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Cantarella [Sinbad x Hakuei - Magi]

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Hm... Ja... Ako to povedať...
Dva mesiace som bola preč od blogu, ale ja to napravím! Tým, že som začala maturitný ročník, a idem na farmáciu, resp. chcela by som ísť, tak som si zháňala podklady na chémiu a biológiu, k tomu som si dala do ročníka 4-hodinovku fyziky - oľutovala som to, viem, nebol to práve najmúdrejší nápad, ale keď ju treba, tak je treba *zazrie na ňu*. Okrem toho som písala túto poviedku, ktorá je po anglicky - nezabite ma! Ako po anglicky na slovenskom blogu, vôbec nie je čudné, vôbec, ale k tomuto páru je minimum poviedok a ešte menej obrázkov, tak som k tomu ešte kreslila, ale je to už dokončené celé, takže snáď to nahradí ten dvojmesačný výpadok :)
Prosím, nevšímajte si tie gramatické chyby, pre vlastné dobro. :D
Možno urobím aj epilóg, ale nie som si istá... Epilóg by bol po tie-skipe 3 roky, čo je v mange a zatiaľ je to tam také... ako to povedať... neviem čo sa stane so Sinbadom a neviem, čo je s Hakuei, takže nemôžem písať o nich. Nejakú predstavu mám, ale nechcem predbiehať udalosti, a vymýšľať si, keď vlastne aj tento príbeh je tak trochu ohnutý,aby mi to pasovalo do páriku :D Aby ste boli v obraze, je to po občianskej vojne v Kou, kedy Hakuryuu je cisár a Hakuei nie je ešte posadnutá Arbou.
... tá Sinbadova ruka v tom obrázku mi ušla... Predstavte si ju menšiu, nie takú lopatu, dobre?

Hello, welcome here. This is a story I've written for ship SinbadxHakuei, unpopular, but still few people found it interesting and me as well. The story is in english, so don't worry about the Slovak introduction up here. I will post it on my DeviantArt too, because I think you can find it there sooner than here. Enjoy the story, it's complete, maybe I will write an epilogue, but I'm not sure about it. In manga so far nothing is sure, if the main characters will survive even, not to mention what will happen with Sinbad and in what condition is Hakuei. AND IGNORE THE GRAMMAR MISTAKES - I know there will be some, but don't mind them, okay? I'm still learning English.


After the Kou war, Hakuei is being attacked by Kouen's followers so in order to keep her safe, Hakuryuu, curent Emperor and her brother, sends her to ally country - Sindria. Displeased with the decision her brother made and even more with the King of Sindria - Sinbad, who is unable to keep his hands to himself, she still sails to his country. But after few weeks spent there, the King's attitude had changed and now he's nicer, less womanizing and even ... possessive? Not to mention, not only her body, but also her mind is under attack - Arba, ancient witchof Alma Torran, needs her body in order to bring Il Illah into the world. Her djinn is trying to protect her, but will she succeed or will Hakuei fall and Arba win?
Sinbad, well known for his adventures and greatest success - his own country, and then for lady-killing, is forced to welcome Kou princess in his country again. The little incident that happened in Kou few months ago is keeping the first imperial Princess in his mind. After learning what brought her here, he wants to keep her closer, but is it a good idea? She obviously doesn't want to have anything in common with him, but something within him wants the princess. Now David in his mind encouraging him to court her, for his own reasons of course, then unseen plotting of his generals to bring them closer, secretive shopkeeper - how long would it take him to fall for her completely?

Disclaimer: I don't own Magi nor Cantarella as a story. I own just this fanfiction and the picture above.
Rate: T-M (M-rated in 10 chapter, lemon)

1.chapter [cantarella -sinei]

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…It seemed so easy…
…He was with so many women, such experiences… She should fall for him easily…
…But yet….

2.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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They started walking around Sindria, guards taking her luggage (with a few clothes, she hoped she didn't have to stay here for longer time than two weeks). First to introduce was Ja'far, who was then taking Sinbad to his work (Maybe she just imagined it, but did the King sighed from relief?), next then Masrur, Sharrkan, Yamuraiha, Pisti, Hinahoho, Spartos and Drakon with his wife. She found herself with girls in cute café, men went back to palace.
"Princess Hakuei? Can I ask you question?" started Yamu.
"Sure, but without that princess, I'm far from that. You can call me Hakuei; I really don't mind the formality."
"Okay, how do you like Sindria?" she started innocently.
"It's a really beautiful country, although I'm here for 10 minutes. I can see why some people call it paradise," she smiled as she drank her drink. It was hot here, so non-alcoholic mojito wouldn't hurt. And her dress will have to stay in her closet, one layer is too much, not to mention she had more.
"Do you like King Sinbad?" asked Pisti.
"Hm… At first I didn't like him, because of what happened in Magnostadt after the battle with Medium, but now I'm thankful he helped my brother," she answered honestly. It's not like her to lie about something or somebody. She just hid the fact she still didn't like him, but they don't have to know about it.
"What do you think of him, as a man?" Pisti asked again, big hopeful smile resting on her face.
"Hm… He's handsome. But so are other men," definitely not the answer Pisti hoped for.
"Pisti, stop it. Don't you think it's impolite?" Yamu scolded Pisti.
"It's all right, I don't mind. It's not a secret, he is handsome." Hakuei smiled. Pisti threw at Yamu victory smile. "In Sindria it's so hot, do you mind helping me choosing some lighter dresses? I have few with me, but I think I would melt in them," she asked girls. Pisti squealed and Yamu just smiled.
"Follow me! I know the best shops in this town!" Pisti got up.
"I really think she's just 10 years old…" Yamu muttered. Hakuei laughed. "I hope she didn't scare you."
"Why? She's happy and I personally I think I need someone who is into fashion, like you two, because I'm rather poor excuse of princess. I don't like when people call me like that, I a-… I was a warrior, a general, in the first place, not a princess. And I'm not ashamed of it, or of my scars." Hakuei spoke as she walked with Yamu right behind Pisti.
"I don't agree with that excuse. When Aladdin told me about one pretty girl he met at his journey, he spoke of you as of somebody great. And it is Aladdin, he can't lie," Yamu smiled.
'Maybe this stay won't be so bad,' thought Hakuei.
"And you didn't fall for Sinbad's charm, that's something," she snickered.
Hakuei didn't want to tell her that there's something wrong with Sinbad. She didn't know what but the feeling she gets around him whenever she sees him. No, it's not love or crush, not anything romantic, it's more like…. He had his other, dark, persona that he didn't show anybody. Dark secrets surrounded him like clouds before the storm. Not a pleasant or safe feeling.
"Look, were here!" Pisti dragged her into smaller shop, which had really pretty dresses. Hakuei, or rather Pisti, had chosen three white with pink or purple flowers, the other one baby blue with white and dark blue pattern and the last one was, Hakuei didn't know about this dress, because Pisti bought it for here behind her back, white and lavender with golden patterns. Pisti knew that it wouldn't take long before her King will fall for the beauty here. Just to make her stay for as long as possible and maybe the little Sindrian princes will run around the palace within a year. She was sure. Her plan had never failed.
Okay, it had. Once.
Don't look like that!
Fine, it was many times, happy?! But now she is so sure it will work out, she's sure Yamu will help! …. Maybe.
*Sitri is also one of demons that might be used as djin in Magi(from Lesser Solomon's Key, there are all demons/djins), I think 12th Dungeon it is or would be in Magi; "It is said that he can make both men and women fall in love, but I believe it would be more accurate to say that he can make any man or woman lust after one another. One of his trademark powers is that he can influence people to bare themselves naked and uses this power primarily on women. He can also make people (again, usually women) bare their secrets."*
*Meanwhile in Sinbad's office*
"Tell me to never agree with doing work willingly with you. It's never ending story!" complained Sinbad. "How can you do it all the time?! It's beautiful-"
"Don't you DARE to start with beautiful sunny day, Sinbad. You asked for it. Didn't want to share time with Princess because of I-don't-know-what and rather take care of these papers and documents… I should be proud of you, but seeing you non-stop complaining and grumbling, I really want to do it all alone." Ja'far hissed.
"But! You saw her! She's-"
"Nice and polite, something you should work on."
"Ha-ha, funny, that's not something I meant. Rather-"
"Pretty AND with a great body?" added Sharrkan behind his back.
"When did you get in?! And no, she's not!" he exclaimed. Sharrkan laughed on the window when he saw Sinbad's reaction.
"You don't think she's pretty? You of all people? You, who said he likes every kind of women?"
"She may be pretty and everything but in Kou she was too proud-"
"Are you sure? Just because she didn't fall for you back then and knew who you really are?" Ja'far arched his eyebrow.
"What do you mean?" he narrowed his eyes.
"She saw right through you, you have to give it to her," said Ja'far. Sinbad didn't know what to say.
"Not only that, but she looks gorgeous," dreamed Sharrkan, just to make Sin angry. He LOVED to make fun of people. "Have you seen her body? It's great!"
"Well, she does look good, but what about it?" Sin seemed unaffected, but he will show his true colours. He just has to push the right buttons once or twice…
"I mean it, she's really cute. Right now she's with girls shopping or whatever they do when they're alone-"Sharrkan waved, but noticed Sin's face expression on 'whatever they do…'. Pervert. "And when they come back, most likely in few days they will have girl night, you know, pillow fights, sleeping next to each other… Then Maharajan, few men will notice her and try to seduce her - You should get laid soon or it won't end up well. AND since you obviously like the Princess-" He made a face, but his inner self chafed hands. Sinbad doesn't like this -unrealistic- idea, he got him! Hakuei was somebody his King would appreciate to have.
"What do you mean…?" Sins face darkened. "I do not like her, why are you still implying I do?"
"Well, she's beautiful, and the way you looked at her before, what else you would expect?" he recalled her arrival and when he was with him in Kou.
It was only Sinbad, Ja'far, Yamu and him, representing his country as well as Yamu. After one evening, their King would always look at Princess when she actually showed herself. Or when they saw her with her household, Koga clan; women, kids, men, no difference; she would laugh with them, play with kids. His face would soften, as Yamu had said when they hadn't fought each other because they were tired of the fellow fight. 'Like she was his wife, with their children,' she said. 'My father looked at me like that; I can see lovers and families look at each other like this. The King may not be aware of it, but she charmed him, not the other way around.'
"Every man would think of her in that way if he saw her, like would she look like in bed? Hm…" he said with creepy face, trying to act as he really imagined it. "You see, I, or any other man here, still have at least minimal chance with her, you… lost your chance to be even friends with her. I can be her boyfriend or even a lover-" Sin prepared his Metal Vessel, angry more at him, furious even. Ja'far was hiding his laugh behind the documents. He never thought Sin would react to Sharrkan's teasing so badly, as if he was jealous.
"Shut up, Sharrkan… I warn you…" The purple-haired man hadn't caught the teasing, but the serious thing. As Sharrkan would really snatch the Princess away. Not that he was jealous or anything - she was a princess, being lover meant to be in marriage with her and Sharrkan is just like him - a playboy. He would get her drunk and use her - no, he won't have it…
"Oh, jealous? Why? I thought you said you don't like her. That just means I can have her-" Sharrkan started with false hope in his eyes, but Sinbad stood from his chair.
"What, what, what? Don't like the idea? You have to care for her deeply then, you would let me otherwise." He provoked. Maybe not the best idea.
"Run, you shit," growled Sin.
"Everybody fights when they want to hide the truth-" stated Sharrkan with his shit-eating grin and ran away through the window, not daring to face Sinbad's wrath.
"Sharrkan?" heard Yamu. Then she saw lightning bolts around palace.
"What, dreaming about him?" Pisti grinned evilly.
"No, I just heard Sinbad yelling it," stated Yamu.
"Sure, sure~," waved Pisti.
"Really!" she puffed her cheeks.
"But I heard it too," saved her Hakuei. "What did he do?"
"Probably messed with Sinbad and he got mad," said Yamu.
They walked through the main gate and saw the said man running through the garden and past them. Following him was Sinbad with furious face and behind him pissed-off Ja'far trying to prevent the catastrophe and Masrur, secretly hoping they won't destroy anything and he won't have to save people from falling buildings. They ran past them, not even registering them.
"I heard right, Sin is angry at him. Let's find out how it ends!" Yamu took Hakuei's and Pisti's hand and followed them on her staff. Pisti called her pet to carry her and Hakuei, since the staff wasn't that big. They flew after them, Sin throwing lightenings after Sharrkan who barely dodged, Ja'far was preparing for tying the head of Sindria down with his red strings just to save citizens. Masrur made sure nobody was hurt.
"What's going on down there? Is Sinbad really trying to kill him?" asked Yamu.
"Is this really Sinbad?" asked Hakuei.
"No, no, of course not, just… that idiot down there likes to anger people and this time, since I wasn't around, he just had to make Sinbad angry." She pointed out on Sharrkan.
"Oh, hey, Metal Vessels are forbidden, right? Why Sinbad has it?" Hakuei was suspicious. King isn't following his own rules…
"Huh? Ah, well, I don't know, all are locked up, as what I know of," said Yamu puzzled. Another lightening cut the island. Next thing they knew was Sinbad in ropes, the same fate went for Sharrkan, Ja'far was really angry as he dragged them and Masrur was behind them, unaffected by that.
Yamu got off the staff. "What happened?"
"Sin overreacted," said Sharrkan.
"Says you," growled Sin. "And let me out of these things, Ja'far!"
"No way in hell, you're going to kill him and for nothing," said fellow assassin.
"I'm not and let me out! I order you, as a King!"
Ja'far looked at him with his dangerous eyes. "If you haven't noticed, you would nearly destroy your own country for Sharrkan's teasing."
"I… Ehm… It wasn't teasing, from what I saw."
Sharrkan let out quiet but devious laugh. He got him where he wanted. Sinbad couldn't forget about her. And he made him always jealous about her when she talked to Kouga boy. From that little incident in Kou when they were there because of Hakuryuu, Sin always wanted to talk to Hakuei, something about the deal with Emperor, and once he had luck, but ended up worse than bad. He was actually pretty surprised that Hakuei didn't kick him out of Kou after that or tell Hakuryuu. And even agreed to come here?
"You're just easy to break, Sin," said Sharrkan. Sin shot him with deadly look.
"You and I are going to have a talk."
"Yes, mother," teased him Shar. Yamu hit him with her staff.
"Idiot swordsman, what did you do this time?!"
"Shut up, stupid magician, why are you even here?"
"We saw lightening and King chasing after you, though, finally somebody understood what kind of idiot-"
"Yamuraiha, Sharrkan, shut it. Let's go to palace, this time without those special effects," Ja'far shot Sin with dark look.
Hakuei just stared at this comedy. She has to survive here another month -or so-, will she be able to do it? Or maybe call brother to get her out of here?
"Miss Hakuei? What is going on?" asked Masrur. The only one who was able to notice sudden change of behaviour in her through her mask of smiling girl.
"Oh, nothing. It's just… quite lively here." She answered, hoping it was enough for him to let it go.
"Hm…" He wasn't persuaded with it but asked nothing after.
"But Ja'far, it's embarrassing, what would girls think of me?" started Sharrkan.
"You had to think of it sooner before you pissed Sin off," came out reply.
"Come on, Ja'far… I will not make any inappropriate thing."
"Uhm, sure," He unaffected continued to walk through the gate.
"Shut it, baldy, you asked for it. Shame I don't have anything to make a picture you in ropes," Yamu came to him flying on her staff.
"Shut up, bitch," he growled.
"It's a witch, old man, or better, a magician," she corrected him.
"Don't you have anything better to do?!"
"Well, maybe, but it would be such a waste to not be able to see you helpless," she teased. Oh, how she loved it right now!
"Listen up-"
"No, you listen up, if you don't cut it out right now, I swear, I will make your life a living hell," stopped them Ja'far.
"Does it happen often?" Hakuei asked Pisti, as they were walking behind them.
"Well, what exactly?" Oh, so there were more situations like this? "Sin ditching his work or being chased by Ja'far or common teasing of Sharrkan?"
"Ehm... All of it?"
"Yes, nearly always but only inside of palace ground… Okay, once in a time it is outside of palace, but only because of Maharajan." Sure they were talkative about their king.
"What is that Maharajan?"
"It's a festival; when Sindria is being attacked by a sea monster, few of us, generals, go kill it. It's a lot of meat, so we make a big party and invite whole island!" she laughed. "Do you have in Kou festivals?"
"Yes, of course, just the traditional ones, such as New Year, weddings or birth of new Emperor's heir."
"Not much… Here is more fun. Would you like to live here?"
"I don't know, I'm here for one day, few hours to be precise. And I like Kou, more parties I have with Kouga clan."
"The ones Aladdin told us about? Wait, those are the ones who came with you here?"
"Ah, yes. Every one of them is my- or were my Household Vessels. They are good people." She sighed.
They stayed quiet for few seconds. Then Pisti asked. "Hey, Kou is quite traditional country, right?"
"Yes, why?"
"I don't want to dig in it but… Were you engaged with somebody? As the first princess, I mean… Don't mind it."
"Oh, no, I wasn't. It was because I was at first General, then Princess, our country had other Princesses to be wed for alliance. I wasn't interested in that. Never have been, not even now I am."
"I'm sure you had a lot of suitors, you're really pretty," genuine as Pisti was, were her remarks.
"Hm… Not really. Maybe one or two, but I refused them," she thought about what kind of game was Pisti playing at her. Her innocent questions weren't as innocent as she maybe thought. It wasn't bothering her, no, not that; though, it was a little bit rude.
Pisti looked like she was thinking about something. "Would you refuse them even now?" she asked.
"What do you mean by that?" Hakuei was not offended, just wanted to know.
"The suitors. Would you refuse them if they asked again? Doesn't have to be the one from your past, but if somebody showed up?"
Ei thought about it before answering. She hadn't even thought about marring somebody because of her status as General of Kou, not to mention her scars that wouldn't be the best view for her husband. "I don't know. I really don't know. I mean, I'm a warrior, not a princess," They went to garden, just the two of them. "And men want women just to be at home and do the things they supposed to do, nothing else. No learning new things, not fighting, not… swimming or whatever else. Just cleaning, cooking, sewing, bearing children and other things. I don't think I would be a good wife." Hakuei sat down.
"Why do you think men want just these kinds of women? No, as what I know of, not every."
"Those I would have to marry were like this, maybe that's why I rather let my cousins marry them. Being a doll isn't for me." Pisti wanted to change the topic, seeing how personal the questions were, but Yamuraiha stepped in.
"Hey, I thought I won't find you… Pisti, you should see it NOW!" Yamu looked excited.
"Huh?" Pisti didn't get it. Yamu just grinned, evilly. Oh-oh. Pisti shot off to see it herself.
"What is going on?"
"Nothing, just Ja'far is scolding both idiots and now Sinbad's shouting at baldy swordsman. They kicked me out, let's see what they do about Pisti," Yamu said in matter of nothing, but smiling. Pisti will surely tell her. "Don't worry, nothing will happen, as always, they will feel guilty for few hours and then they forget it. And now… Do you want to see my new magic tools?"
"Sure, why-" she didn't get to end her answer because Yamu was already dragging her through garden to her tower full of potions, gems and books. "-not?"

3.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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Unknown to her, Sinbad was listening to the previous conversation. Now he was really ashamed of himself. How could he be so naïve and fall for Sharrkan's teasing? How old is he, 10?
But what really got him was the last thing she said. 'I'm a warrior, not a princess.' What did she mean by that? It's obvious she's princess before warrior. Her manners are lady-like; she's kind and caring, strong willed, pretty and… someone like Serendine. Before she died-
He didn't want to think about it. It brought the pain of his past back now, when everything was going on the right path. There will be united world, again, peaceful, without wars and battles, cries and mourning, without evil, without Al-Thamen. Right now is not the time to think about anything else than this, not about woman who could be-
Stop it, brain! Think about work!
What is it, Sinbad?The voice in his head asked. David.
I'm sure it's something, he said in calm tone. Sin could feel him smiling.
It's nothing and stop reading my mind!
It's not my fault. I can't help it, he laughed. But let me get this straight - if you let me, you would get the world unification AND a wife. A pretty wife. David saw the chance. If only Sin would ccoperate.
Stop it, David, I like to be myself. And I don't want any wife. I'm good.
You only think it. But I can see the way you secretly look at women and children. I. Can. See. It. He was taunting him, to let him fully possess his body to achieve his dream. But he will not.
Says you. I only care about world without war.
Hahahaha~, you're funny. Really funny. But what about the future? WHO will lead Sindria once you're dead?
My generals.
Are you sure? Because I don't think so. But if you only care about work and Al Thamen, let me tell you one thing. You thought you all had killed 'The Witch'? Do you think she can be killed that easily? Arba was Gyokuen, but she can easily possess anybody from her bloodline. Her first and second sons were 'accidentally' killed in fire because they were born when she didn't possess body of fellow Empress. Hakuryuu is already off of it because of Kouen's limbs, mixed Magoi is flowing through his body, but what about-
You can't think-! NO, it cannot be! Sinbad screamed in his mind.
Yes, it is. Hakuei is on the bat. She's looking for her-
Sinbad threw everything off of his table with one hand. It wasn't possible, Hakuryuu killed her with Judal! David wasn't answering anymore, so he didn't know about a secret smile on his face. Sin looked in the garden under his window.
"Sinbad, what has happened?!" Ja'far threw through the door.
"Nothing," calmed down Sin.
"Sure, nothing, that's why the work flew off of the table," he said in I-believe-you tone.
"I just got angry because of so much work."
"Bullshit." Ja'far wasn't buying it. It was written all over his face and it has to be something important, otherwise these documents wouldn't be flying all over the office.
"It's not."
"Tell me."
"Stop being a kid, Sin. Something's eating you inside."
"It's nothing. Get back to work," he said still with his back to him. Ja'far still didn't believe him, but choose not to dwell in it.
"As you wish, my king," he excused himself and left. After few seconds Sinbad called out his djinns.
"Look after the Princess, the Witch may take over her."
After the dinner Hakuei was walking to the room they prepared for her. Replaying her crazy day in the liveliest country, she didn't notice Sinbad behind her. He was walking like a cat, quietly and elegantly. She was about to open the door when he asked her, his voice too close to her ear: "Do you have time, General Hakuei?"
"Ah!" she shrieked and turned around with smaller dagger in her hands. Sinbad was way too close to her. "Don't scare me like that again! I could've hurt you!" she was breathing deeply at first, but calmed down quickly and hid her dagger under her belt. Sin followed the trail of it. "Yes, I have. Is something wrong?"
"No, I just wanted to know … few things." He said as he gave her the letter he'd received from Kou. She read it quickly.
"Sorry for my impoliteness, King Sinbad. I would like to tell you about it in more… private place."
"Yes, of course," he opened the door of her room and let her step first, closing the door behind him. She stood in front of the bed with white and lavender sheets. "Please, start."
"When I was at Rakushou, some of Kouen's followers were really startled with my betrayal to help my brother and at first they sent me some letters, few smaller threats, but three and half months ago it rose into assassinations and attempts to kill me. Not once or twice, many times. My brother was afraid of my security in the Capitol. I thought I would be sent back to Tenzan plateau, my men would surely protect me, but brother wasn't so convinced and asked for your help."
Sinbad was listening closely. His first thought was she's going here because of a treaty between Kou and Sindria or something alike, political things in general. Not that she would be attacked. In the Capital. In her room. This situation wasn't something to be taken lightly. Hakuryuu surely believed him for entrusting his sister. "Is there anything else? I have a feeling there is."
"Just a petty thing. It's just my problem."
"You could say that these assassinations were your problem as well." He stated and she was about to glare at him, but hid her emotions. "Your brother is worried about you and if it's something dangerous like this, I will gladly help."
Hakuei thought about if she will tell him, but decided against it. "Nothing else. Do you have some questions?" she asked with smile.
"Yes. How many attempts were there?"
"To be precise, ten of what I know." It surprised him she is still calm after those incidents.
"Did something happen on the way here?"
"Not anything I and my men couldn't handle." Hakuei was not some kind of weepy little princess who has to be babysat.
"Do you have the slightest idea who can be the attacker?"
"No. Many liked Kouen's idea of world. And please, do not accuse any of my cousins, they wouldn't do it."
"Hm… Thank you. I can see the situation is serious." He stepped closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "I can assure you here, in Sindria, you're safe. If anybody dares to lay a hand on you or your men, I will immediately take care of them." He smiled with his lady-killer smile, but his eyes were serious ones. He really meant it. The ocean blue bore into pure golden eyes. For few seconds there was a silence. Then Hakuei decided to break it because she was losing herself.
"Thank you, King Sinbad, I really appreciate it," she bowed lightly in Kou style. The King may have changed from their little meeting in Kou to better. Unknown to her, the said King thought the same.
"You're welcome. And now, rest, I'm sure you had had a long journey to make." He turned around and left the room.
As he walked through the open hallway, David spoke. Hm… Somebody is after the princess? Tell me something I didn't know! He laughed. Every royalty has adversaries who want them dead.
It is something bad if Hakuryuu sent her here. He's the Emperor; he could've taken care of it.
You're starting to defend him. Not few hours ago you were nearly ready to explode.
I wasn't just expecting it that soon.
As Ja'far says, do your work.
Shut up, will you?
I will if you let me-
Gah… Hard to crack.
Still thinking about overpowering me?
Won't work.
I know. But to let you know, I noticed strange shadow; southwest, around 30 meters.
Sinbad slowly looked there. The strange shadow was definitely a human, maybe a man, in black clothes, looking over the window of Hakuei's room. That sent Sinbad on alert.
Slowly, he stepped off of the hallway behind the bush and sneaked behind the said man. The stranger was walking carefully in the shadows of trees, right underneath the Hakuei's chamber. Then he threw a rope with a hook at the end of it. The black-clothed man started to climb to the window. Sinbad was sure she wasn't asleep because he left her not 5 minutes ago.
Who could it be? He was sure the prin- ehm, General could handle it herself, but he couldn't shake off the feeling to protect her. The stranger finally climbed up to window and looked into the room and then around himself and at the garden beneath him. Sin hid himself good enough to see the man but not be seen by him. The man stepped into the room. Sinbad acted immediately, climbed up the rope and jumped into the room. Hakuei was probably in the bathroom because the man was right behind the door of it.
"Well, well, what do we have here?" asked Sinbad with a little laugh. "An attacker? A thief? A secret lover?" Black-clothed man prepared his weapon - black dagger with golden ornaments, something was leaking from the blade. Probably poison. "Definitely not the lover." Sin hummed.
Man rushed to the King, hoping to give him surprise attack, but it didn't work. Sin noticed it could be a beginner, the way he was trying to stab him was desperate, not precise like professionals.
"I never thought somebody would dare to even think about something like that - stepping into my country, my palace, to hurt somebody close to me. Now tell me, stranger," Sin walked closer to him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Stranger was either stupid or too courageous to attack him again. The King swerved the dagger easily. Just then Hakuei entered the room in white thin strap nightgown.
"What is going on?" she asked, closing the bathroom door. Stranger noticed her and threw her way smaller knife that Hakuei barely dodged. It incensed Sinbad.
"Enough!" said Sinbad calmly and quietly, but dangerously. Black-clothed man looked back at him and threw the poisoned knifes, main dagger still in his hands. One smaller knife cut the cheek of the King, he barely noticed it. The stranger visibly smiled through the black scarf that hid his face from neck to middle of nose and continued throwing knifes his way, forgetting dark-haired woman.
Meanwhile Hakuei crumpled to her night table. She drew a bag with her belongings and got one little bag. She lit one kerosene lamp and stepped to Sinbad with something in her other hand. She whispered to him, "Hold your breath," and when the stranger ran to them, she threw the grass she had in her hand into the fire and smashed the lamp right in front of attacker. The smoke of the grass quickly rose to stranger's nose and suddenly his legs abandoned him and he fell to the ground. Hakuei moved to the door to hallway and called the guard that was already alarmed by the noise coming from her room. The guards secured the limp man.
"I told you I will personally take care of them," said Sinbad wiping the blood from his cheek. Hakuei said nothing; instead she gave him a handkerchief. "What was that grass you threw in that lamp?"
"Paralysing plants, the Kouga girls taught me few non-sword-fighting tricks." She smiled.
"Still, he could have hurt you." He glared at the door. "General Hakuei, from now on, you will be put into my personal quarters seeing the fact that those … followers have the courage to attack you in my country. I want to keep an eye on you during your stay here." Hakuei wanted to protest, but Sinbad cut her off, "Your brother would do the same, and as I want to keep good bonds with Kou Empire, I do not wish for you to get hurt in my country."
"Thank you, but as you saw, I can defend myself just fine. If anything, I can call for my men to help me. Moving me to your quarters would cause more trouble." Hakuei tried to persuade him, not wanting to be near him. Not that she hated him or anything, he… scared her, to be truthful. Something about him scares her and she doesn't know why.
Sinbad looked at her with folded arms at his chest. "I know you can. I'm not underestimating you; they are just precautions to prevent any more situations like this."
"What if there will be more serious situations in your quarters?"
That woman just can't agree! "I don't think they will be, you can be sure. Masrur will hear if somebody dared to sneak into the chambers."
"My men will too." Through forced smile she hoped she doesn't have to go there. He could "visit" her anytime he wanted if he was so close - on accident or not.
He turned his body fully to her, hovering over her. "As you wish, General." He backed down in that, whether he liked it or not. She was a proud royal woman of another country and forcing her into this would only throw bad light upon him. "But one more time they try to do something like this, and be sure you're moving in." He said before he turned away from her and left.

4.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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The door closed.
Hakuei sat at the bed with a loud "thud" after their little encounter. She was angry.
"How dare he-!" she fumed. How dare he come here?! How dare he try to force her into living near him?! No way in HELL she's going to share her privacy with that… that womanizer! How come he knew about that attacker before her? Does he spy on her or what?
Suddenly, her djinn, Paimon, showed herself fully, not with that smoke under her waist.
My queen, what is going on?
Hakuei was shocked. "Paimon? What is it? How come you're here? Every Metal Vessel is locked up who knows where."
You're restless. It's only natural for me to care about my queen. After all, I love you~! Paimon was about to hug her but Hakuei stopped her.
"Paimon, it's not a time for your jokes. How did you do it, that you're here?"
It's a little trick. Tell me, what's going on? The djinn sat in front of her.
"That King is going on." She hung her head.
Hah?! Does he want to steal you away from me?! No way! That put her right on her feet.
"Calm down, Paimon. He doesn't and he won't. It's just… He's so... impudent! He dares to come here in the night!"
He what?! The djinn was infuriated. I'm gonna tell him piece of my mind! She turned to the door to really tell the King a piece of her mind, but Hakuei stopped her.
"Paimon, listen. Just listen. He actually saved me, but it's still… Gah!" she ruffled her hair. "I can save myself! I don't need a babysitter behind my back to watch over me! And how he could know about that man?!"
There was another one?! Are you cheating on me?! Paimon was shocked. What happened!
"What? NO, I'm not cheating on anybody! Argh! Just listen, without interrupting me. I was in the bathroom to change my clothes and to wash myself. I heard few voices so I stepped into the room. There was Sinbad and that… attacker or whoever he was. The man started throwing knifes in my direction and Sinbad defended me. In that time I found those plants from Tenzan Plateau, the paralyzing ones, and lit the lantern, threw the plants into the fire and smashed the lantern. But I could do it alone!"
Paimon was quiet for a moment. …You know, my queen, hearing that, you couldn't do it alone; you wouldn't have had enough time. This time I have to take Sinbad's side. You could've been hurt. What if the King wasn't here in time? That man would hide here and you could've been killed!
Hakuei grunted, defeated. Her own djinn is favouring Sinbad over her. That much to her jealousy. "On which side are you?"
Yours. But I'm really worried about your security. I couldn't do anything in your home country, because you were too far away and now I've got few minutes left. I've… watched him while you weren't here, to see what kind of human is he. I… trust him, little bit I'm worried about what's going on in his head and the way he treats women, but until now he hasn't done here anything bad.
"I don't trust him. I'm scared of him." She confessed quietly. "It's something… wrong with him, something dark. That scares me." Her djinn hugged her.
If you're going to stay here, then I will visit you as often as possible. I have one minute left; this is maximum of time I can be here now. I believe him with you and that is not something you hear from me often. Your men help you, too, but please, if possible, stay close to him. Those attackers are afraid of him, this one was just stupid. Please, he will protect you when I'm not around. Goodbye for now, my Queen~, She disappeared. Hakuei sighed. 'If you believe him… I'll try.' She thought for herself.
"Ja'far! Where is guard keeping the intruder?!" called Sinbad after fellow assassin. He just left Hakuei's chamber in a… let's say it is annoyance. She may be Princess-General of Kou, but here is his territory, his country and his palace. He commands here. She's just a guest.
"In prison, where else, my king?" said Ja'far in ironic voice. Sin shot him with dark glare.
"Guards will tell you, I'm not watching over them. I look after YOUR work."
Sinbad growled. "Fine, let it go. Come with me."
"You're not going to … ask him few bad questions, right?"
"What bad questions?" He was lost.
"You don't intend to torture him, do you?" He put it straight.
"No, we've never done it before, why now? And if he's not going to spill it, then you're here." Ja'far looked at him with disgusted face.
"I'm not torturing him."
"Who said you will? Just give him your scary face and he'll say everything."
"Really? I don't think so, because it's not working on you. Otherwise you'd be in your office and signing last paper."
They stepped into a prison which wasn't even used. Everybody knew the rules, instead of throwing them into some cold cage they threw them out of the country.
"Where is that man?"
"What man, Your Majesty?"
"We have only one man here right now, don't we? Tell me where is he." He was more than annoyed.
"At the end of the prison, Sir." He saluted.
"Thanks." The King mumbled and walked into the darker corridors. The light wasn't needed her while nobody except one man from guard sometimes was here, so nothing was nearly seen.
With Ja'far, who somehow got the torch with fire, they turned right and saw the end of the prison. They walked up to a cell and ordered the guard to let him in.
The man didn't move. He was wearing the same, except the mask on his face, or scarf. Sinbad stepped closer to the intruder and kneeled down.
"We met few minutes before and I believe I didn't hear the answer, so I ask again - who are you?" He asked with serious voice as his eyes bored into the attacker's. The prisoner remained quiet.
"Look, I don't want to kill you or hurt you badly, but if you're not going to cooperate, you'll regret not telling me."
Prisoner wasn't even showing the interest of telling anything. Sin waited, scanning the intruder, then he lost his patience. He shoved his sword into his side, and that woke the prisoner enough to make a sound.
"And here I thought you're mute. Now, feel like talking?" he smiled. He felt his dark side move in him, calling to him to torture the man more roughly.
The prisoner stayed quiet, so Sinbad answered the call of his depravity and dig his sword into man's stomach.
"And now?" Stubborn attacker glared at him. Right now he knew this won't do anything. "My patience is big, but right now is as thin as string. This is the last warning; say something and I won't kill you or torture you more, till your death." The King said with a sword under man's chin. He looked at Sin with disgust, but finally answered.
"She betrayed us and betrayers will be eliminated! Emperor Kouen will come-"
"I don't want to burst your bubble but Kouen is dead." He revealed the information to him. "Emperor Hakuryuu sentenced him to death, and I saw it with my own eyes." He wasn't lying, Kouen was dead in papers, just not in person; he lived on an island that belonged to Kou.
Attacker looked broken. "Y-you're lying!"
"If I was lying, he would contact you, or not?"
"N-No! You filthy liar! He lives, everybody says he lives!"
"Yeah, maybe two months ago he lived, but now... hardly. And tell me, why do you want to kill Princess Hakuei? She did nothing wrong, just protected her brother."
"She betrayed the King and helped the other one, doesn't matter, who it was. She swore loyalty to this one. And she betrayed us. She must be killed, eliminated…And I… I will kill her!" he hissed through clenched teeth.
"Wow, what a bloodlust. But unfortunately, you won't kill her, nor your followers. She is protected by me and my country and anybody who tries to do something bad to her, will be - your favourite word - ELIMINATED by me, personally. For now I let you rest, you will have to apologise to her tomorrow." He winked.
Prisoner growled. "I rather die than to apologise to that bitch! For me, she's just like her whore mother - when she saw King Kouen's interest in my sister, she turned her back to him and flew to you. No brother, she saw she has no chance with him! Just like a bitch she came here, she disgusts me. And we'll do anything to make her pay for it!"
"Yes, we. Did you think it's just me who hated her? No, at least half of the nation. And we despise this fake treatment, Seven Seas Alliance. She will be dead, even if she's under your care. We have the best assassins and they won't stop until they do what they're paid for - Hakuei's head on silver plate." He laughed madly. Sin remained calm, but his smile fell into serious face somewhere in the middle of this conversation. These people were naïve and mad. To think this man would kill her for such a petty reason was laughable. Other his followers would only think of her betrayal as well, just without this theatre of slave in forbidden love with a king.
"Hm… Interesting idea. But can I ask you one question? What would you do, if a man, you are friend with, starts hurting your sister with his troupe?"
"Call my friends and kick his ass," he answered as 5-year old child would.
"She did the same. Her brother versus her cousin, of course she would help her brother who was at blink of his powers! She needed his allies to come kick Kouen's ass, and me as one of his allies and leader of them, she came to me. Obviously, you don't understand, nor your group of followers of dead prince." He was about to leave the cell but turned around to tell him something.
"And one thing - stop chasing after Hakuei or I will hunt you down. Every one of you, personally see you off to the other side. I'm sure your partners heard this whole conversation through that magic item under your clothes." Sin ended and left the prison. This man won't survive through the night; either injury or coldness would do it. And sure as hell he won't help him - attempt to assassination was good reason for it.
"Sinbad, are you okay?" asked worried Ja'far.
"Yes, why?"
"You were scaring me with your practices."
"You were the same."
"I was an assassin, you are a king. Half-fallen king, to be added, do you want to fall completely?!"
"Don't worry; I know what I'm doing. No need to babysit me."
"I'm sorry, my king."
It was unusual for Ja'far to listen to him without making some remarks, but he let it go. After all, today was a busy day, for everybody.
The next day, out of boredom, Hakuei asked Ja'far to help him with his work. At first, he was against it, she is a princess, she shouldn't be doing it, but after half an hour of persuading him he let her. And he did the right thing - his work disappeared quickly and around noon he had most of it done, so he had time to have lunch with everybody in the dining room. The Generals and the King were surprised with him and Hakuei, but didn't comment it. After the lunch Ja'far stopped Hakuei.
"Hakuei-dono, you don't have to come with me, you already helped me enough."
"Don't worry, I really don't mind. I don't have anything to do and I'll be only a burden. So-"
Ja'far smiled genuinely, "I mean it. Go rest, I'll have it done within three hours max."
Hakuei thought for a little while. "No, I'm not tired. And I want to work or else I would go crazy here."
"Fine, but let's make a deal. You'll help me with work till noon and then you go rest. You may visit another general or go for a walk. You're a guest here, this is something I shouldn't be-"
"I'm okay with it and thank you." She smiled at him. Ja'far excused himself to go to his office, but Hakuei stopped him.
"May I at least today go to the gardens and help the gardener? I love gardening, along with sewing."
Ja'far choked on his saliva. "Ha? Oh, yes, you can, but don't overwork yourself; this should be your holiday."
"Thank you, General Ja'far! I appreciate it."
"You're welcome," he waved and went to his office where his King awaited him.
"Were you talking to Miss Hakuei?"
"Yes, Sin, why?"
"I'm just curious. What did you talk about, if it isn't secret?"
Ja'far sighed. Purple-haired man simply didn't know he's somehow jealous over her. "Really Sin? You're acting like her-" He shut it when King gave him dark look. "I mean, she was asking me if she could work here with me. I agreed, because she would be convincing me whole afternoon. Now we just agreed on working till noon, and now I think she's in the garden. I hope she really didn't mean that about working with gardener…" he sighed again. Sin's jaw was on the ground, if not underneath it.
"She what? You WHAT?!" Sin screamed. "Are you fucking kidding' me, Ja'far? You let her WORK?!" he growled. "She saw important Sindrian documents and you've done nothing against it? What?!"
He couldn't believe it. The person he thought is the most reliable about information, duty or simple things like cleaning, gave into a woman from enemy country and let her work with him?!
"What? You're overreacting, Sinbad. She is really polite and hardworking woman, reliable and I was watching over her in case she would do something over the line. You think I'm stupid or what?"
"No, not stupid, but this is just definitely the dumbest thing you ever have done! You know what the consequences are?"
"For now there are no consequences because I know what I'm doing. And she's really helping me, unlike you and your ditching! From what I've seen, she doesn't look like backstabbing person and I know what I'm talking about, my King," he hissed the last words and sat behind his table with the paperwork. He's glad he hadn't shown Hakuei other three stack of paper under his table, because she would immediately come here and do them with him. He's already feeling bad because of the working under him and now when Sinbad had scolded him like a 5-year old child, he's feeling worse. He didn't pay attention to her because he had to fill in the documents and papers, which had his full attention but he didn't have that kind vibe of her.
The door to his office closed and that meant Sinbad war pretty angry over him.

5.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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'That stupid assassin! What did he think? Would she let the opportunity slip? No!' he nearly run into his office and broke the first thing he laid his hand on. It was a vase from somewhere he was, he doesn't even remember.
You stupid thing, yesterday you were saying something else.
That was yesterday, today is today.
Hm… And I thought you-
Don't you dare to say "like her"!
-worried about her. At least.
Right now she's save. But she's been here for one day and she wants to work? For another country? It's just… suspicious.
Somebody has to work when the other are being lazy.
You're not talking about me, are you?
I didn't name anybody. You said it. And look! That gardener knows how to sway her-
Sinbad choked on his saliva and looked down in the garden where Hakuei was cutting the withered parts of roses and lilies. His gardener was talking to her in a way he didn't with her, because she wouldn't let him. He was a King and she's a Princess-General, so she has to be polite and on top of it, she didn't trust him. It pissed him off really bad.
'Well, I, or any other man here, would have at least a minimal chance with her. You, on the other hand, not.' He remembered Sharrkan's words and shook his head aggressively. It's impossible, why the hell is he so angry around her?!
Right now the gardener kissed her hand and she giggled. Sinbad gripped the window frame, frustrated. Why did she let him?! And why not him, the King? Does she hate him that much?
The gardener said to her few words that stopped her giggle and Sin narrowed his eyes to see her facial expressions better. She wasn't laughing anymore, but smiling. Not the genuine one, but somehow forced. He furrowed his eyebrows. Sinbad didn't know what to do and he didn't want her to know he watched her. And he's no stalker!
Hakuei was slowly stepping back away from the man, camouflaging it as cutting the roses. The man followed her and caught her hand, the scissors fell. That startled her, and Sinbad didn't like it. Hakuei tried to say something, prying that hand from her, but it seemed to tighten harder. Then her eyes narrowed as she felt the pain from her hand, but hid it behind her mask of polite Princess.
"…please…l… go," he heard. He was, at least, two windows above her, but more than ready to jump between them. Suddenly Hakuei drew a dagger she braced herself with when he approached her back then and pointed the blade at his chin with straight face. The gardener grinned and said something to her, that obviously insecured her.
"Sin- wha-?!" Ja'far stepped into the room only to be hushed. Sin was looking at Princess of Kou and the strange gardener.
"Do we employ this man?" Sin asked Ja'far when he came to him.
"No, you should know everybody in the palace." He answered.
"Then how come he is here?" he asked with calm voice.
"I'm going for Drakon and his military for-"
"No, she must not know we saw this. As she said, she's capable of saving herself. This would only mean we're always stalking her." Sinbad was still controlling the situation down there. Ja'far wasn't sure what to think about his King. Right now he looks like he was about to jump down between them but at the same time wants to keep watching. He sighed.
"If she mustn't know about it, then come here and sign these papers, it will be quick." He dropped around two hundred papers and documents on his desk. Sinbad sweat dropped.
"… And when do you want to have them back?" he asked carefully.
"In hm… how much would it take me? Around half of hour, but it's you, so double or triple the time - I want them in an hour!" first he murmured and then he shouted the final time. Sin nearly dropped on his knees. In an hour this?! It's beautiful sunny d-
"Don't you dare to think it's beautiful sunny day, my King, you asked for it. You don't want to spend time with Princess, who by the way is really nice company, and you rather work, well, I should be happy," he said before he closed the door of his office.
"… Does he like her?" he scratched his head and turned back to the garden where Hakuei was walking away from the garden and that man who vanished suddenly in the air. He frowned. She immediately looked around her and he hid under his window. When he was sure she may have walked away, he stood up and looked through the window, but saw nobody. He breathed out the sigh of relief. She can't know about him!
As the night approached, he was still in his office. Sinbad finally signed the last paper of his work that Ja'far constantly brought him. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door.
"Come in!"
A person stepped in. Hakuei.
"What do I give the pleasure for you to visit me, General Hakuei?"
"… I was just thinking if you haven't gotten any message from my brother," she asked with typical Kou bow.
"No, I'm afraid I haven't. What's the matter?" He stood up and walked over her.
"… Nothing, I was just curious. Good night." She was about to leave the office, but Sinbad caught her hand.
"I mean it, General. What is the matter?" She looked anywhere but I his eyes.
"As I said, nothing. Please, release me." He didn't do it, instead, he tightened his hold and pushed her to him, but she didn't fall into him. Unfortunately.
"What are you doing, Sinbad?" she narrowed her eyes in warning. He returned her glare.
"I'm expecting the sincere answer from the sincere woman. What is going on?"
"As I said, nothing."
"It has nothing to do with it. Tell me."
"It's nothing."
"Every time I hear it, it is Something."
"Well, you heard it anyway." She turned her head sideways.
"What?" he raised one eyebrow.
"You heard it. You think I didn't see you in the window in the afternoon?" He slightly blushed but reclaimed his composure. There goes his secret-watching over her.
"I don't know what you mean, Hakuei."
"General Hakuei."
"General Hakuei. But you called me by my name, without any honorifics." He cracked a smile.
"It slipped. I beg of your pardon, King Sinbad," she bowed even with her hand in his grasp and minimal distance. Of course, she didn't touch him.
"No need, it happens. But back to the topic. Were you expecting a letter or a call?"
"I'm not sure- I mean - it's nothing." He smiled.
"You can tell me, General. I swear I won't tell anybody."
"You already know about it, so why do you keep acting as you don't?"
"Because I don't know, that's why."
Hakuei sighed. He was going to keep pushing until she answers, right?
"My brother should have called or written a letter, and me too. Since I heard few gossips around, I thought you know something."
"What kind of gossips?" he furrowed his eyebrows.
"That he abdicated."
"… As what of I know, he hasn't."
"I see. Thank you for your time, King Sinbad." She turned again to leave but he didn't want to let her go. As some kind of force was keeping him there.
"Please, release me."
"And what if I don't want to?" he asked with sincerity. It stopped her, but then she threw her wrist. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't enough to free her hand.
"You're not telling me something, Hakuei," he held her hand more tightly.
"It's not your problem, Sinbad," she countered him.
"It is, since you're here, in my kingdom," he pushed her.
"As I said, it is not you problem, only mine."
"As I would believe it."
"You have to."
"You're not saying something."
"Stop it."
"I won't until you answer me properly."
"Stop being a child and let me go."
"No," he made a step towards her and she stepped backwards. "What is it?"
"It's really nothing, I was just curious about well-being of my brother." She closed her eyes, defeated. He was too much for her. She has to have a talk with Paimon about him. "And why do you have a Metal Vessel if it's forbidden?" she pointed at his sword.
"Sea monsters."
"We could also say "giant birds" or "flying monkeys" and keep our Metal Vessels." She stabbed her finger of the other, free, hand into his chest. She felt her cheeks blushing, but she was hoping he didn't see it. If he did, she would be a bait number one in his Adventures of Lady-killer.
"You could. But it's my father's sword. That is the main reason I will not give it to anybody."
"Still, you're cheating," she pushed him away from her with that free hand. "And your Seven Seas Alliance should know about it. Or at least my brother."
"You won't tell anybody."
"Isn't it the same thing you said to me back then?"
"Yes, it is. Should we continue like before?"
"As if, you lecher!" she forgot her manners as a princess and threw first thing she grabbed. Unfortunately, it was a vase from Artemira. He let her hand flee and so-so caught it, but she was already leaving. And no way in hell she will tell anybody about his sword and djinn, so he followed her. Too bad for her, he knew every corn and every pit of his palace.
And even if he knew, she somehow has vanished!
Oh, come on, she left a second ago! Really, you can't see her? David's voice was mocking him.
Stop it! I'm trying to find her! He scanned through the hall.
Then he saw her, right behind the wall. She turned there, but did she know it only leads to his chambers and his General's? He ran after her. After all, dead end was waiting for her… Right…
"My, my, what a language for a lady…" he teased her with a smirk on his face as he cornered her is a hallway.
"I'm a general, King Sinbad. The General of Kou Empire, please, don't forget it next time." She tried to keep herself together. Thinking about her next step and how to escape the player-King she turned herself to him completely.
"Hopefully, I won't, but it's really hard to not forget it in present of such a pretty lady." She decided to play along. How do they say it? Play the player? She may try it.
"Still a womanizer, as I can see. Too bad, I might have got interested in you, but with that reputation of yours…" she said with sad-drama-queen voice. That startled him. He saw a chance. And his inner self took control of this situation.
Hakuei saw it and tried to escape the hallway. Key word - tried.
He caught her with such easiness that she couldn't predict the next his action - a kiss. Simple kiss that escalated into fiery deep one. She couldn't shove him away and he was making her mind go white. Slowly, they separated themselves because of lack of breath.
After half a minute he broke the silence.
"You lecher…!"
"You're staying with me."
"What? No! I-"
"I wasn't asking. You are, whether you like it or not. In my chambers."
"I'm not one of your girls for entertainment, Sinbad," she hissed through her teeth. How stupid of her - she let herself fall for it! Of course he would think of her as a girl who will sleep with him for his post as a King of Sindria or High King of the Seven Seas. And she has to gather her last will of nobility and leave as soon as possible. She may be a princess, but still, she's a woman in the first place, healthy woman, and yes, a virgin. It doesn't mean anything in her place - she had Paimon, Djinn of maniacal love and chaos. There goes her innocence.
"I never said anything about entertainment, Hakuei," he purred. He purred as a cat, just with bass. She shivered.
She has to leave.
"You only think you didn't. Your actions spoke for themselves."
"Yours as well," he laughed a little.
"I don't think so. It could be your favourite djinn, Zepar," she brought the memory back.
He laughed again, this time let his head fall at her shoulder and he embraced her. "If you had Zepar planted into you, you would listen to every thing I would have said. Don't you think this was your free will?"
"My free will?" she snickered. "You forced yourself at me." She didn't mean to say it this hard, but she had to. Even though she liked it, - no way in hell she would admit it - she is a Prin- General.
He hardened his stare. "That's what you think?"
"…Yes, it is." She straightened up and tried to sound like it was really embarrassing.
"… Liar. And really bad one." He grinned. She puffed in anger and struggled against him, but it was no use. She may be a General but what can she do to 7-Dungeon Conqueror? It's like a kitten was fighting an adult lion. Stupid and ridiculous. "But so cute one." He straightened himself, but still held her.
"I'm not cute, I'm the General. I can't be cute. I'm a warrior." She said with challenging look.
"Oh, is that so? Then would you mind if I test it? You can choose between magic fight and normal."
She felt the chance to have Paimon back. Maybe if she somehow managed to leave Sindria earlier and secretly, she could have her Metal Vessel back.
"No, I wouldn't mind. I choose the magic one. With my Metal Vessel and Paimon. But I want a fair fight - I have only one Djinn, that's why I would be glad if you used just one as well."
"Very well, then… When and where?"
"You're pretty confident. How about tomo- no, better not, I promised Ja'far to help him and then I want to spend some time with my tribe. Hm… How about on Sunday? And somewhere, where are not people, I don't want to hurt anyone." Either she didn't notice his hand on her back or simply didn't mind. He hoped for the second option.
"Fine by me. I will choose the same as you - a wind djinn of mine, Focalor. A place? Your cousin Kougyoku fought me even here, in the palace."
"But here are many people. I think a little bit further from Sindria, on the wide sea. There is nobody to be hurt."
"Agreed then."
"Now, if you excuse me-" she tried, again, for the xyz-time to run away from him, but he was thinking otherwise.
"Didn't I say that you're staying here?" he arched one eyebrow.
"I remember I said yes, you are."
"Why so? Yesterday I managed to save myself easily," she countered.
"And today? I said 'Once again somebody tries to hurt you, you're going to my private quarters,', didn't I?" he circled his arms around her waist more tightly than before.
"I'm sorry, but I have to go-"
"Maids!" he called after them and they showed up within 10 seconds. "Gather all the things of General Ren Hakuei next to my chamber."
Her eyes were twice of their size. "No, just no! Stop it! Bring me my things back!" The maids looked torn. She turned to Sinbad. "Why? Do you think you can do whatever you want to do with me?!" she shoved him away from her.
"Yes, I do. And don't make me repeat myself."
"For you information, nobody tried to do anything to me, Sinbad, only if we're counting you as one of attackers."
"Oh, really? Am I? Very well, then prove it." He challenged her.
Hakuei glanced at the maids. They looked awkwardly anywhere but them. She turned back to Sinbad. And that douchebag was grinning. He got her pretty good.
Then she thought about it. He is known to be a player, so this should be good for her. "You kissed me against my will. Isn't it forcing yourself on me?"
"As a General, you should have defended yourself. With that, it only deepens my decision to keep you closer to me."
Say what? "I can defend myself just fine. Like this afternoon-"
"So somebody did attack you." He didn't ask, just stated. Right then she knew she'd be moving to him.
"No, they didn't. The gardener didn't see my scissors and accidentally brushed it over my hands. Nothing else."
"And now let's be serious. Maids, bring her here clothes, no objection."
"But I'm not wed to you, it's disgraceful to be so close-"
"Only if we slept in the same room and same bed. You're sleeping next to my room and Ja'far's, just in case somebody dared to come even here. You were on the other side of palace."
"It sounds like I'm the bad one - a thief or something."
"I'm sorry it sounds like it. It's for the safety."
"Well, I'm lucky to have Ja'far near me. Otherwise I would be not afraid of a burglar or killer, but you."
"You still don't believe me…"
"Old habits die hard."
"How come Ja'far is better than me?"
"I can feel the jealousy. But to answer your question - he's not a Lady-killer of the Seven Seas, for example." That struck him. She really didn't know about Ja'far's history, hopefully she wouldn't know, and she believed him more than him?
"I'm not jealous and I'm not a Lady-kil- I may be a little bit flirtatious towards the girls and women, but Lady-killer?"
She eyed him suspiciously. "If you haven't noticed, you tried to kiss me twice."
"The second time you were not protesting." He grinned. She caught a vase near her. "Not again!" he scowled. Another vase? Why? He knew the sharps bring luck, but so many times it's not a luck but catastrophe!
"Try to say it once again and I swear, Kougyoku would not be the only one to be the Kou Princess who was harassed by you." She said in silent but dangerous tone. He gulped.
"It's really late, shall we go to sleep? I'm so tired…" He stepped back from her. It was embarrassing when the young red-haired Princess and her … what was he? … The one with that strange name, he can't remember… when they pulled that thing. Fortunately, it was a lie. "And it was a lie, General Hakuei. I didn't do anything to her."
"Says you. I heard otherwise."
"Right now, please follow me."
"I'm going back to-"
"To your new chamber, I know." He caught her hand and dragged her with him.
"You just don't learn from your mistakes, right?"
"Why is it so?"
"You're brave when you think Hakuryuu won't be hearing this. It's my duty to serve Emperor and tell him everything what happened." She didn't pull off her hand, though.
"He won't. I might imprison you for spying on me."
"I hardly see you."
"You work with Ja'far. You have an access to important documents of my country. You should not do it or be anywhere near them."
"And here I thought it's just me not believing you. It goes for the both sides, I see."
"It's not like I don't believe you, Hakuei. But working on this high status might bring the bad things and rumours." He stopped in front of his chamber but didn't let go of her hand. Opening the door, she tried to slip away, but he was strong.
"King Sinbad, I'm feeling rather tired. Now, if you EXCUSE me, I'll be going to MY chamber." She tried to pry him off in a polite way. In her point of view, he was a little bit forceful. She still didn't trust him enough.
"King Sinbad! What are you doing?" Ja'far's voice was echoing through the hallway. Both Princess and King turned to face him, unheard irritated sigh fell out of King. Hakuei looked on the other hand relieved, because she might finally free herself from the High King and get time for herself.
"Ja'far, what is going on?" Sinbad tried to seem surprised, but fellow assassin didn't follow.
"Right now you will let Miss Hakuei go and let her get some sleep. " Then he turned to Hakuei. "My deepest apologise for this shameful King. Hopefully, this won't happen again." He bowed. The General looked surprised, but then felt little bit ashamed.
"General Ja'far, please, rise up. It's really nothing, I assure you." She walked to him, much to unseen Sinbad's displeasure.
"Miss Hakuei, I heard you're moving here."
"Ah, yes. King Sinbad thought my chambers were not so safe for me, that's why he moved me. I don't think it was necessary, though. I don't know where exactly, but-"
"Here." He showed her the door right next to him and opposite of Ja'far's. Assassin sent irritated look to King. He can't just let it go, right?
"There? I… Ehm.. Thank you, but isn't somebody living there already? I mean, other Generals or…"
"No, it's a guest room."
What a big lie. It was another his chamber he had just for himself, the one he was leading her to, was the one he was sharing with his dancers or concubines. He either wanted to visit her at night or… He didn't want to think about it. It's really late.
Hakuei didn't have a chance. "Very well, then. Good night," she wished them and closed the door behind her. Ja'far was already beaten from the work his King was abandoning and telling him their little incident would only worsen it. She decided to let it go, forget about it and maybe survive the whole time on this island. Near the perverted King. And stay innocent. Yes, she will.
Few seconds later the maids brought her clothes, both Sindrian and Kou. Both King and his General weren't there.

6.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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7.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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"NO! For the last time - NO!" exclaimed Hakuei. There's no way in hell she'll do it.
"Come on, I know you want to~!"
"No! Get away from me! Back! Back off!" she ran.
"Hakuei-chaaaan~! Come heeereee~! I've got something for you~!"
"Kshhh! Kshh!" she tried with no use.
"It's perfect! Those dresses are perfect! And if you don't want to choose, I will for you!" exclaimed Pisti behind her with a heap of clothes in her hands as she was trying to catch up with princess who ran around the whole floor clothed in one of those clothes. Pisti wanted for her to wear more... revealing ones.
"NO, Pisti! I want to choose by myself the dress! These aren't even dress - they're undergarments!"
"For you maybe, but here's hot, so we have to dress lightly." Hakuei turned to the next door just to lock herself. She didn't know it was library where actually Sinbad was. He was actually starting to be more of a King than a drunkard.
And of course, you can't lock a room without a key, so here her plan failed.
"Pisti, stop it…! I really don't want any of these…" she said exhausted and pointed on her dress and the pile Pisti had.
"Fine, but then I have more!" she smiled and Hakuei sweat-dropped and slided down on a door frame. "Come with me!!" She dragged her to her room. Sinbad gave a sigh of relief. Good she didn't see him. Those dress actually suited her, if to ask his opinion.
See? Told you. She is perfect for you.
Shut it, David. I'm not going to get married or have an illegitimate child.
Hey, I have never said anything about illegitimate child. But I have to admit it, it's a good idea.
No. I will not try anything on her.
Wow, what a modesty. A few weeks ago you would pounce on her right away.
What are you trying to achieve?
A heir? 'Somebody to control.'
I'm still young, that's the first one; second, I would have to wed the woman and as I said, I'm not going to marry. I have a country to take care of.
I have obligations to the first one. And women… Let's see how long you will resist.
Are you threatening me, David?
No. I just know you.
No, you don't. If you had known me, you would have stopped by now with your tries to make me surrender.
Well, if you think… He silenced.
Sinbad started to read the book again. But his mind was elsewhere - with the dark-haired beauty.
"Pisti, I really don't think this is the best choice. It's too much revealing." She snaked her hands around herself. Hakuei didn't feel comfortable. The dress she wore revealed so much skin, skin she wanted to hide. Not just the scars, they were not the problem; the problem was, she was embarrassed.
The dress were typical oriental dancer style, the colour was fading - from the royal blue on the bottom of the skirt to white on the top. The upper part had the silver ornaments that were under her breast, lining them and continued to the neck, where the ornaments met behind it. White-silver ornaments were on the bottom of the skirt and on her waist.
"Don't worry, you will be dancing, you'll be warm." Pisti chuckled.
"But until then I will be… eating or simply sitting, I will be cold."
"Drink, it helps."
"I can't."
"Says who?"
"Says Kou."
"Nobody's here, so what's the matter? You've been working with us for… long time in my opinion, you already belong here, so you have to relax in our way. It's Maharajan!"
"I'm still taking something on me." Hakuei wouldn't step down.
Pisti sighed. "Fine, here's… a stole!" she showed her a piece of light blue veiling that she threw around her shoulders. "Can be?"
"Yes, right now it's … acceptable." She crunched the fabric more to her.
"Aaaand, this is the last one," she gave her necklace with the same ornaments as her dress. "Look at you, what a beauty… I wish to be like you, beautiful and strong… and tall and busty." Her outspoken nature would show itself anytime.
"Actually, I envy you - it's really heavy and my back hurts then. You can move freely, run as you like. Sleep on the stomach. And me?" She laughed. Pisti was feeling little bit better in presence of her new friend. Yamu, on the other hand, was preparing some… medicine? Something to avoid a hangover in the morning.
"Well, we have to go, Maharajan is about to start."
Few hours later the fiesta was showing its true colours. Everyone was drunk. Everyone. Even Hakuei had to take a few glasses because Pisti was on the verge of crying and she wasn't going to take care of her. And a few girls from King's harem were there trying to befriend her by drinking. No success. Sinbad was nowhere to be seen the whole party. It was unusual, even Ja'far showed himself and took at least on glass of wine. Of course with the words that his King was giving him a headache and he is only a human.
"Okay, I think I've had enough, thank you for the nice time I had with you," she tried to pronounce it slowly and without lisping.
"Buuuut, Haku….EI! *hic* It's not…ovvaa! *hic* You… you haf to… drink.. at leasssst one more!" said finally Pisti who was absolutely plastered and draping all over Spartos who actually had a patience of God.
"No, I'm really tired and drunk."
"You're… not. You're not talkin' funny."
"You ain't either. Pisti… I'm so tired… I have to sleep."
"Then sleep *hic*. Or betta, I'm callin' *hic* Sinbad! Or Ja'far… Yeah… Sin will be.. pissed off~ Hahaha ~!" Hakuei arched an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"
"Noooothinnnn'. Hahahaha~!" Then a drunk dancer came to them.
"Heey~ there, alreaaady goin'?"
"Yes, I am." She tried to sound professional even though her tongue thought other.
"Whyyy??? It's earlyyy…" She gave her another drink, but Hakuei put it on the table.
"Thank you for your generosity, but I really need to go,"
"Where? The boys are here... And drinks too." Dancer smiled in the suave way that Hakuei wanted to throw up.
"Not interested, sorry," she waved her hands.
"Are you probably-"
"No! I just don't want to party, I'm tired," she tried to get away.
"… If you say so…. But at least take a boy with you - you're young and nobody's watching over you, you can relax a little bit." She took the hand of the stand-by boy and threw him into Hakuei who caught him and apologised.
"I really need to go, please, enjoy yourselves," said and left as quick as possible. She turned to the door that leaded to her chamber next to Sinbad's, but first…
"Now, obstacle run begins… Great."
Quietly stepping in the hallway she tried not to wake up the guard and not to disturb few… couples enjoying the night. It's really hard to run little bit drunk, so she was hoping she's walking quietly. She was about a halfway to her room when a man called after her.
"Stop, intruder!" She turned and saw a guard, fat as a pig, going to her.
"I have a room here,"
"That people say everytime *hic*," hiccupped the man. A big problem was roaring upon her. Either she would be put into a prison for intruding the palace, although she stayed here for about two weeks, or she would be kicked out of here.
"I really am staying here. I'm General Hakuei Ren from Kou." She straightened her back.
"Yeah, and I'm King Sinbad… Nobody believes you, sweetheart." He took a glance at her. "But you want to go there, right? Something for something. You want to go to the palace. I can let it go, if you-"
"Hell no, you pig!" she couldn't help herself when she said it. Maybe it was that tiny amount of alcohol burning through her system giving her the courage to speak up to a tall and well-fed soldier, but she was no … entertainment.
"What have you said, you whore?!" he fumed. "Guard! Intruder!" he called after the other who were drinking and sleeping. Groggily they came up to him and sheathed their swords clumsily. Hakuei was cornered.
"Now, girly, do what we want you to and you can go," the fat bastard licked his lips. Hakuei shivered.
"NO way in hell," she growled and looked for the escape. Unfortunately for her, the doors were too close to the guards and the closest one was locked.
"Feisty… Let's see if she-"
"General Hakuei!" called somebody after her. First she thought it was Ja'far, he was guarding her from most of the things, but she saw Sinbad. Very angry Sinbad. He came to them and alcohol-boosted guard called after him.
"Go find another whore, boy, this one here is ours."
Sinbad narrowed his eyes. "Do you know who are you speaking to?"
"To a one boy who got lost here, so now back off," Fat man emphased the words.
Sinbad smiled. "You are fired."
"Says who?"
"Says me, the King of Sindria," the guard were about to burst from laughter, but Sin simply buzzed the man with his lightening. Then came to Hakuei and took her hand. She accepted it and let herself be dragged away from here. She was still shivering from those men, tightening her hold on the stole.
When they were near their chambers, he spoke up. "What were you doing there alone?"
"I was just trying to get here; I didn't know the guard didn't recognize me."
"What were you doing here alone?" he emphased the word alone.
"Others were having a great time; it was only me who was tired so I went by myself."
"And if I hadn't gotten there in time?"
"I…. I guess I would try to run or lock myself in the room or…"
"Or simply be raped by a bunch of drunkards!" he yelled at her and she flinched. When he saw the fear, he calmed down. "Sorry, I just… Never go alone when it's Maharajan or any party here. Drunk people tend to do things… bad ones."
"Your own experience?" she couldn't help but to tease. Blame it on the said alcohol. "But as I said, I hoped for the quick pass-by here and go to my chamber." Still shaken from the men and even from the King himself she tried to open the door to her room and be alone as soon as possible. She needed to be really alone, not with anybody, especially with a man.
"I understand. But next time, just… don't do it; call for somebody to escort you, even me, but never go alone." He sounded hurt. As he was the one she hurt.
"I'll do. Now, if you excuse me," she tried for the x-time to get to her room. It was nearly annoying when everybody stopped her.
"Hey, there you are, you bitch! Goin' with a stranger, yes, goin' with me, nooo!" She shivered. How come they are here?! Sinbad felt her worries, her fear, and his anger quickly came back.
"I think I told you you're fired, so I expect you to leave the palace and never see you again," said The King in a warning-tone. The guard didn't get it and yelled more.
"You?! Who are you, peasant! Me, the great General A'Khanisa, will punish you for entering the chambers of His Majesty! And the girl will get the same, just with a lesson before!"
"Well then, I don't know any General A'Khanisa, there are just 8 Generals and then there are army soldiers, captains and many other, no A'Khanisa was ever heard in the higher ranks. I'm giving you five seconds before I will get angry and then you'll see the punishment." Sinbad stepped in front of Hakuei and walked to the "general".
"Ha! A peasant like you?! You'll be thrown into the prison and then you'll lick my shoes clean! Every day, you'll be whipped, screaming! And I'll be promoted for catching such a liar and a whore!" fat man laughed. Sinbad was so close to not kill him right in front of Hakuei's eyes, but scaring her more would only throw him in the bad light.
"Time's up," he said and attacked his soldier who barely could dodge it. He fell to the ground.
"Did… did you kill him?" she asked.
"No, but he was so close to be," he called the real guard to take this thing into the prison.
Hakuei was about to enter her chamber when he approached her from behind. As scared as she was, she grabbed the first thing on the table she got her hands on and swished it at the King. He stepped back and saw the vulnerable girl, not the warrior she always claims him to be.
"I'm staying with you," he said as a matter of fact after few seconds of silence.
"No, you're not. Don't you think I need time alone? Just me, no man, no woman, I need to be alone!" her voice escalated to a scream, but not too much loud, she was still aiming the thing, again it was a vase, at him.
"You've been attacked, humiliated and now you're scared, staying alone would be the last thing you need." He entered her (his) chamber and took the vase off from her hands.
"But it is what I really need, let me be alone!"
"You're shaking from fear!"
"I'm afraid of you!" she screamed to his face and yanked her hands. She was about to cry, but told herself it will only bring more troubles.
"Of me?" he asked surprised and let his hands fall to his sides.
"Hi~, Princess~!" she heard in her mind.
"I…I …" she hyperventilated, too much happening tonight got her. Backing away from him and the door, her hand on her lifting chest.
"Hakuei! What is going on?!" he caught her and looked worriedly at her. Her chest was lifting too quickly and soon she would black out from excess amount of oxygen in her body. He scooped her into his arms and put her on the bed, sitting beside her and stroking her back. After few minutes she was slowly calming down, her breath normalizing, with a small sobs coming from her closed, hidden behind her hands, eyes.
Now she didn't care about her make up or her dress; it was too much for her. It all started during Kou war, when Paimon sensed something evil. After few days she found out what it was - her djinn told her she's doing everything she can to stop a woman called Arba to take over her body; that woman, Arba, would always talk to her and taint her to get the worst out of her when Paimon relaxed after the fight. Her sanity was slowly slipping and she didn't know what to do. Then, after the war when she betrayed her cousins, the attacks began and now the lecherous men were always around her. Arba didn't stop bugging her, but she didn't know how the magician still didn't overpower her. She could. Why was she waiting?
Sinbad got out of the outer robes and jewels. Then sat on the bed and rubbed her back, she couldn't look back at him. It was humiliating and now, when she told him she's afraid of him, she expected him to leave her alone, like she wanted. Instead, he's sitting on her bed.
"Why are you still here?" she sniffed. He remained quiet and continued to rub her back. "If you haven't noticed, I want to be alone," she urged. He even laid down on his back. "It's inappropriate for a King to approach unwed Princess like this." She continued.
"Now you're princess?" she asked with a smile on his lips. That angered her.
"Shut it," she mumbled to her pillow.
"Why are you afraid of me?"
"It's a stupid question."
"Why?" he was persistent. Unless she told him, he would be here with her. Even a whole night…
"You're a King, of course you have-"
"Respect, yes, but fear? Did I do anything to you that gave you the reason to be afraid?"
She looked at him with narrowed eyes, little bit red from the cry. "You want me to tell you? Every time we are alone, you molest me. You're older than me, and it's not appropriate. "
"And I assume you don't like it," he grinned.
"Yeah, I don't…. And stop it!" red-faced, she smacked his hands from her back, because they were distracting her from thinking straight. Alcohol was nearly burned off from her system, so she knew what is going on. And she liked it, but admitting it? NO, he would only jump at her like a jaguar.
"Oh, really? You're cute when you're blushing," he didn't give up. "And when you blush, it means you like it." Now two hands were roaming on her back.
"No, I don't and stop it- Oh!" He lifted her and put her on his torso hugging her.
"Are you afraid of me?"
She stayed quiet for a while. "I'm afraid of what you think; of what's inside of you."
That surprised him. "Inside of me?"
"Yes… You have that… dangerous aura around you. Like m-" she stopped short.
"Like what?"
"Whenever you say nothing, it is something, so spill it."
"No, it's nothing."
"I will...what did you call it? ... Molest you until you'll tell me."
"I won't tell you!"
Sinbad just grinned. "Fun night begins for me~," he traced his hands on her back and she tried to take them off, slide off of him, but him being way stronger - let's say they played cat and mouse. Then she started to catch his hands with her, so he won't be touching her. She sat on him, his torso between her hands and in a fever of "game" she didn't notice their position; she was still trying to win in wrestling.
"Will you tell me now?"
"Tell... what?" she was slowly sweating while he was just lying on the bed.
"You told me I have a dangerous aura, like something. I want to know like what. And why do you think I'm dangerous," he pushed her up and bent the his knees, so she leaned on them, and he narrowed to her position, backed little bit and leaned on the bed backrest. Now she saw in what compromising position they are and blushed heavily.
"K-King Sinbad, I think it's enough, stop it."
"No. And stop with honorifics."
"You're too close-"
He had her trapped and himself between her tights. If she moved, he would be in a big trouble - but for purple-haired man it was impossible to resist. "I know. If you want me to free you, you have to answer," he smiled, the light of the moon shining on part of his face; the other looked like a lion looking at a prey.
"I…I… It's just a feeling, n-not anything reasonable."
"If it isn't reasonable, why do you believe it?"
"I... I don't know!" she started to wave her hand in order to cool herself down. It was suddenly too hot here. "Release me!"
"No." he got even closer. She sheepishly looked at him, but as soon as she did, she turned away from him; their noses were nearly touching. "Either you'll tell me or we can continue-"
"Continue how?" she interrupted him. He smiled deviously and she shivered - the good shiver.
"It's up to you - if you tell me, I'll release you. Now you're making this harder for yourself."
What was her tactic once? Run away? No. Get him angry? Better not. P… Prepare a food? No, it would kill him and it's night. P.. Something with the P…Paimon said… Eh… P… Play the player!
"Isn't it harder for you? I mean, you're a man… and I'm a woman, it does nothing to me, but to you… Oh-" she tried to make an excuse for him to feel embarrassed, but ended up embarrassed herself and Sinbad caged her to the bed with hands above her head.
"Do not try my patience," he said with velvet voice to her ear. "Maybe because I'm a man, you can end up really, really…. Really badly." He traced a finger across her jaw and neck to stop before her cleavage. Her eyes went wide. Then he had the courage to kiss her French kiss. First few seconds she was unmoving then she kissed him back. Blame it on the alcohol; non-existent, but blame it on it. He released her hands for her to circle it around his neck and bring him closer. His hands travelled down her figure and stopped at her hips. She let his hair down and brushed her fingers through the locks; he deepened the kiss and tightened his hold on her hips. After few minutes they broke, string of saliva still connecting them.
"If you don't stop, this might get serious," he said with a husky voice making her shiver. "And believe me, I don't want to stop."
"Of course you don't want to - you got here a willing woman-"
"Willing woman?" he arched an eyebrow. "Is that so?" he grinned like wolf.
"It was the alcohol speaking, it's hot here, I didn't say anything like this," she waved her hand trying to haze the talk.
"Is that so? I doubt it," she felt his hot breath on her neck and something wet going to her jaw. It felt good… She moaned and Sinbad nearly snapped. Instead he sucked on juncture between her shoulder and neck, biting it little to make a bruise. Then another one and another one, slowly making his way to her breast.
"S-Sin, we... have to... stop!" she shrieked out.
"Now I don't want to… And you neither," he licked his way back to her ear and she moaned again.
"I-I want t-to…" His hands rested on her bare stomach and she sucked breath.
"Are you sure?" He moved them across her stomach and made her clench his shoulders, nails digging to the hard muscles.
"Y-Yeah, or else… You would h-have to t-take me-" Another bruise on her shoulder appeared.
"Take you?" He said in hopeful voice.
"A-as a wife, and clearly you don't want to get married, so we have to stop," she pushed him off of her and sat.
Is this a problem? To sleep with me you would have to get married, even though you're clearly staying here as long as possible? Your brother didn't call so far, I don't expect him to interest himself about you. You can live freely, without those annoying rules you have! He wanted to tell her. But choose against it.
"And I'm tired, it's been a long day a-and I need to sleep," she got up and went to her bathroom. Sinbad just sat on the bed. What just happened? In a minute they were having a great time, enjoying the while and then because of one rule she… ran away? He got up and traced after her, only to find out that she locked the door.
She will come back, she has to. Only to pretend I left the room… He walked to the door, opened them and closed, but didn't move from the spot in front of the door. He hid behind the closet and waited for her. First minutes she was doing something in the bathroom, then she opened the door and looked around the room. When she got sure he's not there, she closed the bathroom door and came to the bed; he stepped from his hideout and hugged her from behind. She squealed and turned.
"Why must you hurt me?" she asked in a teary voice.
"I didn't mean to hurt you… I just - " he took a deep breath of her hair.
"My brother won't approve of it," she told him.
"How can you say?" he turned her to face him.
"So you're willing to get married?" she asked him in a doubtful voice. He stayed quiet. "As I thought. Please, leave, Sinbad. I… I need to sleep, my head hurts." She turned her face away from him, broken.
He was about to say something, but she cut him, "Leave, please, King Sinbad."
King Sinbad.
Not just Sinbad or Sin.
King Sinbad.
"A-As you wish… Good night. If anything, I'm right next you," he said with strange voice and left her chamber.
After a minute she broke down and crying fell asleep in a dreamless sleep.
His clothes laid forgotten on the night table.

8.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

23. october 2016 at 16:20 | Lucy-chan |  Anime poviedky


Sinbad wanted to destroy everything around him, but it would only bring everybody here and he doesn't want it; he wanted to scream, rage, break, tear, kill and mostly - burn the rules… Just because of those he couldn't have the woman!
What, what, what~?
Shut the fuck up, David, I really don't have time for you!
Oh, so angry... The reason?
Shut it, David, not now!
Fine, fine… If it's the girl, get her pregnant and problem solved.
Shut the fuck- what?
Get her pregnant, then she would have to be with you.
And how do you think I can achieve that when she doesn't want to even come close to me now?
Hm… From what I've seen it will solve itself somehow. Just be patient.
Patient? She's going to leave in a week or so!
Believe me, you've seen the destiny, too.
Just the great achievements, nothing like her. Fuck!
Calm down, if you want to get laid, just bring a prostitute or so. Man, you're giving me a headache…
I regret asking you…
Sleep and relax. Morning is wiser dinner.
…Maybe you're right.

The next week was awkward between Sinbad and Hakuei - trying to avoid him from Hakuei's side and trying to find her from Sinbad's side. His generals were wondering how their relationship … No, right now they didn't even have a relationship, just "go meet him and run as fast as you can" and "where is she? I swear I saw her here, I need to talk to her".
"Hakuei, could you take these documents to Mr. Sahsalami? I finished his request, just for him to know the result," asked her Ja'far.
"Yes, of course, but I don't know where he lives," she got the documents.
"Hm… ask somebody, I need to take these to Sin," he understood their tension, so he wasn't pushing it. He knew better than that.
"Okay, maybe Masrur would know... Or Pisti, she knows people better and houses where they could live." She turned with the papers around and got out of the palace. Then, as on purpose, Sinbad crossed her way.
"Hakuei? What are you doing?"
"Taking the papers to a man called, eh… Sahsalami? I don't need help, I can manage!" she blurted before he could offer her help and sped up to the main gate, but he caught her.
"We have to talk."
"No, we don't. Unless my brother called you or it's a life decision."
"The second one."
"I doubt it. Now, if you excuse me-"
"I'm coming with you." He didn't give her enough time to refuse because he already dragged her through the gate. "I know everybody here," he reasoned.
"Sure you do," she mumbled, but let him.
Later, maybe an hour has passed, during their (awkward) talk he found the door and the man. When she approached him, he stayed away, after her pursuing she can do it alone.
"Hey, young man, is anything troubling you?" strange voice approached him. Behind the King was a man around his age, hidden behind robes and on his place were many little bottles full of.... better not to know.
"No, everything is fine, thank you."
"Then why are you looking at that young woman? Did she catch your heart?"
"I see. She's really pretty, let's see if I can ask her out-"
"Please, go ahead," said Sin in a voice telling otherwise - Try to even move from this place, I dare you.
"So she did catch your heart! Does she belong to anyone? I would be surprised if she wasn't," the stranger didn't know the term "privacy".
"No, she's not."
"Then what are you waiting for?"
"Nothing." His eyes were still glued on Hakuei as she talked to that man, what was his name? S-s-Salami? No, but something like that. He was young and tall, not to mention muscled, her type. Nice even. Funny…. Okay, now the fun ends! He growled.
"Look here, I've got something for you, speciality. It's a potion called Cantarella."
"Isn't it a poison?"
"No! I can make poisons, but only if the person pays me enough, I don't want to get jailed. This is a simple love potion."
"Love potions don't exist."
"I would say the same about magic and we know it's a lie."
"I don't want it, it's clearly a poison." The shopkeeper looked at him unbelievingly.
"It makes woman you like or love, love you back. What's poisoning about it?"
"I don't need it."
"Yeah, that's why that man is obviously flirting with her and you do nothing." Sinbad burned holes in his head. "But I have it. Use this potion and she'll belong to you."
"What it does?"
"Are you deaf? She'll love you back."
"No, what do you mean she'll belong to me?"
"What do you think it does?" he grinned.
"…"Sin looked uncertain at the man. He can't, can he?
"Yeah, she'll lust after you. You two will have… moments together and then when she finds out she bears your children, she has to wed you. After all, she's a princess, isn't she?"
"Who are you?"
"A shopkeeper, a magician. I help people achieve their dreams faster."
"What's the price?"
"Well, you being on the hook… I'd say… nothing."
"Where's the catch?"
"It's really nowhere; it only requires your love, only in physical form."
"How does it work?"
"You put few drops into her drink … or bath. It doesn't have any colour. I'm not sure about the second one, though."
"Hm," Sinbad ran it over his mind. Then he decided.
"I take it. But when there are some... unrequired effects, you'll pay for it."
"Thank you for your purchase, mister!" Sinbad took the small bottle and hid it beneath his clothes, and walked to Hakuei, who finished talking to that man, or better said, she silently called for help, because that man was walking catastrophe.
"The catch is, it only works when you love each other." Sitri said for himself under the robes. Paimon just stayed silent and Focalor behind him sighed. Their Kings wouldn't be happy if they knew.
Sitri chuckled. The fun begins… Now…
"Excuse me, Your Majesty, why do the monster appear so often? The last one was here three days ago, and before her there were at least four others. I don't know what to do with that much meat!" the palace cook exclaimed.
"Divide it between the people, then. Or we will make another Maharajan tonight," King replied.
"I… As you wish, your Majesty." He bowed and left the office.
Tonight… He grinned.
Somebody's too excited. What's the reason?
You know it, don't play innocent.
Oh, so you…
Yeah, me… He grinned even more. Hakuei was doing everything what she could to avoid him, but it was impossible, because at least once a day he visited Ja'far's office. Either documents signing or just drop-by. It was funny how she would blush whenever he entered the office, how she would hide her face or how she would flinch when he 'accidently' touched her. But then she would try to hide her sad face.
He clenched his fists.
After this night, you'll stay with me… He looked at the bottle. Hopefully, I won't need this. He hid the Cantarella into his pocket.
"No, Pisti, I won't be wearing this!" Hakuei nearly blacked out. In front of her Pisti held another dancer dress, now in purple colour.
"Pleeeeaaaase? Come on, nothing happened last time you had them," she laughed and Hakuei, being very good with hiding her face expressions, unless she's with Sinbad, smiled.
"Does being embarrassed all the time count?"
"No. It's party, not a funeral; of course you have to wear clothes you normally don't wear," Pisti rolled her eyes.
"Then why don't you pick Yamu's clothes?"
"Getting boiled alive is my most desired dream," she said with sarcasm. Hakuei laughed.
"If only I was a magician."
"So I won't be picking your clothes?" she was about to burst into a cry.
"No, I mean… You can do anything you want, because you have magic and you can freely use it - not limited amount like us."
"Yamu isn't a Magi, she has her limits."
"But she can conjure anything."
"Hey, we look for the dress, not-"
"Yamu!" Pisti called her bird and with Hakuei and dress under her arm they flew to the Black Libra Tower, where Yamuraiha lived.
"Yamu! Are you okay?"
"Y-Yeah! But I can't say the same about my experiment…" she sounded hurt.
"Yamu! What-?!" Sharrkan bursted through the half burned door and stopped dead. "Again?! And here I thought you would drop that! You're worse than a kid!"
"What do you mean, stupid swordsman?!"
"That I don't care if you get killed, ugly witch!" he turned around and brisk-walked away from here. Hakuei caught a glance of him clenching his fists and punching the wall - but she could only imagine it.
"What had just happened?" Pisti wondered.
"No idea. I've never seen him so angry about my experiments," Yamu looked surprised.
"But you have to be careful, you never know what can happen," Hakuei lectured her.
"I know, but I had been so close to invert a transformation circle to put together a thing that's broken beyond repair!" she exclaimed sadly.
"Well, you can try it later, but now... we have to clean this… mess…" Hakuei turned around and started to pick up the bigger things that fell down.
"Masrur! Fight me!" was heard from the outside. Sharrkan. But why did he sound so…
"I wonder what happened to him; other times he would just let it go."
"I wonder…"
"Now, leave this be! Maharajan is about to start and you still haven't chosen from these!" She threw the dresses to Hakuei.
"Pisti…" she howled.
"No! You will choose from these what kind of dress would you like and I, the great Pisti, will do everything in my power to make you look like a queen!" she stood, chest lifted and her small hand in front of it.
"I don't have a choice, do I?" She just smiled. Hakuei sighed.
"But then you have to choose for Yamu as well," she pushed the poor magician in front of the small blondie. Pisti looked at her with narrowed eyes, then lightened up and squealed. "Yay!"
"After this, I'm gonna kill you," whispered Yamu to Hakuei.
"Don't worry, I'm going through the same process, second time during my stay here."
"I've successfully avoided her tries to make me look like a queen, princess, mermaid, and I don't know what else. Until this time."
"I like you too," she smiled and ran after Pisti who was yelling at them. Solomon, have mercy with me…

"I really don't think it's a good idea," Hakuei tried to hide her revealed parts of her body.
"Don't be stupid, it's awesome!"
"Maybe for you…"
"I pretend I didn't hear it," said Pisti in a matter-of-fact tone.
Hakuei, who was dressed in dancer dress, again, didn't look twice as happy. Her dress consisted of one-strap top which covered her breast and skirt with low hips line falling to the ground. It had two deep slits in the front, in the middle of her tights, going to the belt on her hips line. They were white with purple and golden linings, golden necklace with light purple jewel, on her hands were golden bracelets and rings and on her ankles anklets. During her time here, in Sindria, she got weaker tan, so it was in smaller contrast with her dress, small golden diadem in her hair. She demanded at least a purple stole around her shoulders, still thinking she shows too much for see.
"I know in Sindria is hot, but it's evening, can't I change into something more warm?"
"It's a party; you'll dance, drink, then it would be too hot!" Pisti waved her hand. Hakuei shivered. This evening didn't have good vibe - something bad is going to happen. The worst thing is, Paimon wouldn't respond to her calls. During her time here, Paimon would show herself once per day, two days, three at max. It's been a week and when she talked to her last time, her djinn was in horrible state. That Arba was something really bad when even her djinn was tired from guarding her.
"I don't drink," Hakuei said in a matter of fact voice.
"One glass is a must."
"Yep, the same," said Yamu who was wearing something strange. It wasn't even a dress, just something to cover the torso from her breast to her mid-tights. "Pisti, I really think this is bad; I'm not going there like this! It barely covers anything!"
"You're always wearing those shells and you're ashamed of this?"
"Yes! I've got a robe over myself, not just a strange skirt around my body!"
"I've just said it! Come on, let me choose by myself," she begged.
"….Fine, but from these!"
"Gah!" She sighed.
Few hours later…
"Ehm… How long do I have to sit here? It's getting cold," asked Hakuei.
"Untiiil youuu haf *hic* da wine!" turned Pisti around.
"Yeah, *hic*, it's fun!" Yamu picked up her wineglass. The dress she had were giving her look like actual mermaid and not to mention Sharrkan was always near her and glaring at other men. This was something she called protective and jealous boyfriend. But he wasn't her boyfriend or husband or anything like that. As they liked to call it - rivals. They were "Rivals". Sure.
"If you say so…" So far, Hakuei would only refuse the offers of younger men who want just one think from her or two, she would refuse drink and even the meal was less appealing to her. Something isn't right.
Not to mention Sinbad was watching her. Always. She literally could feel the look he gave her. Of course, he's surrounded by his harem. The girls were laughing, squealing, yelling and drinking, not to mention they were annoying. Few times they would come here with spilling the drink on everything around them, hug Hakuei and yell something incomprehensible, and then pass out. She would call stronger man to pick the poor girl up and sent them to her room to put her down and let her sleep - Solomon knows what they really do.
It isn't like this Maharajan is boring or just a drink-party; she's not in the mood for it. Not only Sinbad but also other men were watching her and it was clearly disgusting. Pisti, as usual, was draped over over Spartos who obviously didn't mind or was so used to it; Yamu was arguing with Sharrkan about something, but strange thing was he wasn't drunk, just her; Drakon and Hinahoho were drinking stronger alcohol than wine; Ja'far was near the King, seemingly upset with the way King was behaving. The whole her stay was Sinbad weird, to be blunt. From what she'd heard, he was lazy drink-loving lady-killer who enjoyed parties, women and adventures. Now he was serious King, joker sometimes, but always with the papers, rolls and documents. Either he was showing himself off or finally Ja'far kicked some sense into him and made him responsible for the country he's leading. …It's the first one.
Suddenly somebody approached her.
"Enjoying yourself, Princess?" velvet voice rang near her ear. She slue rounded and almost slapped him if not Sinbad's reflexes.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to attack you." She stood and bowed. Talk about awkward things.
"I should be sorry; I didn't mean to startle you." He waved his hands in front of him as he laughed. Probably he did drink some ale or wine - she wasn't sure. Or it was his flirtatious nature.
"Yes, I do enjoy the party," she tried to smile to add the verity into her statement.
"You don't seem like you do, Princess," he stated.
"Maybe I'm just tired and it's crowded here," she wasn't going to get down.
"Maybe," he narrowed his eyes. "If you don't want to be here, you can go, I won't be offended."
"No, it's not like I don't want to be here, I'm just tired and it's hot. I think I'm just …going to take a walk… To get a breath of a fresh air," she turned around.
"Can I accompany you?"
Hakuei stopped. Could he?
"It's up to you, I don't mind," she finally said and walked away from the party, secretly hoping she would be quick enough for him to lose the trace and let her be.
Sinbad smiled and followed her.
Everything's going according to the plan.

9.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

23. october 2016 at 16:16 | Lucy-chan |  Anime poviedky


"Sin, you're a devious man… Why don't you leave the Princess alone?" asked him Ja'far once.
"I can't. She knows too much."
"That's not it; otherwise you would forbid her to work here. WHAT is the real reason?"
"Reason for what?" he played stupid.
"Reason for you to act like you want to … do something really bad to her," Ja'far glared at him.
"Do something bad? What bad?"
"Don't you dare to play stupid, Sin! Kougyoku was only a teenage girl, oblivious to the outside world, deeply fallen in love with you, but this is a woman who isn't going to be fooled easily! You will only make her hate us! Don't forget about her brother!"
"Oh, her brother…" He hadn't thought about him, absolutely forgetting him in the process of seducing Hakuei. In fact, she's adult woman, she can decide for herself with whom she want to be. Or will be.
"Why are you so quiet?" suspected him Ja'far.
"I was just thinking how long it's been since he sent a letter at least, hahaha!"
"What's so funny?" he narrowed his eyes. "Sin, what are you doing?"
"What do you mean?" he was smiling forced smile.
"What. Are. You. Doing?"
"What. Do. You. Mean?"
"You're plotting something that includes Miss Hakuei."
"Plotting? Is taking care of country plotting?"
"No, it isn't country what's on your mind lately. I've seen you looking at her all the time she's near."
"She's beautiful lady, of course I'd look at her, don't you know me?"
"That's the thing - I know you. You will get whatever you want at whatever price. And this time it's Princess. What are you doing, Sinbad?"
"I don't want her," he turned his gaze at the documents on his desk.
"Sure you don't. That's why you kissed her."
"What? I didn't-"
"Really? I know about Maharajan. I know. Leave her alone, it will be better for both of us - I won't be having troubles with Kou Empire again and you won't have another accusation from their side."
"Ja'far… Why are you like that?"
"She wasn't the one who told me about Maharajan. I heard about it from Pisti who saw you two. And even back then in Kou, Sin, stop! You're … I don't know… Crazy? Mad? You've never done something so irresponsible when it came to other countries!"
Sin was calm, outside, but inside…
"And now you're quiet. Great. Sinbad, stop it, for the sake of Sindria-"
"Have you forgotten Kou is my vassal?"
"Hakuryuu is right under my watch. I don't have to be afraid of him; he has to be afraid of me if he had even thought about betraying me."
"And what role has Hakuei in it?"
"No role."
"Then stop playing with her. She has enough of her own-" he cut it.
Sinbad narrowed his eyes. "You know something I don't." he stated, his eyes were finally showing his anger. "Tell me."
Ja'far stayed quiet for the first few seconds. Then he said in calm voice, "Hakuei is just sad her brother hadn't called."
"Bullshit. You know something I don't about her… I order you as a King to tell me," he leaned on his chair.
"I reject."
"You heard me. I reject. If she told me something about her, it will be untold until she tells me to or she tells it by herself."
"What? You defy me?" he shot up from his chair.
"I don't know who are you, but you're not Sinbad. You're… weird. And for the last time, leave her alone. She doesn't deserve your playing around. If you do it once again, I will keep her out of your reach. Now if you excuse me," he told him and left his office.
Sinbad stood there dumbfounded.
What… What did he just do?
Did he… just threaten me? He put his hands on desk. He threatened me…?!
His anger started to swallow him up.
David in the background grinned. Not too long before his black rukh start to overwhelm him completely… I need Arba to take me to the Sacred Palace; he has to break that girl soon!
"Rah!" he slammed his fists on his desk.
"No way in hell… "
See? I told you he would try to take her.
Not now, David. I've got something more important to do than chatting with you.
I'm stating the truth. The sooner you get her, the better.
… Yeah.
Like a puppet…

Just watch, Ja'far, nothing gets in my way. And if I want Hakuei, then I will have her…!

Just as Hakuei left the party, Sinbad was in her trace. She tried to walk quickly, hoping to get lost so he would have to go back, but he knew it here the best. She should have asked Masrur for the hideouts in the garden.
"Hakuei, where are you running?" he asked her nearly 20 metres apart from her.
Now, the excuse! "Oh, I thought somebody else was following me," she smiled nervously. Sinbad had seen it.
"Are you still afraid of me?"
"I… I'm not," she went against what her brain had been telling her. She was dreading him.
"Great!" he approached her. "I know the most beautiful places for the walk in the night, want to see?"
She didn't know why, but even now she told the opposite of what she thought. "Yes," she smiled. He took her hand under his and led her through the garden and out to the woods. As they walked, neither had spoken. She didn't know what to say and he thought about his next step. The woods ended with a cliff and he sat down, taking her into his lap he hugged her.
"K-King Sinbad, what are you doing?"
"Just Sinbad. And hugging you."
"May I know why?"
"Because I feel like."
"And what if I feel like not?"
"I thought you're cold." He gave her puppy look and she felt like it was her who was the bad one, not him. He knew well what effect he had on women, but this particular was giving him the biggest challenge.
He hated it.
He loved it.
He wanted to make her surrender to him as no other. He could just order her to do whatever he wanted but the effect would be her hating him and his country. Then it wouldn't matter he was above her brother; he overstepped the boundaries. The second thing he hated was the way men were always around her, mainly Ja'far. He couldn't stand the proximity with other men and now his assistant was plotting something against him.
Like hell he would.
"It's not about cold, it's about the closeness." She tried to get up, but he thought otherwise.
"You're shivering." He said with husky voice, making her shiver. In his mind wolfish grin appeared. "See? I can't leave you like that."
"Oh, so now you're a gentleman?"
"I'm always."
"I so doubt it."
"When I wasn't?"
"Whenever you're with me?"
"How so?"
"You molest me."
"Are you trying to remind me of one special night?"
"…No. And don't say it as something happened!" she huffed.
He narrowed his eyes. "Something did happen."
"Yeah, you were just playing with me," she growled and pushed him away from her. OH, how she hated it! She was behaving foolishly back then and now he's using it against her - touching and kissing her whenever he wants to!
"Playing? You think I'm playing with you?!"
"Are you not? You did the same with my cousin, besotted her head and then spied on us through her - she didn't even know it! Do you know how she feels?" she hissed through her teeth, her eyes blazing with fire of anger. "And now tell me, have you planted your djinn on me, too?"
"No. I haven't and I won't. The situation has changed and you're not her."
"Of course I'm not her; I'm not so naïve to fall in love with you when the only thing you're going to do is to use me." She, with silent and nearly hear less voice, turned around and left him behind.
Sinbad stared at her back. "If I were using you, don't you think I could make you listen to me? Even now? What do you think I would gain if I were using you?"
"Then let's find out - I think it would be Kou-"
"Kou is now under me; Hakuryuu swore the oath to me. Then what other would I gain? Tell me, I'm curious. What other than military force and of course the whole country can Kou offer to me right now?"
She thought about it. He was right, Kou was known for the best strategists and military campaigns.
"…So why do I have to be even here when you have everything under your hand, those guys who went after my neck are long gone or otherwise they would come again." She said. "I think I will pack my things and tomorrow leave. I hope I wasn't a burden to you, King Sinbad. Now, if you excuse me," she turned around and walked fast to the palace. Sinbad stood astonished. This was not the way how their conversation should have gone. She should be in his hands, in the private chambers.
And yet…
"… Zepar…" he whispered.
"You wish, my King?" the said djinn showed himself.
"Hijack her mind…"
"That is not going to work. Paimon has strong protection of her."
"She is protected from mind controlling?"
"From everything. I can do nothing, especially now."
"You're master of dominating the mind and yet you can't?" he finally looked at him.
"Even djinns have their limits. And this is also against moral codes - I can read your mind. I know what you wanted to do with her. Do not expect my help in this."
"Now djinns turned their backs on me, great," he mumbled.
Zepar just shrugged and disappeared.
Sinbad thought what to do now. Hakuei will leave. Ja'far will win. Ja'far…? No…NO… NO! He ran after her, just as she was leaving the woods.
I will use every dirty method to get what I want…
"Hakuei!" he reached her. "I don't want you to leave, so why-"
"You told me really clearly what you wanted. You have it. Now I'm not needed here."
"Why do you think that?"
"Because it's truth? I was sent here because group of people were after me, chasing me, and now it's over. My brother asked you for the protection, that's all. The longer I will be here, the bigger burden I become," her stare hardened.
"You're no burden and you'll never be. I think that was clear," he caught her hand and turned her around.
"The only thing that's clear here is, it's me going home, to Kou. Full stop," she crossed her hands.
"I don't think so."
"Oh, and how will you stop me? I'm curious, really I am," she faked the interest.
"Easily." He grinned.
"If you touch me in an inappropriate way, there will be consequences." She warned him.
"I'm willing to take them."
"…Are we talking about the same thing?"
"Yes, we are," he scooped her in his arms, but she withdrew her dagger and put it right under his chin.
"Don't you ever think about it," she said with deadly tone. He was still smiling.
"I'm glad my beautiful queen is so brave, but now, hide that knife," he purred making her cheeks pink. She hoped he didn't see it.
"Your? And what? I think I heard something close to nonsense from your side. And put me down."
"Yes, mine, yes, queen and hey! Why nonsense?"
"You said you're not going to marry. Ever." She arched her eyebrow and struggled from his hold on her.
"I didn't say ever, I said not yet. That's not ever."
"And why do you want to even get married?"
"Because I found you… interesting."
"I object."
"I'm engaged to somebody." Sinbad's eyes nearly popped out. Say what?!
"You heard me. I've got somebody I like. And I accepted his proposal." He put her down, but caged her to the wall.
"And now, stop with that lies, Hakuei. You're single, from what I heard of. No engagements, no weddings nor arranged relationships."
"And I'm telling you I have somebody I like. And he has proposed to me. He hasn't heard my answer because I had to leave-"
"You're lying! Lies! Why are you lying, Hakuei?"
"I'm not."
"Just a week ago you were willing to-"
"Do not remind me of that mistake."
"Yes, mistake. It was foolish of me and I'd been a little bit drunk." She reasoned. Better to be single than with a man who… Who may like her, but now sees her as a fuck-object, to be blunt. And the only way to achieve that is through the wedding, and then when he gets tired of her, he'll divorce her. Simple.
And she's not willing to have her heart broken.
She may like him, but it would be better for both of them. He would make a stupid mistake, she would get her hopes high up, so she has to lie. Although she taught people around her not to, such a hypocrite, but situation calls for it.
"… You were not drunk. Fuzzed yes, but not drunk."
"How do you even know? You were not with me, you don't know how much did I drink." She challenged him.
"I know about alcohol a lot more than you think. And you were clearly thinking with your own brain. Alcohol had oozed away."
She sighed. "Just… let it go. I'm not accepting your proposal, if that's what you want." She tried to escape his hold on her, and run away, but he thought otherwise.
"I'm not taking no as an answer."
"Then deal with it. You got it."
"Stop behaving like a kid!"
"Then… tell me who that man is."
"Jealous?" she teased him playfully.
He narrowed his eyes. "Just tell me."
"You would have to find out by yourself; I'm not endangering him because of your tantrums."
"I will use Zepar on you."
"Go ahead. But you're not getting it out of me willingly."
Sinbad's wrath was slowly slipping on the surface. He was patient with her.
"Why don't you want to be my queen?"
"Because, firstly, I'm monogamous; I don't care about other rulers and their wives, I will not withstand the shame of being cheated on. And with you, it's impossible - you're a lady-killer. Secondly, as I said, I've got somebody on my mind. And third, I'm not going to be used as a toy."
"Because with him you think you're not a toy to him?"
"Yes. I met him and he seemed to be a good man."
Sinbad grinded his teeth. "A good man? Who is a good man to you? What's his name, ha?"
"I'm not telling you. And good man is a man who respects his wife as an equal and treats her like that."
"And am I not?"
"You're not treating people equally. You're above them."
"As a ruler, yes. But I have built this country with my generals, were equals. And…" he stepped closer to her, her dagger long forgotten laid on the ground. "And I could make you my queen. The world is nearly united, we could rule it!"
"I..I … What? I'm not a ruler, I'm a general! I can't be a queen! I'm not representable!"
"For me, you are. I don't care about what other think."
"Maybe that's the problem. You don't care what other think. You don't care what I think."
"I do."
"No, you don't. I said I'm not marring you. That's final."
"But… you can see it with your own eyes - we are the best for each other!"
"No, we're absolutely opposite."
"Opposites attract each other."
"Not in this case."
"I'm going to prove you wrong."
"And how so?" she crossed her hands.
"Watch me," he closed the distance between them with a kiss. Hakuei was surprised - how come this man always surprises her?! - but after a while she unintentionally surrendered to him. Key word - unintentionally. She knew she should break away from the kiss and at least slap him hard; maybe it would bring some sense into him.
Sinbad on the other hand was celebrating his victory in his head. Now he doesn't have to use the potion! She was kissing him back with so much fervour as he did. Just stay like this and this night can continue somewhere more private…
Where she would belong to me and only me…
What he didn't know was right above them flew djinns and one cloaked man who was chanting the formulas. After two or three minutes he stopped. "You don't have to worry, Paimon. Now, she would be protected from the witch with him and when she conceives the child, it automatically protects its mother. You'll be less exhausted."
"Thank you. I… I will repay it to you."
"This is for free. I hate that woman and if your Queen is her only connection to this world, I'm not willing to let the witch win. Once she did - it was a disaster."
They broke away because of the lack of breath. She was so under his spell that her legs couldn't carry her.
"Why… Why must you do this to me? When I think I can finally be free, you would always chain me to you…" She slided on the ground and turned away from him, ashamed she let herself to be kissed again. But now she won't make such a mistake!
Sinbad said nothing, instead he finally understood - she would not willingly come to him.
"I'm getting you water - you look pale. Stay here, love," he said before he ran to the nearby tower - his Purple Leo Tower, on purpose close to the garden he took her to - and snatched a glass, filled it with water and put a potion in it. The water at the beginning was dark red, and then it faded until nothing was visible from potion in the water.
Sorry, Hakuei. I'm too selfish… You're staying here with me, whether you like it or not.
Then he ran into the garden where his dark-haired beauty awaited him.
"Get up, body!" she tried to bring herself to get up before the King would come back. She had a bad feeling of it, like he tries something to make her say the truth. Of course, there was nobody she was interested in, but as a life buoy it should be enough. "Why am I so weak?" she asked herself.
It had to be something in the food or something he gave her… Or his djinn! Maybe it finally took its action, but after nearly 7 months? Hard to believe. With so much time here and he still hadn't made her do something against her will…. Only when she didn't count those horribly -pleasurable- moments.
No, they weren't pleasurable! She didn't enjoy it!
With a new-found power she forced her body to get up, with great help of the wall behind her. "So, Sinbad is in that palace," she muttered and faced the other way - the forest. "I need to hide, that man is… dark."
She was about to take a step when Sinbad approached her. It took her by the surprise and she pressed to the wall in the case she would fall down.
"Hakuei? Where are you going? I told you to wait for me," he turned her to him. "Here, drink, it will help you. Just water, I promise." He circled an arm around her shoulders and walked her to his palace. He sat her on a couch in the hallway and gave her the glass with clear liquid.
She wanted to run.
She wanted to stay.
"But I'm not thirsty, King Sinbad," she tried one more time.
"I didn't see you drinking even water the whole evening, and now you nearly blacked out. You have to, otherwise you would be dehydrated." He sat down next to her.
"I really appreciate it, but I have to refuse-"
"Hakuei, don't make me order you to drink a simple glass of water." He was getting impatient.
"You put something into it." She was being either paranoid or stupid, but she couldn't help herself.
"Hakuei… Please, just do it. Or do you want me to take a sip to make you believe I did not put anything into it?"
"Yes. I don't believe you."
"That hurt." He acted as she really did hurt him. In his mind he doubted himself - what if it affected him too much? Or what if it doesn't have any effect at all?
He took the glass from her hand and took a sip of it, smaller, but acted as he drank a bigger gulp. "Now… See? Nothing. I don't want to poison you or something like that." She narrowed her eyes and took the potion from his hands and drank it slowly, in case he played something at her.

Thinking they were pure, you've fallen for my words and your guard was finally let down.
Though the poison was thick, you still couldn't see it and so you drank every single drop.

10. chapter [cantarella - sinei]

23. october 2016 at 16:14 | Lucy-chan |  Anime poviedky


"Hakuei, you should believe me more. And now come, love, you seem tired." In reality, Sinbad started to sweat. A lot.
I really shouldn't have drunk that water… But why isn't she showing any effects from it?
"N-no, thank you. I rather sit down here for a while. My head is hurting a bit." She massaged her temples. "But you can go, I am near my chambers. Nobody is here, so they can't hurt me."
"What if you would have fainted? Nobody would be near you and you would be dead - No. I'm staying with you."
"I really appreciate your concern, my King, but I think it's the best. There will be gossips and -"
"There won't be any. I am the King here, and if I heard them digging dirt I would sent them away from kingdom."
"Because that would stop spreading rumours, right?" she looked at him sceptically. Something glinted in her eyes, but she (thought that she) hid it immediately.
"Yes, they would have to." He was fighting this strange overwhelming feeling in him, wanting to jump on her. He just took a sip, why is it so strong? He normally could control himself around her, but now it was nearly impossible.
On the other hand Hakuei was feeling hot and the flame only grew bigger when she looked at him. Sinbad, what did you do to me? She tried to get away from him, but he always found a reason to be near her. Even the excuse with a lover wouldn't help. He just couldn't let her be alone, where she would calm herself down and splash her warm face with cold water.
Sinbad finally saw the little change in her posture. She panted a bit, leaned against the back of the couch.
"I think I will get another glass of water; I'm actually pretty thirsty." She got up, hoping he wouldn't see her grind her tights, because unusual feeling started to spread through her. She walked along the hallway, as quick as she could with her condition.
"Hakuei, let me-"
"No!" she exclaimed a little louder than she meant. "I mean - You don't have to. I can manage by myself; I'm here for three months nearly. Finding a jar with water, or simply calling for the maid is easy. T-T-thank you for your help, Si- King Sinbad. G-good night." She ran away from him, red in cheeks and ashamed from stuttering.
Sinbad's eyes widened. So close! Only if he saw sooner the indications of the potion!
But now she had nowhere to go. The potion would keep her in his reach, or not?
He followed her trace.

Now there's no place for you to escape, now you are bound completely by the chains.
The more you fight the clock's ticking hand, the tighter the grip becomes.
Hakuei ran to her chamber. She didn't even know how she saw it in the dark, but it was her safe place - there might be a secret enter from Sinbad's or Ja'far's room but for now she was safe. As soon as she got into her room, she locked herself.
She panted, but not from the run. "What did you put into that water?! How come that had no effect on you?" she asked the empty chamber. "I hate you… I really do…" she panted, it was enormously hot here. And it was night, the colder breeze blew into her chamber. She closed the windows, it was no use and the insects would only bite her.
"Water?" she looked for it around her chamber. The jar on the table across her bed was empty. Nothing. "I need water…"
She ran to her bathroom, there has to be! On the sink was a jar with water, the half of it she poured on herself, the other half she brought to her room where was the empty jar and near it were glasses. She poured and drank it down whole.
The fire within her got only worse.
"No! NO!" she whispered angrily. What that lecherous thing did to her?! She knew of a little fire when she was near her older cousin or any other strong, attractive man whom she had known for a longer time. But it was Paimon's cause. Wait… Paimon?
"Paimon? Paimon!" she called for her, but there was no answer. "As I thought… Where are you? Where are you when I need you the most?" she dropped to the floor.
"Hakuei? Are you all right? You ran so suddenly." The voice behind the door seemed worried. You're good actor, Sinbad. Playing as nothing happened; that you did not put anything into my drink, well-played, well-played…
"Yes, I'm all right, King Sinbad. Thank you for your concern." She hoped he would just leave her. She didn't want to see him right-away.
He tried to open the door. Locked.
Her voice sounded strange.
Hakuei, please, open the door. I want to check on you, you were pale and I don't wish for you to catch some illness or faint and then-"
"Don't worry; I can take care of myself. Good night," she sounded so desperate for him to realize that she want to be alone. Just her, nobody else. But the King thought it was an invitation.
"I really don't like how you sound. Either you open the door or I'm breaking in." He was persistent. In his mind there was another situation. He wanted to, simply put, take her right there, right then. What experienced poor Hakuei? She drank the whole glass, and he put only …. Half of the potion? He wasn't sure anymore, but what was sure in that moment, was the fact she would be his. Other didn't matter.
"Don't you dare!" he heard her panting a little. No going back, Princess… "I'm tired, King Sinbad, I need -ah- to sleep. Good night-!" she said quickly, finding her voice to be an octave higher.
"What is happening there, Hakuei?" he asked with concern. He knew too well what's happening.
"Nothing!" she said too quickly.
"Then open the door."
"I won't. You're gonna do something to me!" she couldn't even move properly.
Sinbad's control was lingering. He finally decided he didn't have the time to wait for her to come open the door, because she obviously wouldn't. He stepped into his chamber that was next to her, walked further to his bed and on the right side of it were smaller door. He came to his night stand and pulled the key out of it. Then went back to the smaller door and opened them by unlocking the lock under the candle stand with a handle.
The sight of wet princess panting as he stepped into her room struck him. The drops of water dripped to the floor from her hair, the clothes clung to her body like a second skin and she was shivering. Not from cold, but from the potion he used on her. When he approached her, she wasn't visibly shaking anymore, but from her eyes he could see the lust running through her body.
"W-what are y-you doing here? I told you I-I'm fine," she whispered, although she wanted to shout at him.
He said nothing that moment, instead he lifted her in a bridal-style and through the same small door he carried her to his king-sized bed and put her on it. Then he took off his upper robe and jewellery; soon the rest would come off.
"King Sinbad-"
"NO, no shsh, I want to know, wh-what's happening? Why did you bring m-me here?"
"Answer is simple. I told you I want to marry you, right?"
"Yes, you did, but I r-refuse. I-I'm not good for it and you want only... the… ehm… uh- the heir from me." She was embarrassed.
The heir, huh? That too, but first of all, he needed her to accept one little fact. "I assure you that you're the best for me, Hakuei. And if anybody, such as your imaginary proposer, would think of taking you away from me, there will be bad consequences."
"You're not thinking rationally, S-Sinbad!" He smiled. "I t-think it is that water you gave me! We were both poisoned! This is not right!"
"Not right? And what is right?" He got closer to her on the bed on his hands and knees. So close that their faces were millimetres away.
"Your decisions with me are not right." She managed to say it without that strange stuttering, but it didn't ease her inner condition. She had to get away from here, or else, help her Solomon, it would be not him who would snap out of control, but her.
"I beg to differ," he purred as he was looking in her eyes that were clouded like his own. Neither of them was going away.
"Right n-now you're not in y-your m-mind; we both would do a m-mistake."
"But this wrong thing feels so right…" he arched to her, she nearly laid on the bed.
"No…I-it doesn't... hah… You're thinking not with your b-brain b-but with s-something e-else… "
"Maybe I am…" he nodded with half closed eyelids.
"And there's still the f-fact I have a s-suitor in Kou." Sinbad's eyes were within second raging. "Suitor, you say? And what if I do something to scare the suitor away? To make you stay here?"
"W-what? It sounds s-strange… L-like," she fanned herself with her hand as she turned her head from him. He was making her thinking unclear, making her want to surrender to him and let him do whatever he wanted to with her body. But in her mind she was with her last power standing against him, yelling he's just a player going after her body.
"I will do anything to make you stay with me." He growled, making her shiver as she accidently caught his shoulder and squeezed it as his breath warmed her neck. "And after you pulled this, haha~… Going to the party in these?" He clenched her top from behind and tore it, she gasped from the cold feeling hitting her naked back and front as she drew closer to him. "Were you teasing me, Hakuei?"
"H-huh? N-no?" shivering from cold, red from shame, she needed to get away!
"You're wet from water you probably poured on yourself in your room, god knows why, and all the evening showing so much skin; not only these dancer dress but right now whole your clothes cling to you as your second skin and you think I will let you go or leave you by yourself? No…" his hands were making their way to her rear and squeezed it, making her gasp. "I think you need to learn one thing. You're mine~." He finally took her mouth, not caring about anything else except the fact he wanted her. And when he something wants, he will get it. He put her down on his bed and his hands roamed around her body as he wanted to feel everything from her.
Hakuei was in heaven… Or hell, it didn't matter; as long as she was feeling this good, strange sensation within her. It was growing with every touch, every kiss. His mouth left hers as he made his way to her neck, kissing it and licking, bites showing the hickeys that indicated who she belongs to. Her quieter moans were fuelling his drive, making him to be rougher with her.
"S-sto-Ah!" she tried to stop him, her rational side of brain was still lowly conscious. "Sin-BAD! N-"
"Shhhh~" he smiled at her and continued to shower her with kisses.
"N-no! I…" she panted heavily. "Y-you don't -ha~- like me… A-And I'm not willing to be your-"
"My queen? Love, you already are," he sat her into his lap.
"S-Sinbad, just… stop with this nonsense. We both k-know you're pushing me until I s-surrender and you get what you want; t-then I'm going to be thrown l-like a rag doll." She managed to push him away from her, but soon enough he was on her again. Nothing stopped him right now.
"I may be a player, but I know when there is something deeper going on. And, dear, I've fallen for you," he put her hands together above her head; she was so vulnerable.
"Lies," she breathed out, the potion still flowing through her veins.
"If you think these are lies then I'm going to prove myself to you and ask you seriously. Will you marry me?" His eyes were just as he said - serious. No jokes or clever tricks.
"I… I can't." she breathed out and looked to the side.
"You can but you're grounded by the rules in your mind. Let's see what I can do about it," he grinned as he kissed her once again, forcing her to open her mouth. His mind was set on one thing. Make her surrender, make her understand, make her his.
The potion was taking the effect for a time now. Hakuei wasn't thinking clearly, she decided just to feel. Maybe it was bad decision, but she didn't care. This was too good to be spoiled.
The hands, the lips, the tongue… Sinbad was doing a great job to make her forget her restrains. He made his way to her breasts, to the hem of her skirt as he tore it, desperately to feel her.
As her mind went white, she copied his action; she sucked on his neck, making him growl in approval that sent the shiver into her spine. She let her hands roam on his well-build and tan body, from his shoulders to his packs, and tried to touch lower, but he caught her hands.
"Don't do it; I might hurt you," he said with a hoarse voice and brought her hands above her head as he laid her on the bed, the potion was like a strong alcohol - taking control of himself away, slowly slipping through his fingers as she touched him.
"B-But I-Ah!"
He discarded his clothes fast, just stayed in his boxers. That didn't stop Hakuei, though - Cantarella, Sitri's special drink, made her do thing she would be even as drunk ashamed to do. It completely fogged her mind and only thing she ever thought about was Sinbad. "But I want to touch you~" she said in seductive voice as her hands travelled down his body.
"Soon, love, soon," he promised as he paid attention to her breast. Her hands drove into his hair and pulled it, making him hiss and bit on her mound. He could even make her come with playing with her bosom, but he had other plans.
Her hands wandered across his back, feeling the hard muscles and faint scars, reminder from his past as a slave. The past he will not tell her about, for now. His tongue ran across her bare stomach to her most private and even sacred area - nobody was there, nobody will ever be and Sinbad would enjoy it. He would be the first and the last, as his possessive voice told him. He continued his way to his destination, but although Hakuei was very aroused, she couldn't help but close her tights, trapping his torso between them. He circled his arms around them and massaged them, so she would release her strong hold and relax. "Come on, sweetheart, let it go…" he said as he kissed her. She listened to him, but didn't let go of him and kissed back. He sat her on his lap and his hand traced her back to her rear. She circled her legs around his hips to keep herself steady and closer to him, his arousal under her hard like a stone. His other hand kept her against it, the other was already on her private spot and exploring her. She moaned into his mouth, he answered it with his own growl and pushed a finger inside her. She let go of his mouth and moaned aloud. Sinbad took the pride of it and started to push it in and out of her.
Then adding another finger. She arched to him and moved against his fingers, clenched his shoulders and mewed to him to move faster. He complied and added even third finger, growing harder as she buckled her hips to him. It wasn't too long before she clenched around his fingers and threw her head in a silent scream. Sinbad put her down on the bed and rested between her legs, positioning himself while her mind was blank because of an orgasm she experienced, and entered her fast, breaking her hymen. He pulled her into the kiss, silencing her scream.
Hakuei felt like she was torn apart. She wanted that to get out, crying, wiggling, only to cause herself bigger pain. Sinbad held her strong, whispering to her sweet nothings as he waited for her to calm down and relax, so he could move.
After a few minutes she stopped crying, so the King took it as an approval. He moved slowly, so she could adapt to him; only to grow bigger and thicker because of her tightness. He clenched his teeth, trying not to ram into her right then, but he had to take the look at her - she had been a virgin, of course it would be hurtful for her. Then the beautiful sounds to him escaped her mouth and he sped up, bringing the force with it. Her whispers turned into the louder moans, clawing his back and pleading to thrust harder, faster.
The King forgot about her being a fellow virgin and started to ram into her, with full his force and speed, leaving no place for words. Hakuei was in seventh heaven. Her vision was blurred, her mind was blank, but she felt amazing. This man made her feel amazing. She felt something built up in her loins, contracting, clenching around him. Sinbad gasped, then growled and slowed a bit, just to pound harder into her. Then, her conscious had slipped and fell into the darkness.
Sinbad on the other hand never felt this good. When he finished, he made sure she would get pregnant and stay there with him. Right now he didn't want any other man around her, they could snatch her away. And he wouldn't have it.
He felt really possessive right now. Nothing like that had ever happened to him, but he didn't care. She was his. That was all that mattered.
He rolled to the side and wrapped his arms around her, brought the sheet on them and falling asleep within seconds, tired like his queen.

11.chapter [cantarella - sinei]

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The morning fell on Sindria and sunrays made their way into the King's chamber.
"Sinbad, wake up, your work is waiting for you!" he heard Ja'far's voice behind the door. Sinbad whimpered.
No way in hell he would wake up. He had a beautiful dream, in his mind it felt like a reality and he even felt the warm body of a woman beside him.
His eyes shot up and looked around him. That warm feeling he felt was really a body, which belonged to Hakuei, her head on his chest, her arms on his torso, her leg on his hip. No wonder his friend already stood greeting her.
His mind slowly started to work and remembered the events from yesterday. The Maharajan, the Cantarella, the water, the escape, the bed, the-.
He felt her stir. Not good.
How could he let his control slip?! What was he, 17-year old horny teenager?! Even though it was partially potion's fault.
No, he can't blame the potion; it was him in the first place that wanted to do it. Fuck, it felt good, although he might be in a big, no gigantic problem, but worth it. She would have to marry him.
His eyes darkened at the thought of yesterday.
Oh, God, it felt great. His muscles hurt a bit. What could she feel? Her body would hurt a lot, from what he actually remembered.
Hakuei slowly opened her eyes. She heard something close to a call, but she wasn't sure. She felt warm body underneath her.
Her eyes shot up and she pushed herself up, only to moan in pain in her nether regions.
"Carefully, love, you might hurt yourself." Came up a concerned voice. She looked at the face. "Good morning, love. How do you feel?" he smiled at her. She had to admit, he was handsome. Like a god. She blushed. They were nude and god knows what they had done. She couldn't remember exactly what happened, through her mind were darting just a cut flashbacks of previous night. "I-… What exactly happened?"
"Don't you remember?" he asked, surprised.
"I do, but only a few… parts."
"Well, my queen, yesterday you said yes to me and we made love, so I can marry you." Huh?
Her eyes grew wide. She did remember only something after the water he gave her and then t started to work and... Scratch that - now she remembered all of it. Every. Single. Thing. Of. What. They. Had. Done.
She sat abruptly, wincing in pain in her lower belly, but ignoring it as she decided to run.
He couldn't-!
"Woah! Calm down, Hakuei!" He embraced her and put her on the bed. "Calm down, love. You'll hurt yourself."
"Get away from me, you selfish b-!"
"Maybe I am selfish bastard, but I fell in love you and I wouldn't have another man to steal you." He lowered his voice into a bass, causing her to shiver. It was definitely aftereffects of that liquid he gave her! Still, in her mind she knew - it was herself, not anything else. "Hakuei… Please?"
She finally looked up, into his eyes. Maybe… He had a chance. She looked to the side, biting her lip, thinking about her decision. He still had his arms around her, so she slowly surrendered to him and hugged him back, not saying anything. Sinbad didn't have to hear her words, he knew she agreed.
"Now, rest, love. I'll come back right away." He kissed her mouth quickly, covered her with sheets and put on a wrapper. The Princess just sat there, wondering what happened.
Is it possible he could be in love with her?
The most of a day flew quickly. Sinbad would look at her every hour or so, with Ja'far in his heels about continuing the work. She felt bad for not helping them, but they calmed her, that they can manage themselves. She would sleep through the day or walking around a bit. Her lower body hurt still, but she had to overcome the pain. Then, it would slowly fade away and she finally dressed herself to visit of her future-husband, in a proper clothes, not in a wrapper. Now he had to marry her, or else he would be accused of using her body when she wasn't in her right mind, then she would leave and even if he had a child with her, he would never see them because she wouldn't believe him enough to not to steal her child away from her. He was a King; after all, they would be his heirs. In thoughts she walked around the palace. When she found his office, he would be trapped in his work, obviously bored to death.
"Hakuei, I told you to stay."
"I'm not a dog, my King." She returned to him and his lips turned into a smile.
"So what can I do for you, my Queen?" he hugged her.
"Let me help you. You're crowded in those," she pointed at the sheets of papers on his desk.
"I have a better idea - we'll go in the garden and-"
"Ja'far won't be sleeping until two in the morning. Come on, let me help," she pleaded.
"But it's beautiful sunny day-"
"Don't you dare to start with a 'Beautiful sunny day' excuse, Sinbad." Voice called from the door. Ja'far. "Good afternoon, Miss Hakuei." They turned into his direction.
"Good afternoon, Ja'far." She felt King's hands tighten around her. Oh, come on.
"Sin, you're useless." He stated with sigh as he saw the blocks of papers.
"I'm not," he pouted. Right now he was cute.
"Then how come there are still so many papers here?"
"Because people come here and put it down on the desk? I'm not that much into work with papers, most of them are repeating over and over again." He grumbled into Hakuei's neck.
"Then come, let me help you."
"No, you'll rest-"
"I'll help out." She narrowed her eyes in a smile that said 'Don't you dare to say otherwise; I'll will do by myself.' Sinbad sighed and let her stay, only in his office.
The night came and they made love again and again… It was repeating for three months. In that time Hakuei found out about a baby she conceived the night she drank the potion. Her and his djinns were guarding her, but they weren't strong enough to protect her - Arba was stronger than before. She hijacked her mind, slowly feeding the Princess with false ideas and lies, but still couldn't enter her body because of the child under her heart; until she once materialized herself and pushed her down the stairs, where Hakuei lost her baby.
It was a blow in the stomach. She lost him, or her. She wasn't strong enough to protect it. Sinbad would be disappointed in her, her brother would be ashamed of her.
That's right, everybody would think of you as a weakling and whore. She heard a voice, but it was already late.
The Witch had won.
When Sinbad found out about this from his djinns, he was furious. He had done everything in his power to protect her and he failed.
Now it's no other way to save her. You have to live with it.
There must be a possibility!
None. There isn't. Until her death her body would be used as Arba tells.
Take it from the better side - the world is still waiting to be united. And family would only slow you down.
Weren't you the one who suggested the idea- Oh, so it was you… You had it planned, hadn't you?!
Arba can be useful. She can open the Sacred palace, where you could be a god! Rule the world, rewrite Solomon's prophecies. She can help us.
So that's why you wanted to make me marry her, right? So she could be possessed?! Are you mad, David?!
Maybe. But that's your real purpose here. To rule the world, to be the King, not only of Sindria but of the whole world.
You're going to pay for it, David…!
David stayed silent. Maybe it wasn't that good idea to bring them together… But it went his way, so he could care less about his feelings or that girl's wellbeing - Arba can take care of her body by herself.
Sinbad was broken. That shouldn't end up like that. His Queen had been broken down and he had to live with it. But eventually, he would find a way to bring her back, even if it would have to kill him in process…
...The end...