect on her, though.
Still, worth the try.

"King Sinbad, stop it! If you don't finally behave as king, I will force you!" yelled Ja'far.
"Ah ~, Ja'far, don't be so uptight~. Work stuff can be done later, look, it's a beautiful day." King smiled at his general. Ja'far scoffed.
"Well, Your Majesty, if you hadn't noticed, between that "work stuff" was a letter - from Kou."
"Yeah, so what about it?" He lazily turned his head.
"…." Ja'far stayed silent. Sinbad turned to him fully. He didn't like it. Certainly did not.
"What… What was in that letter?"
"No idea, it's yours. I'm not the one to open your posts. But I got one, too, and there was written about upcoming arrival of Princess Ren Hakuei of Kou, I'm sure she'll be here in no time, because you know how long it takes to deliver the letters. I had to prepare something at least or it would be awkward." He turned around and quickly left. Sinbad snickered.
"Tche, now do I have to look for it and open it or not? Had they forgotten that now we have the Eye of Rukh? Gah!" But curiosity got better of him. He rushed to the office, nearly broke two vases and door of his office. He started to throw papers just to find that letter.
"Found it!" he exclaimed, when it finally under those hundred-something sheets of paper and scrolls showed up. He tore the seal and began to read.
King Sinbad,
I hope you do not mind me writing the letter than sharing this information through the Eye of Rukh. Some witty magicians know how to break the system and I would not like to know of this other than you.
Anyway, I am writing this letter to inform you about the arrival of my sister, Princess Ren Hakuei, in order to hide her from unpleasant situation which happened. She will explain this situation when she comes in three months.
Emperor Ren Hakuryuu
9th of March, Rakushou, Kou

P.S. Do not touch my sister! And do not let her cook, for your own health and life.

He read it over ten times, if he really understood it. Today was 3rd of June. Did just that little boy-
"Sinbad, what have you done!" Ja'far screamed when he entered his office. If he could, he would cry; so many hours of paperwork blew up because of - what, really?!
"You… knew…" King whispered.
"Knew what?"
"Princess is coming here this week!" he cried. "Not a question, just information! I think it's time to teach that punk some-"
"Sin, you would have known if you had done YOUR WORK! Your fault, not mine and definitely not his. He sees help in us and we do not refuse to help him. And actually, that letter had been delivered to me at least two months ago. But as you forgot about your WORK as a king, you didn't know. It's only your fault. Good thing emperor Hakuryuu knew better than that and sent me the same letter, because you wouldn't even know about it and Princess would be - Okey, I rather am quiet, because it's not worth it." Ja'far took a deep breath to calm himself down.
Sinbad stared at him.
First, he knew about it.
Second, he didn't tell him, not even slightest thing.
Third, why is it always him to get to know the news as the last one?!
Sinbad couldn't say a thing, just gawked at his letter and his adviser. Ja'far sighed.
"Yes, I did prepare everything for the Princess and calmed down emperor Hakuryuu about it." He answered Sinbad's silent question.
"Hm… Still, why did he do it?"
"You mean sending Princess here? No idea, but it had to be something big; otherwise he could deal with it as Emperor. Nobody is to talk to him right now."
"But I am the King here, not him. Why not Balbadd or Reim or -I don't know!"
"Why do you have problem with that? It's just for short time, month the longest, I guess. She won't bite your head off." Ja'far chuckled. "Are you afraid of her?" Sinbad glared at him.
"… You have three seconds to run." muttered Sin. Ja'far just laughed. Laughed. Yes, it's unbelievable, but he did.
"You are! Oh Solomon, Sin, what did you do to her that she's pissed off at you?!" he demanded through tears of laugh. He couldn't believe it. Ja'far knew that King didn't like princesses because of their… ehm… behaviour, but being afraid of one? He has to know what it is!
"I'm not afraid! Why should I be?! I don't like princesses. That's all."Ja'far calmed down as Sin through clenched teeth and eyes to the side answered him.
"…You tried to charm her when we were in Kou, didn't you?" Silence. "And she sent you to hell with it, didn't she?" He asked and Sin stayed silent again. "Yes, as I thought." He took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll try to keep you two out of your sights as long as possible, unless it's something political or call from Hakuryuu to send her back home. But you have to do YOUR WORK!"
"You're awesome, Ja'far!" exclaimed Sinbad. He really didn't mind Hakuei, but that tension between them would be unbearable, mostly from her side because she obviously didn't like him when they met before. He hoped she forgot about Kougyoku and Zepar, or else…. Wait, what?! Is he really afraid of her?! No, it is HIS kingdom and HIS rules, she can do nothing against him. After all, he has 7 djins, she only one, and wind one, so why is he so jumpy?
He sighed. So worked up about one letter and one person, what's wrong with him?
He needs a drink.
Few days later…
"My, my, Sin, drinking before noon? What happened?" asked Sharrkan, when he came to the harbour, and smelled the faint scent of alcohol on the King. Not that it was so unbelievable, but still, being nervous was something he didn't expect him to be when they announced seeing Kou ship. And alcohol encourages. Just one glass of wine it was.
Did he unintentionally say he's scared of her?
"Another Kou Princess… I hope she would not be clingy as the other that was here." Sinbad sighed when he reminded himself of Kougyoku. He was aware she liked him, but to him she was just a child.
"Sin, be polite!" Ja'far stomped at his foot and the King shrieked.
"Yes, mum." He mumbled. Seriously, does that guy know of the word 'fun'?
The ship finally stopped and the whole escort got out of it. The last one was Hakuei.
"Pleasure to meet you, King Sinbad," greeted Hakuei.
"Pleasure should be mine, Princess Hakuei," Sinbad smiled as she did. "Hope you enjoy your stay at Sindria."
"I'm sure I will."
"Hm, your brother, Emperor Hakuryuu, had informed me about your arrival, but I hope you won't get angry if I ask you some more questions about it."
"No, of course I won't. In fact, I was about to request a personal meeting, whenever you have time. I would not like to tell something like this in public; it's for my brother safety, and also for Kou's safety." She was still smiling and he had no idea what to think.
"Very well, then. Would you like to look around town? I'm sure my generals will show you the best places in Sindria!"
"I'll be glad." She was still smiling… And unreadable look in her eyes wasn't helping it. He knew that she didn't like him because of Magnostadt, but still asked him to help Hakuryuu and now he's confused. What does she want from him?!

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